Enzymes: Vital for good health

Many seniors could be suffering health problems because of a lack of enzymes, which occurs when the body’s production of these proteins decreases as part of the aging process and for other reasons. That would include eating processed food that requires more enzymes for digestion. A shortage of enzymes leads to undigested food in the intestine which can cause distress in the lower tract as well as a number of other health problems when essential nutrients are not delivered to the body’s organs.

Enzymes are responsible for “controlling the chemical reactions needed for every process in the body.” Without them, life could not exist. Digestive enzymes produced by the body break down food, first by saliva in the mouth (the reason you should chew your food properly), then through the stomach and the rest of the digestive system. There, other enzymes are secreted by the pancreas and liver. As food moves through the  intestine, nutrients from fats, carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins, and minerals  are absorbed and the process of supplying your body’s cells with nourishment continues.

Every person can benefit from enzyme supplements, especially seniors. Eight years ago I developed serious problems with my digestive system, along with weight loss. The solution: an enzyme capsule before each meal and one acidophilus capsule each day to promote healthy bacteria in the intestine. I also took a daily multivitamin and multimineral supplement.

My annual physical since then has been perfect. I don’t take prescription drugs and I continue my workouts. In 2004, a few months short of my 60th birthday, I was the model for a photo that won first place and best of show in male image, illustrative category, international competition. I was also on the 2005 SEPPA calendar, and my image appeared in the Imaging Asia convention in South Korea. See “About Ray”  and scroll down to the bottom.

I still use Optimum Enzymes and acidophilus capsules by Bluebonnet for quality. These products can improve your health even more if you choose to eat healthy foods. And never smoke. If you do smoke, stop.

This site will give you a good but simple purpose for enzymes and why they can help senior citizens.

Always inform your physician of any medicines you are taking as well as health supplements.

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