America’s Population is Exploding: What next?

Corporate CEOs, congressmen and presidents want to add large numbers of people to America, the more the better. The reason: to supply cheap labor for North America, pay into Social Security and take care of the retiring baby boomers, which amounts to 78 million citizens. What does this mean for American citizens? Good paying jobs? A better life? Click images.

No. Just the opposite. According to the U.S. Census Bureau report of 2008, we will have 135 million more people in the U.S. by 2050, for a total of 438 million. With a surplus of workers, corporations can bring wages down for the continent. They don’t have to offer you benefits and your job is always temporary. And most of those new inhabitants will be Mexican and other Latinos, plus a high birth rate at America’s expense.

That’s why we will have many more unemployed Americans on the sidelines permanently, with no future. You say you aren’t fluent in Spanish? That’s too bad. And you’re white? That won’t help either.

For the record, we have too many people in America now. What we really need is a reduction in population to 200 million in order to sustain our standard of living. But that won’t happen. Instead, our leaders have chosen the road to destruction.

For example, we import most of our oil from Canada, Mexico and the Middle East. But Mexico has reached peak oil and its largest oil field will not be pumping oil in about 9 years. And our sources in the Middle East will only be able to export a fraction of their production in the next two decades due to a growing domestic demand.

There are a lot of questions concerning overpopulation that no one in authority or in the news media ever deal with. How about, Who will pay for the services these 3 million new arrivals each year will need?

“An increase of 135 million people by 2050 is equivalent to the entire populations of Mexico and Canada moving here. Assuming the same ratio of population to infrastructure that exists today, the United States would need to build and pay for 36,000 schools. We need to develop enough land to accommodate 52 million housing units, along with places for the people who lived in them to shop and work. We would also have to construct enough roads to handle 106 million more vehicles.” Read more.

We have enough problems just supplying gasoline to the 247 million vehicles we drive now. Over the next 40 years we will need to import 40% more oil (my guess) to keep these new vehicles running. We don’t have the oil now and we won’t have it later. Already for 2012 the outlook for oil is bullish. Even with a downturn in the U.S. and European economies the price of oil is going up.

(May 15, 2011) Goldman’s Jeffrey Currie says:

“…the oil market will see critical shortages in 2012 as global demand increases faster than excess capacity. These critical shortages will be made worse because of the conflict in Libya. The shortage of Libyan light sweet crude could last for a long time.”

And some of the oil exporting countries, such as Saudi Arabia and Kuwait, are about to have oil shortage problems soon. “As Saudi’s population rises, and it is growing rapidly, it requires more of Saudi’s oil resources to provide for its own citizens. Officials warn that continuation of these subsidies will eventually push Saudi into its own energy crisis when internal consumption forces a decline in export volumes.”

“The Saudi government spends more than $20 billion a year just holding down water prices. Saudi burns more than one million barrels of oil per day to desalinate water. They spend another $15 billion on subsidizing  electricity costs.”

Several factors will bring about demand pressure on oil. “When you factor in depletion (peak oil) and increasing internal consumption plus growth in demand from Asia the future of supply is going to become very complicated by the end of 2012. Yes…supplies will become critically short in 2012.”

Where will we get the oil to meet the demand from 106 million more vehicles or the predicted addition of 1 billion more vehicles for the world by 2030? Read more.

What about water? The Southwest U.S. is in a severe drought now but the citizens always had to ration water. Sometimes farmers have to curtail planting because of a lack of water. With 135 million more people coming to the U.S. and a large majority who are Mexicans settling down in the region, there could easily be 50 million more added to the Southwest. It won’t be long before water shortages make it impossible to support the incoming hoard at a rate of 3 million per year.

And there is evidence that the weather will get worse:

(April 19 2011) “The evidence for past megadroughts in this region is now strong, and there is a broad scientific consensus based on climate modeling that ACC (Anthropogenic climate change) will drive the current Southwestern climate to another megadrought that has perhaps already begun. If this happens as expected, the future permanent climate of the American Southwest, including West Texas, will be similar to drought conditions experienced in the region in the 1930s and 1950s. If this new drought condition has already commenced, as many scientists believe, it will become stronger over the next century.”

Whatever happens in this region, it won’t be able to carry any more people and the only possibility would be to move east and put pressure on the rest of our nation. Note that the recent drought which ended a couple of years ago in the Atlanta area was caused by too many new arrivals, in particular hundreds of thousands of illegal Mexicans and OTMs.

President Obama recently announced a new border will be established for North America to enable the free flow of commerce and people within the continent. We have also agreed to let Mexicans with their new national RFID card to qualify for the North American Border Pass. Those who have it can clear themselves in at port of entry machines similar to ATMs.

President Calderon has begun qualifying 25 million Mexicans under the age of 18 and then will follow up with the rest of the population. When this program is completed with Mexico and Canada, another 150 million more people could be eligible to “live and work” anywhere they wish in North America. Members of Congress and Janet Napolitano are working on a national RFID card for American citizens.

And with the massive growth in population for the United States, we will become a net importer of food and the cost of eating, and everything else, will continue to climb. Yes. There will be shortages, and sooner than you think. Your planning should begin with a good dependable source of water and food. These next five years will be a good warmup for the main event in about 20 years.

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