The Tiny Tomboy Grown Old

Dori was tiny but she preferred the competition of boys. She played baseball and other games. Being a girl was no challenge. Once she dived into shallow water and broke her neck but a short while later was back at her tomboy ways. She found plenty to do, living in the countryside.

She would rather play at marbles or mumbley peg with the boys. Then she grew up, got married and had successful children, divorced and took up several vocations, including paramedic. She didn’t protest for women’s rights, she just did whatever she felt like doing.

Dori made friends easily and was always ready to help those in need, visiting the lonely and sick, comforting them, despite her own  medical problems.

Later in life she wrote poetry, based on growing up in those simple, but hard times, when the distinction between right and wrong was clear. Dori was my neighbor when I spent some time on the Space Coast of Florida and we often discussed life and its meaning. And we talked about days gone by. Poetry was her love and she published a book of her impressions in “From a Mind’s Eye” last year. This is her farewell  message.

  • That little girl, the Tomboy,
  • has added on some years.
  • Many full of love and joy,
  • others brought some tears.
  • This same small gentle child,
  • aft’ old bones took their toll-
  • finds love of nature & the wild,
  • remains deep within her soul.
  • Oh – to sleep beneath the stars,
  • and romp about the woods.
  • Free the bird from its cage,
  • all animals, if she could.
  • Legs can no longer climb the trees,
  • whirl and dance on grassy knolls.
  • Nor skip and skate along the walks,
  • Yet – free spirit still enfolds.
  • The soul still wanders wild and free.
  • No limits can block the quest.
  • Tomboys, now and forevermore-
  • Find most joy, as nature’s guests.

*She sent me a note once when she was in a somber mood:

“Keep on writing & painting as long as you live. I will be twanging on my harp, my halo off center, cheering you on. Dori here.”

The Tomboy died last week at the age of 92.

Dori M. Harvey – The free spirit lives on.







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