Americans must watch for contaminated food and drugs from suspect nations.

Toothpaste with an antifreeze. Prevents frozen toothpaste on cold mornings. Another round of imported contaminated food and drugs for America appears inevitable. That means all Americans should avoid food and drugs from those suspect nations. The problem is that most of our drugs, vitamins and minerals are produced in China and a few other countries. And there have already been recalls of vitamins and deadly drugs sold in the U.S.  only three years ago.

And food products that have been found to contain harmful contaminants must be tested to identify the unlisted ingredient. But we don’t have enough inspectors. So it’s up to us. First thing, avoid every product from China if possible. That would help a lot.

Here are a few of the more notable deadly events resulting from having no control over U.S. imports:

Melamine is used to make plastic dinnerware but when eaten in large enough quantities, melamine can cause kidney damage. In 2007 “pet foods contaminated with Chinese supplied melamine killed dozens of dogs in the United States and Africa, sickened thousands of pets and forced recalls of nearly 90 brands. Melamine has also been found in chocolate and eggs from China. (And in food for chickens-Perdue)

A serious event in 2008 was the contaminated Heparin drug from China that killed more than 140 people in the United States. Other incidents include toothpaste from China containing Diethylene Glycol–used in antifreeze–counterfeit Lipitor from Central America and counterfeit glucose monitor test strips.”

Chinese-made cough syrup contaminated with antifreeze killed hundreds of Central Americans, and Chinese toothpaste made with the same ingredients was sold in parts of the U.S., including Florida, at discount stores.

Since American companies shipped most of their manufacturing jobs overseas to cheap labor the FDA hasn’t been able to keep up  with inspections. The FDA’s acting principal deputy commissioner John Taylor said today it’s hard “to protect the health of Americans since a lot of medicine sold in the U.S. is made abroad and outside of strict FDA oversite. Read more.

The fact is that the U.S. Government never had the resources to check for contaminated food and drug products imported into the United States. But during the Bush administration, the corporate/government partnership of Canada, Mexico and the United States agreed to eventually take over “inspection” of imports by the integrated nations of North America. Click image.

The goal is to cut down on inspections so that any part of the continent is considered a valid port of entry. This deeper integration of the continent was signed by George W. Bush, Vicente Fox, and Paul Martin of Canada at Waco, Texas on March 23, 2005.

Taylor “warned that another public health crisis may be inevitable because the agency can’t guarantee the safety of many drugs and food products manufactured overseas.”

Your next choice would be to visit a site that keeps up with product recalls, the dangers presented and steps you can take. Still, because of globalization, a method of making huge profits for corporations and nothing else, it means that most Americans, when they go to their doctor or the grocery store, are playing the lottery.

See why food woes continue in China and why toxic food and drugs are still a threat to American citizens. It’s part of the business culture. Anything goes.


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