News from the World of Illegal Aliens

I. America’s Population Explodes by 27 million in 10 Years: Mostly from Mexico

Most of the population growth in the United States over the past 10 years (27 million) has been due to immigration, legal and illegal plus a high birth rate from the immigrants, mostly Mexican. But Steven Camarota of the Center for Immigration Studies says that it’s the growing population that will have profound implications for America’s “quality of life and the environment.” Click image.

The culprit is the U.S. government’s policy on immigration. And the result would be, according to the Census Bureau, 130 million more people added to our nation in forty more years. However, that number could be much higher with the failure to secure our borders and, not mentioned, hordes of refugees from Central America and the Caribbean as a result of food shortages and other resources. Haiti would be one example. (RK) According to Camarota:

  • Immigration accounted for three quarters of population growth during the decade. Census Bureau data found 13.1 million new immigrants (legal and illegal) who arrived in the last 10 years; there were about 8.2 million births to immigrant women during the decade.
  • Without a change in immigration policy, the nation is projected to add roughly 30 million each decade for the foreseeable future.

That’s about 3 million each year since our government refuses to control our borders and the leaders of Canada, Mexico and the United States are working toward the opposite, open borders. Citizens of North America will then have the right to live and work anywhere on the continent , providing cheap labor for corporations. (RK)

Assuming the current ration of population to infrastructure, adding roughly 30 million each decade will mean:

building and paying for 8,000 new schools every 10 years;

developing land to accommodate 11.5 million new housing units every 10 years;

constructing enough roads to handle 23.6 million (more) vehicles every 10 years.

What that means is unemployment will continue to grow and local and state governments won’t have the money to pay for those schools. Most of those 8.2 million babies (primarily Mexican) were born in American hospitals paid for by American taxpayers or the hospital took the loss. With a growing number of permanently unemployed citizens and illegals comes unemployment benefits, including welfare, a permanent situation in this new corporate-run world. But the money won’t be there from the government.

Over the next few decades America will be hit hard with shortages of resources. We barely have enough to supply our 240 million vehicles now. The 95 million more vehicles added to our traffic will ensure that the price of gasoline will go much higher than the $4.00 per gallon average back in 2008. Consider that the top producer of oil, Saudi Arabia, says that they will be using most of their oil, 8.3 million barrels per day, for their domestic needs by 2030.

Water is already scarce and rationed in the Southwest U.S. but most of those immigrants (legal and illegal) will be settling there. Some towns and cities would most likely be abandoned. Many residents will be forced to leave and move across our nation, spreading the misery and crime to the east and southeast. Florida already has over 800,000 illegal immigrants who have been driving all crimes up in the state since they’ve arrived here. I know. A lot of Spanish names get called out on the evening news.

They also like to drive without a driver’s license and insurance, while being drunk. I was told it’s a cultural thing with male Latinos. Many more American citizens have been killed by illegal aliens in America than were killed in Iraq and Afghanistan over the past decade. The crimes were either Latinos driving drunk or a case of deliberate murder. Illegals often get set free for their crimes a number of times, free to walk on American soil and kill again. Visit this memorial to some of the Americans killed by illegal aliens and read the circumstances. Then think about the deliberate refusal of our “leaders” to secure our borders, while our police won’t  stop and interview suspicious persons because they work in a sanctuary city. Often these criminals who were deported, return to the U.S. through porous borders that Obama and Napolitano keep claiming are under their operational control.

And finally, there will be food shortages developing over the next 4 decades and prices will be very high. Of course you can count on civil unrest and crime to be commonplace.

Now add to that a number of recent long-range weather forecasts that predict a continuing severe drought in the Southwest and  general dry conditions for most of the United States over the next decade. With a dwindling supply of vital resources, we are going to have a major problem across our nation as illegals help themselves to a collapsing America. For example, illegals have a murder rate in Bradenton, Florida that ” is 175 percent higher than the national average.”

Being prepared means you are armed.

II. Mayor Vincent Gray Declares District of Columbia a Sanctuary for Illegal Aliens

(Oct.20, 2011) “The District of Columbia’s scandal-plagued Mayor, Vincent Gray, signed an executive order this week banning police and other city agencies from asking people about their immigration status. The order also guarantees that local law enforcement officials will not detain illegal aliens, report them to federal agencies or even make them available for federal interviews without a court order.” (Judicial Watch)

“For future lawbreakers, Mayor Gray and Police Chief Cathy Lanier say it will be up to the FBI and ICE to decide on whether to check a detainees immigration status. However, D.C. Police don’t fingerprint offenders of less serious crimes, which will prevent the FBI and ICE from checking individuals charged with minor crimes.”

The President of the United States, the Secretary of Homeland Security, governors, mayors, chiefs of police and congressmen have failed to carry out their oaths of office to secure our borders or to seize illegals and deport them or charge them with crimes.

Most Americans have no idea this is happening and feel if they just elect the right people, everything will work  out fine. That will not happen. No elected official, no matter the party affiliation, will come to save you or your nation. All this will do is breed discontent among the population and is the reason why anti-government movements grow.  When government officials at all levels are not working for the citizens but for themselves and their criminal associates, the nation starts to fall apart. Take a look at Mexico. And yes, it will happen here.

However, George W. Bush and now, Barack Obama, realize that some Americans won’t take lightly that they are destroying  our nation and turning it into a place for corporations to use as a way to accumulate large amounts of money with skilled employees who will work cheap. Even though the process of destruction will be incremental, as in the European Union, there will be groups of patriots who will finally get it and fight for what’s left of a geographical area in great distress. And I’ll say once again that’s when USNORTHCOM will be utilized to deal with civil unrest and perhaps guerrilla war.

Why don’t we secure our border? If we had built a fence, returned millions of illegals to Mexico and put plenty of forces on our southern border with a good plan, the border would be secured and thousands of American citizens would still be alive. The problem is President Obama has already announced a North American perimeter around the continent so our internal borders with Canada, and later with Mexico, could be opened to the faster flow of “commerce and people” across North America. Working groups from Canada and the United States are putting the plan together now. It’s been the plan since before 2005. See wikileak.

That’s why American citizens’ demands for a secure border with Mexico are not going to happen, as long as Americans continue to elect republicans and democrats to office. Corporations have lots of money for political parties and individuals, plus jobs later on, after a congressman retires from office.

So all of you out there pontificating on an online forum won’t stop our leaders from destroying our nation. They don’t hear you at all.

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