Global Governance: The end of our nation and free speech

The fact is that leaders around the world are in the process of ending the nation state and embracing regional and global governance, which means the end of democracy and free speech. Our leaders don’t like to use the terms regional governance, global governance, and the New World Order in public. If the American people really understood that our sovereign nation was about to be destroyed by those we trusted, the environment could get quite nasty. But so far they’ve done a masterful job in simply being quiet on the topic while the news media doesn’t allow the facts to be presented. (George H.W. Bush and Henry Kissinger have both used the term “New World Order” freely in public.)

To read the complete article and watch the 9 minute video and become knowledgeable about the topic, see here. The topic is “Free Trade Truth and a warning about the North American Union.”

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