Seniors: A computer is your open door to the world

Back in the eighties I used to write articles for magazines, newspapers and scholarly publications and I had to do my research with long visits to libraries. Now, with a computer I can access all the information I need and have an article finished in hours. If you are a senior, I highly recommend taking a computer class at the local college or a senior citizens’ center. I guarantee you will be happy that you did.

If you have a question about any topic, chances are excellent that there is a site on the internet that can help you solve the problem or direct you to the person or place to visit that will.

For example, You’ve had some symptoms that won’t go away and you want some guidance on what the possibilities might be for your health. You can go to the Mayo Clinic free on the computer and acquire some knowledge about your symptoms so you can talk to the doctor’s office and narrow the possibilities. Then when you visit the doctor, they will be able to narrow their search and find the proper treatment.

If you want to know the weather report right now, all you need to do is type in, type in your zip code and get the current weather, what it will be tomorrow and next week. If there is severe weather in the area, you can click on your map (radar) and watch the progress of the storm and what time it will hit your area, and if any weather warnings are in effect.

Or you may want to call your member of congress or the senate and announce you are starting a recall if they don’t get their act together. Just go to and get the address and phone numbers of every member.

Or go to and see a close up of your house from space. Just type in your address, town and state, then hit search. In many places you can get a close-up taken at street level. You can also maneuver it to go down the street and around the corner. Get someone to show you how.

Local, national and global news is available 24 hours a day so you can always be informed and learn how what happens in Yemen can have an effect on the United States.

You can also participate in online forums on the topic of your choice or find out how much vitamin C is in a serving of Brussels Sprouts.  There is no limit to what you can do with a computer.





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