Obama Announces New Border for America: Does anybody care?

President Obama announced last month that he was changing the official border of the United States to speed up the flow of commerce and people (cheap labor) throughout North America. That part is true but it’s only part of the plan being put together by corporate CEOs from Canada, Mexico, and the United States, in partnership with the leaders of these three nations. American citizens don’t realize that while they ignore the misleading statements and complete lies by our leaders, America is about to disappear as a sovereign nation, broken up and at war in it’s homeland.

The violence will be between American citizens fighting for their land and resources against Mexican invaders, who want all white Americans to return to Europe. They want all of the land that whites have “stolen” from them and USNORTHCOM, the trilateral response force for North America, will be the North American organisation that will try to control the future conflict. USNORTHCOM is in Mexico now, trying to help the government destroy the drug cartels. When (if) that is completed, the leaders of North America will continue the integration of all three nations into one happy family. Everyone will be a “North American.” That, I can guarantee you, will never happen. The America citizens will know those who took our nation and pounded it into a wasteland with¬† half a billion people consuming all of our resources, taking away our jobs and given them to Mexicans, and leaving shortages of food, water, and oil (energy). And Homeland Security will have left town, taking care of number one.

The plan, Building a North America Community (pp. 1-32), is the “road map” for constructing this economic trading region of North America. Obama agreed to take on this task from George W. Bush and complete this continental union, following the pattern of the European Union. The EU is currently in the process of implementing a constitution for the EU. Each nation must review its constitution and make changes so they won’t be in conflict with that of the regional EU government constitution. The U.S. Department of State has an article on its website that describes this North American Community and a new border for North America, plus a link to the 32-page website.

The United States must change its constitution when North America becomes a region with governing institutions, some of which are now operational. Regions of the world must be based on international law. The U.S. and the EU signed a “new transatlantic economic partnership at a summit in Washington, laying the basis for a single U.S. – EU market”¬† on April 30, 2007. The next step is a political arrangement by 2015.

Two things to remember are that the EU does not have our First and Second Amendments. The United States must modify its free speech and right to bear arms amendments to coincide with other regions and international law. Americans will not have the right to own guns if Obama and others succeed with this union of North America.

Under the EU free speech (freedom of expression), there are exceptions. For example, if you criticize Islam in speech, writing, or on the internet , you can be arrested, and if convicted, sentenced to three years in prison. And there is no right to bear arms in international law. Therefore, now’s the time to pick up the resources you will need before your time expires.

Secretary of State Clinton is in charge of the integration of North America and the Partnership for Prosperity in the Americas (PPA), a trading region of the Americas. The PPA would consist of 34 nations of the Western Hemisphere with a secretariat, most likely in Miami, a city where Spanish is the primary language.

The senor Bush was the one who set the tone by giving speeches around the globe touting the “New World Order” and he meant it, the end of the sovereign, independent nation.

If Obama is allowed to continue with this new (as yet not legally authorized by Congress) border for North America, a “common security perimeter” around Canada, Mexico, and the United States, our days as a nation are numbered. With potentially hundreds of millions of third world immigrants, refugees and a high birth rate crowding our limited land area and using up our resources, driving prices up and driving wages down for Americans, we will be living in the closest thing to hell on earth.

Experts from nations around the world have concluded that if nothing is done, within 20 years, 2030, the initial day of reckoning will be here. A crowded and still growing world population will face a 50 percent deficit in food, oil, and a 30 percent deficit in water. The riots in Egypt and the Middle East are just a warmup for the future.

The United States will be the hardest hit. So if you plan on being here for the beginning of a long event, think basic.

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