Aqua Aerobics for Everyone

During the summer the heat can be a bit hard to handle and the pool can be a welcome respite. The fact is the pool is the perfect place for everyone to cool off and workout, too. Aqua aerobics, also known as water aerobics, can benefit all, from the very young to senior citizens. This is especially helpful to seniors and those who have arthritis and joint problems.

The water provides support, which, in some cases, enables people to do with ease exercises they would have trouble with on land, according to Liz Lawlor of Columbia Medical Center in Sanford, Florida. This makes it easier for overweight people to exercise without stress on joints and ligaments.

Water exercises are easy, safe and very effective–recent research even suggests that they maintain bone integrity to help prevent osteoporosis. And they provide both cardio and resistance training in one workout.

Lawlor: “Strengthening muscles prevents falls, along with balance exercises–getting your brain to work with your body.”

Aqua aerobics, basically, “are exercises done in a swimming pool. Usually, an instructor stands on the deck of the pool, demonstrating various arm, leg and core exercises, which a class of exercisers, standing in chest deep water, follows. These exercises are usually done to rhythmic music. Weights can also be included in the workout. Each workout session runs for about 45-60 minutes. It begins with a warm-up session, which incorporates slow cardio and Nox App Player stretching exercises to get the muscles ready for the increased activity to follow, and ends with a cool-down, where the limbs and other parts of the body are stretched and relaxed. According to estimations, about 500-700 calories are burned in a whole session.” Read more.

If you don’t swim, there are flotation devices that make it easy for you to concentrate on the exercises. And exercises can be provided for your special needs.

Since most communities have a pool, this is a great way to exercise close to home. Get others involved, too–start a class and have some company for your daily workout. There are also senior centers in most communities, which enable seniors to exercise with people their age and make some new friends.


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