Obama defies American People: Authorizes Defacto Amnesty

George W. Bush and Barack Obama allowed illegal aliens to pour across our southern border, then decided to legalize them through policies such as the DREAM Act and a path to citizenship, a comprehensive immigration bill (none of these bills have passed yet). They say that this would make America stronger. Far from it.

Now President Obama has changed a policy to boost his falling approval rating from the Hispanics (Latinos). Critics say that it’s essentially the old DREAM Act, which would give amnesty to at least 300,000 illegal aliens initially.

FAIR President Dan Stein said:

“Having failed in the legislative process, the Obama administration has simply decided to usurp Congress’s constitutional authority and implement an amnesty program for millions of illegal aliens. …This step by the White House amounts to a complete abrogation of the president’s duty to enforce the laws of the land and a huge breach of the public trust. …In essence, the administration has declared that U.S. immigration is now virtually unlimited to anyone willing to try to enter –and only those who commit violent felonies after arrival are subject to enforcement.”

“A senior administration official, who requested anonymity because details of the policy change had not yet been announced, told reporters 79% of deportations involve people without a criminal record–people who just entered the country illegally or had been previously deported and re-entered.”

These are the illegals that will probably be allowed to stay. If entering the United States illegally, many times, is not a criminal act, then everyone can enter our nation illegally.

“Napolitano said the new policy change would not negate reforming immigration laws and ‘will not alleviate the need for passage of the DREAM Act,’ which would give legal status to illegal immigrant students who attend college or join the military. She added ‘President Obama has called the DREAM Act the right thing to do for the young people it would affect, and the right thing to do for the country.'”

“Under the new process, a DHS and the Department of Justice working group will develop specific criteria to identify low-priority removal cases that should be considered for prosecutorial discretion, including cases with minors, the elderly, pregnant (anchor babies) and nursing babies, victims of serious crimes, veterans and members of the armed forces with serious disabilities or health problems.” The goal is to allow as many illegals as possible to remain in our country.

That’s what America needs, more people to take care of and more unemployed Americans with little chance of finding another job. However, Mexicans south of the border are certainly making notes and planning ways to take advantage of the new policy. Our borders aren’t secure and Mexicans can cross whenever they desire.

In fact, residents of border towns cross daily and have for many years. Obama’s goal is for this free flow of Mexicans to include all citizens who have their biometric ID cards. They will then be able to acquire a North American Border Pass. Mexico is currently underway with distributing their national ID card. Janet Napolitano is still working on the American ID card. Once in effect, no one can do business without a national ID (driver’s license or ID card). You won’t exist legally.

Obama and Wal-Mart want the continent of North America to be open to the “free flow” of people and commerce. And corporations and members of Congress; John McCain, Richard Lugar, and John Cornyn, for example, worked hard for the full integration of North America and the end of our sovereign nation. Working groups from Canada and the United States are currently planning a North American perimeter, which was announced by Obama on Feb. 5, 2011. That would eventually be a common outer border for all three nations. The U.S. has a similar bilateral agreement with Mexico.

So it’s down to the government against American citizens. But the citizens aren’t united and many still don’t know what’s happening. The idea that their government would destroy their nation is not in their mindset. It’s a case of “cognitive dissonance.” It means they can’t hold two beliefs that contradict each other so they stick with what they’ve been taught, no matter what the evidence says. Many will go to their graves thinking that George Bush, John McCain, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama are patriotic Americans and will do all they can to keep their country safe from harm. And they would be wrong.

And of course the Mexicans have irredendist goals, initially for the Southwest United States but now they want the whole continent returned to the native Americans. And they want white, racist gringos (Americans) to return to Europe. As children growing up in Mexico, they are taught that the Southwest U.S. belonged to Mexico but the gringos, white Europeans, took it away from them in the Mexican-American War of 1848. They remember that date. Now the Mexicans are on cloud nine, knowing that victory is assured. Click image to enlarge.

Mexican children and their parents, both legal and illegal, talk about it at home and at school. A typical school demonstration will include an anti-American rally and a march to the school’s flagpole where they take down the American flag and raise the Mexican flag. Demonstrations, some violent, against Americans protesting illegal immigration are common. They even have an organization called the Brown Berets, including families, who dress up in military uniforms and berets. They march like third world soldiers, stepping down the street. They claim to have 20,000 members from coast to coast.

Go and spend some time in California or some of the other states out west with a large Latino (mostly Mexican) population. See what the Mexicans and Mexican /Americans think about white Americans. Watch local television and see the coverage of Mexican violence against Americans as the Americans, mostly older, protest against illegal immigration and the Reconquista, the retaking of the Southwest United States by the Mexican people. Don’t hear about this on national television? And you won’t see coverage, not even when thousands are involved. If you could witness the Reconquista, then you would understand the hatred, the zeitgeist that flows through the Mexican people.

Go to this site, one of several that track Americans killed by Mexicans and other Latinos, either through drunk driving or murder. Scroll down and read the stories of American families torn apart by illegals who have brought sorrow to our country over the last ten years. The death toll of Americans killed is much more than all of our soldiers who have been killed in Iraq and Afghanistan over ten years. The site’s name is: Operation Body Count, Reporting the Americans killed by illegal aliens in the largest invasion in human history. It is an invasion to destroy America, then remake North America with Spanish as the primary language. In such a scenario, white Americans would no longer be a part of, as George W. Bush called it, “the new America.”

Not so? They’ve defined their goals and are currently implementing them with the help of our “leaders.” Who’s going to stop them?

Visit this site and watch the four videos and see the cold hard hatred that permeates the atmosphere out west. Get a dose of reality.

Then see “Americans Abandoning California” straight from those who decided to leave as soon as they could.

If Americans could see it, they would rise up and demand that our borders be secured, and all illegals returned to Mexico and other parts of Central America. And they would call for a day of reckoning because they would know the truth. And finally, they would abolish the corporate/government partnership and return power to the American people.

Just dreaming.

George Bush and Barack Obama: You have failed to carry out Article IV, Section 4 of the U.S. Constitution. As a result, thousands of innocent Americans have been killed by the invaders from across our southern border while you did nothing. Both of you are responsible for those dead Americans and those who will be killed today and beyond, all for your corporate partners.


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