Osama bin Laden dead: The never-ending war continues

First, congratulations to the United States Navy SEALs for a job well done. But this, unfortunately, will remain a never-ending war brought to us by Islamic jihadists, from abroad and homegrown in the United States. Recent history shows that a “sudden jihad syndrome” sometimes occurs when a Muslim has a “spiritual awakening” and decides to become a Muslim warrior and kill non-Muslims for Allah. We’ve had a number of them in America since 9/11. Click on image.

President Obama, in a speech announcing the successful termination of bin Laden, also said, again, that we are not at war with Islam. Of course that’s a lie, as big a lie as one can make. But, being a politician, he has no choice. I do have a choice, though, and I clearly find Islam and its founder, Muhammad, guilty as charged for 1400 years of violence, death, torture, and hatred toward the non-Muslim world. The death of Islam will bring about a better world.

Muslims will no doubt launch more attacks whenever they can make it happen. They will probably copy the type of strike that will achieve the most deaths with the least effort, something along the lines of another Fort Hood. There are plenty of easy targets out there.

The 9/11 attack should never have happened. Bush and his administration ignored pleas by his security adviser, Richard Clarke, to have an urgent security council meeting the first few weeks of 2001 concerning Al-Qaeda’s plan to launch an imminent strike against America. He was denied any meeting until the week before the attack.

The Bush administration was not interested in Al-Qaeda and Osama bin Laden, even after 9/11. Bush and Rumsfeld wanted to bomb Iraq, ppsspp gold games for android even though Iraq had nothing to do with the attack on America. For a documented report on that first year when Bush was warned repeatedly about serious threats against our nation from Al-Qaeda, see “Afghanistan: America’s Unintentional War.”

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