Reconquistas: You white boys are gonna die

Back in May of 2010 I was just finishing with my run along a Florida road when I saw this black SUV cruising by for the second time . Hanging from the back of his vehicle was a large Mexican flag. They were “showing the flag,” letting everyone know this land belongs to them. Inside was a large Mexican woman and a chubby Mexican man. Both had grins on their faces as they approached me. When they got close I looked up and gave both of them two thumbs down.

The woman gave me another kind of salute and she turned to her partner. These were reconquistas, Mexicans who hate white people and say they will take over America and make all the whites return to Europe. And Spanish will be the language spoken. Most of the 50 million Mexicans and other Latinos feel the same way. If you ever stay in California you can see the confrontations in schools and on the streets as the Mexicans try to intimidate Americans through  demonstrations and violence. Local TV captures the action but for some reason this Mexican violence doesn’t get passed up to the national news. They also like to tear down American flags at post offices and schools, then raise the Mexican flag- from Florida to California.

Well, these two invaders decided I needed a lesson so they made a U turn and headed my way. By then I was standing by my car drinking some water. They parked on the side of the road and the man got out and started running toward me as if he thought he was going to teach this gringo a lesson. All the way he kept yelling, “You got a problem?”

I smiled at the porker and reached in my car and pulled out my Chuuk Sook, a weapon I picked up in the Pacific islands. It has a wooden handgrip with a carved pointed piece on each side of the handle. A fiber rope helps to keep my hand from dropping it during battle. On the top of the rope are six long shark’s teeth, guaranteed to quickly end any confrontation permanently. Click to enlarge image.

As the Mexican got closer his anger disappeared after he realized I was much taller, stronger and in better shape than he would ever be. When he arrived his anger disappeared but he still asked me if I had a problem.

I said loudly, “Yeah. I got a big problem with illegal aliens and you Mexicans trying to take over my country.”  At this point I noted that he didn’t deny my claim. He is my enemy,  just as the Islamic jihadists are who threaten the lives of Americans every day.

He looked up and said, “We do the jobs you won’t do.”

I got close and  announced, “Bullshit.”

He backed up a step and I heard his girlfriend from the SUV. She shouted. “You white boys are gonna die.” Then she said that she felt like whipping my ass right now.

I invited her to come on down and see what happens as I held my Chuuk Sook high above. She slammed the door. I turned toward her boyfriend, who was running across the field. He got in the vehicle and drove off.

There are well over a million Latinos in Florida, many of them Mexicans. But Mexicans and Latinos have the same goals for this continent, a Spanish-speaking North America in which Mexicans/Latinos are the top dogs.

For those of you who don’t think this is true, I suggest you start paying attention. If you do, you’ll see the truth, up close and personal.


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