The Final Days: When Corporations ruled the Earth

Van Wishard:

“…the next three decades may be the most decisive 30-year period in the history of mankind. Thus you and I are living in the midst of perhaps the most uncertain period America (and the world) has ever known.

“But the crisis today is of a different character and order. For America is at the vortex of a global cyclone of change so vast and deep that it is uprooting established institutions, altering centuries-old relationships, changing underlying mores and attitudes, and now, so the experts tell us, even threatening the continued existence of the human species. It is not simply change at the margins; it is change at the very core of life. Culture-smashing change, Identity-shattering change, Soul-crushing change.”

All things must come to an end and a case can be made that this century will see the final days of what it means to be human as we try to justify our reason for existence in a world spinning out of control. Essentially, the trend is clearly a world in which there is nothing  left to believe in and the word that keeps drifting into your head is survival. How will human behavior change when the world is at a point where there is no room for kindness, charity and respect for our fellow human beings, when the world is crumbling before our eyes and all we see are those strangers in a strange land.

Those who pay attention to this disintegration of society understand that a process is  being pushed by leaders who are remaking planet earth into a privately-run commercial enterprise. They use demographics to mix disparate groups as a means of dividing and controlling the masses while lowering wages globally for workers. Assimilation into the prominent culture and language are not required. There is no permanence.

And there is also that Malthusian threat of overpopulation becoming a reality. With the world’s population leaping over the 9 billion mark by 2050, scientists and think tanks all point to an enormous shortage of food, water and energy globally as soon as 2030.

However, current upheavals in the Middle East and North African countries have taken place, in part, by shortages of food and money to buy it. This will only get worse, no matter what the global economy is like. There will be significant shortages of  food and water, causing massive movements of refugees to places that do have those resources, in turn, destroying the host country. Civility will be absent in this new world disorder.

America will have the third highest population increase globally by 2050, from 300 million to 439 million. And depending on the number of resource refugees reaching our shore, we could be looking at a population of half a billion. Read this article and note that these refugees came from 9 countries around the world. Their destination, America.

In 2005 Diane Alden, a Republican, pointed out where we went wrong. Her criticism was against the Republican party but the Democrats have taken over all of the programs initiated under the Bush regime. And nothing has changed.

“The New GOP does not believe in limited government. It will do nothing to strengthen and promote U.S. sovereignty or put America before its desire to create a global economic and political empire.

“At the heart of the new GOP belief system is a post-Cold War philosophy wherein borders are meaningless, and trade and commerce are the religion that replaced Christianity. The end game for both treaties (NAFTA, CAFTA) and unrestricted migration from most of the Third World, particularly Mexico and Central America, is to further the day they will claim a regional trading state where citizenship will mean zip.

“Your place in the world will be almost totally economic and utilitarian. America will evolve from a constitutional republic to a commercial republic, where trade and commerce are the reason we exist, placing them above all else.”

America will be the hardest hit and it has the most to lose. And lose it we will. The United States will just be part of a continental trading region without a soul, without an identity, without enough food and water. A polyglot of people, speaking different languages with different cultures and religions, including Islam, which has a mandate from God to kill all non-Muslims that won’t convert. Our language, history, culture, government and loyalty will be gone. Life will be hell on earth in an overcrowded, violent, shattered residue of a once great nation.

“This is the end. My only friend the end. Of everything that stands, the end.” (the Doors)

We’re almost there.


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