Free Trade Agreements harmful to People

Trade agreements were forced on the American people by corporations and politicians. Politicians from both parties, as well as the two party organizations, happily did the bidding of corporations in the goal of passing these trade agreements for some “considerations.”

These trade agreements are designed to benefit corporations by making it impossible to insure the rights of labor and the protection of the environment. Our environmental laws, for example, are being thwarted by legal challenges by foreign corporations through trade tribunals. These laws were “keeping” the corporations from making a profit so the government must pay damages to the injured company if the U.S. loses.

These foreign tribunals can also review decisions of the U.S. Supreme Court in their area of expertise and make their judgement. The ruling by the tribunal trumps the U.S. Supreme Court of the United States. It’s part of the program to abolish sovereign nations and put them under the control of these corporate trading regions and other regional and global institutions, such as the North American Community. This community, consisting of an integrated Canada, Mexico and the United States, is currently under construction by President Obama (initiated by George W. Bush in 2005).

Americans, who seem to be asleep when it comes to stopping this assault on our nation, should at least be aware of the dangers presented to them by our lack of control over foreign imports; food, medicines and other products from nations covered by these trade agreements. Americans and animals have been killed by food and medicine from China over the past decade due to inadequate inspection by the FDA (U.S. Food and Drug Administration), which has been deliberately underfunded by our government.

Most of the food problems come from Asia (China) and Mexico. I would avoid these sources. Demand to know where the fresh vegetables and sea food comes from. If the grocer or restaurant won’t tell you, you should consider going elsewhere.

These two pages will give you investigative video reports on food from Vietnam that should make you more cautious when shopping. Click on both  videos.

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