America 2040: Beyond the perfect Storm

“A warming and drying climate across the southwestern United States could eventually make cities in the region uninhabitable, according to some of the world’s pre-eminent climate scientists”

“With severe drought from California, a broad swath of the Southwest is basically robbed of having a sustainable lifestyle.” Christopher Field, of the Carnegie Institution for Science, told the U.S. Congress.” (March 6, 2009)

(March 19, 2009) Professor John Beddington, the UK chief scientist, said that a “perfect storm” will bring a global crisis by 2030 as a series of events will take place at that time. They include:

  • The world’s population will rise from 6bn to 8bn (33%)
  • Demand for food will increase by 50%
  • Demand for water will increase by 30%
  • Demand for energy will increase by 50%

(October 19, 2010) According to Alguo Dai, research scientist at the National Center for Atmospheric Research, “We are facing the possibility of widespread drought in the coming decades, but this has yet to be fully recognized by both the public and the climate change research community…if the projections in this study come even close to being realized, the consequences for society worldwide will be enormous.”

Dai’s research shows that “most of the western two -thirds of the United States will be significantly drier by the 2030s. Large parts of the nation face an increasing risk of extreme drought during the century.”

Americans are about to cross over into a nightmare world as we move toward that crisis and beyond, to a world put together by the secret meetings of corporate CEOs and politicians from Canada , Mexico and the United States. The United States is the third most populous nation on the planet and over the next few decades it will remain a strong third, behind China and India. And that’s not good. The CEOs who designed this North American Community are about to open our borders for the free flow of Mexicans as a source of cheap labor and consumers of cheap products.

Their never-ending mission is to continue to grow their business and acquire as much wealth as possible.  Why doesn’t someone tell them that it can’t be done in a finite world.  And they don’t consider the down side of overpopulation or the fact that a majority of Mexicans and Mexican-Americans hate America and White Americans. As long as the corporate/government partnership has USNORTHCOM, they believe they can keep the people in line. And they would be wrong.

(November 2010) Kathleene Parker finished a study of demographics in the southwest United States and has some unpleasant findings. Here are a few:

  • The Southwest is the fastest growing region in the United States, the world’s fourth-fastest-growing nation.
  • Immigration is responsible for virtually all of the population growth in California. In other states of the Southwest, immigration has caused between 30 and 60 percent of population growth.
  • Immigration has been responsible for more than half the population in the American Southwest in this decade.
  • If current trends–especially immigration–continue, the U.S. population could approach 500 million by mid-century, and one billion by the end of this century or shortly thereafter. The United States is one of just eight nations that will fuel half of all population growth through 2050, with major implications for the United States and for the global environment.
  • The Southwest has been hit by a prolonged drought, although one of far less severity than others common to the region in the past. (This doesn’t take into account the current drought of 2011, the hottest in recorded history.) Global warming likely will increase the frequency and severity of droughts.
  • Reservoirs “bank” the region’s limited water supplies for use in drought. Lake Mead and Lake Powell–the Colorado River reservoirs that are the major water banking accounts on which most of the Southwest is dependent–are rapidly drawing down their water principal and could run dry early this century.

A drier and hotter nation means drought is causing devastation to crops. And the current climate is forecast to continue. If this is going to be the trend for America, we would need to expel as many people (illegal) as possible. Instead, we are allowing  anyone to move in. There will be shortages. See “Drought Spreads pain from Florida to Arizona.”

A NASA satellite image shows that for Texas “the widespread brown color indicates what you’d expect for such extreme conditions: Plants aren’t  growing. NASA had another word for the conditions. ‘Disaster.'” July 11, 2011.

A tsunami of hostile illegals crossing our border to take over a large part of our nation is not what America needs when we are in the initial stages of resource shortages. Oil, for example, is projected to be in short supply by the latter part of 2012. And that doesn’t include the 139 plus million people that will be added by 2050 at the rate of over 3 million per year. According to the Center for Immigration Studies, here are a few examples of what a broke America has to contend with:

  • The nation will need to build and pay for 36,000 more schools.
  • Develop enough land to accommodate 52 million new housing units.
  • Construct enough new roads to handle 106 million more passenger vehicles.

We have a problem finding enough oil to take care of the vehicles we have now. And the prices will go up. There will be shortages of everything. There won’t be enough water to supply the tens of millions of new residents piling into the Southwest, and for the farmlands in California and the rest of the region. We are doing everything wrong and America is on course for disaster. And that includes a condition of hostility between the invaders and American citizens as we fight for our land that will soon be unfit for habitation.

What does this mean for America over the next three decades with the Mexican invasion and massive increase in population?

Howard Kunstler, as I mentioned in the last article, made a prediction in 2005 that the housing bubble, a criminal endeavor by bankers and Wall streeters, would collapse soon. In a 2005 interview he gave a time frame for a significant destabilizing of our society, changing our lives forever.  He said it would happen in three years (2008). And it did. Big time.

He also made other predictions, in particular, the fate of the Southwest United States, in his book, The Long Emergency.  His made his prediction in 2005 when the secret meetings were ongoing between the leaders of Canada, Mexico and the United States to integrate the North American continent and were not available to the public. I’ve read the book and recommend it if you want information that can prepare you for the next 3 decades. Here are a few excerpts on the “Mexican Invasion” from The Long Emergency.

Kunstler quotes Prof. Samuel Huntington:

‘Contiguity enables Mexican immigrants to remain in intimate contact with their families, friends and home localities in Mexico as no other immigrants have been able to do.” p.275


This has provided incentives to avoid assimilating into mainstream American culture and, in fact, has set up a kind of cultural competition that inevitably becomes a contest for political hegemony, especially as living standards fall in the United States.”

“The U.S. Mexican border today is under only partial control at best. At what point does illegal immigration become extremely undesirable, perhaps even intolerable? If there is such a point-and some  Americans would deny that there is–would the United States have to defend its southern border?”

(We all know the answer to that.)

“A state of violent anarchy may grip America’s southwestern states as militias array themselves against illegal immigrants. And at some point, the immigrants could certainly arm themselves in kind. (Already have)….At what point does this border conflict turn into a de facto border war?” p.276

Kunstler says reconquista is real:

“Reconquista is established in the streets and in the Universities. Charles Trujillo, a professor of Chicano studies at the University of New Mexico, declared in 2000 that a ‘Republic of the North’ should be brought into existence ‘by any means necessary.’ He proposed that the ‘inevitable’ creation of a sovereign Chicano nation would comprise the present states of California, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, and part of Colorado.” p.277

Shrinking resources and more illegal immigration:

“As massive Mexican immigration into the southwestern United States continues to occur in a climate of increasing turbulence and desperation, it will prove to be a tragic and quixotic historical event because the inevitable falloff in oil and gas supplies will drastically reduce carrying capacity of the ‘Aztlan’ region for all human life, whatever its race or national origin. Two groups will be fighting for control over territory that will be unable to support either. In the meantime, we can expect mounting friction between the newcomers and autonomous American paramilitaries, with the federal government (USNORTHCOM, my addition) rendered ineffective to deal with either immigration or the violent reaction to it.” p.278

“After awhile, it will be obvious to even staunch defenders that places like Los Angeles, Las Vegas. Phoenix, Tucson, and Albuquerque will never again support the populations that were possible during the height of the cheap-oil blowoff in the late twentieth century. They will then pack up and move elsewhere, sacrificing houses and ties to a disintegrating community.” p.279

The situation in the region continues to spin out of control. Survival is the name of the game. For example, college graduates are working as farmhands. We’ve started anew, living in a true dystopia. The party’s over.

“Deeper into the twenty-first century, the region once known as Aztlan and more recently known as the southwestern United States will revert to being a barely habitable and arid scrubland filled with abandoned tract housing , deserted freeways, vacated strip malls, de-commissioned fast-food emporiums, and all the rest of the equipment that could be of use only in a cheap-energy economy. Whether the region is nominally under the jurisdiction of the Mexican government or the United States may not matter very much. All but the last stragglers will have left, just as the Aztecs did around A.D. 1100.  In Las Vegas, the ‘excitement’ will be over.” p.279  (The Long Emergency, James Howard Kunstler, Grove Press, 2005)  A valuable book with plenty of information. Read it and benefit.

The violence will be extremely intense for Americans in a world falling apart, with 100 million more people here in the next 30 years or so and a growing deficit of water, food, and oil. Oil supply shortages by the end of 2012 are forecast, even with a slow economy in the U.S. Demand will be increasing in places like China, Brazil, India, Saudi Arabia. And Saudi Arabia will eventually have to use most of its oil for its domestic market.

We’re talking about an increase of possibly hundreds of millions of “new comers” since Mexico is forecast to be hotter and drier throughout most of the country. See the map. The same with Central America. Many more will evacuate to the U.S. for survival when America is under siege and won’t be able to defend itself or care for its citizens. The violence will be widespread. The point of maximum effect will be around 2030 and on but we will experience the deterioration starting possibly next year with oil.

If you have shortages of oil, food, water, several hundred million more people moving in uninvited, and a large section of your country is setting records for being hot and dry, and crops are failing, you can call that an emergency- a long emergency. You may want to make plans.

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