Protests against Corporate Greed and Criminal Behavior but CEOs continue running North America

A few examples of corporate types behaving badly from Arnaud de Borchgrave, UPI Editor at Large:

“The average person has a great deal of trouble understanding why and how a board of Directors can fire a chief executive officer after less than one year on the job-and award him $13 million in severance pay for screwing up.

“The way Hewlett-Packard’s Leo Apotheker’s contract was written made it more profitable to fail than succeed.”

“Bank of New York Mellon, the world’s largest custody bank, was sued for $2 billion by New york State and city officials for allegedly defrauding pension funds with currency transactions.” Read more.

Protests against corporate greed and criminal behavior have spread across America to more than a dozen cities. There could be a slowdown in the uprising this winter but it will grow over time since corporate America is still carrying out a plan to use more foreign workers and  lower wages for American workers so they can be “competitive” with the world. Their thoughts for American workers’ welfare are non-existent. Click on images.

The corporations, in partnership with politicians, have achieved their dream of dominating the world, a corporate globalization in which the World Trade Organization (WTO) is the standard for commerce and trade. Trade agreements, NAFTA, for example, are designed for the benefit of CEOs and bankers. It means corporations can move their business and factories to other nations that have a pliable, cheap labor force and lax environmental laws. Foreign companies can also sue host countries that have laws which prevent them from making a profit. If a tribunal decides in favor of the foreign company, that government can be ordered to pay huge damages. The NAFTA trade tribunal, for example, exercises sovereignty over our Supreme Court. This appointed tribunal can review U.S. Supreme Court decisions in their area of competence.

As predicted, many millions of workers in the developed nations lost jobs that will never come back.  Corporations say it’s not their responsibility. Jeffrey Immelt, CEO of General Electric, was picked by President Obama to find new jobs for Americans. To date, he has done nothing to produce any jobs. Instead, over the last few months he has announced that GE will be moving more plants and jobs to China.

GE says that no jobs will be lost with the move. That’s true. But later on they said GE will be “hiring” thousands more Chinese in China. Which means those thousands of workers won’t be hired in America.

In the American CEO definition, competitiveness means cheap labor at home, shipping jobs overseas, integration with Mexico and locking in complete labor mobility throughout the continent, thus lowering wages for America and Canada. And an excess of labor means a growing number of American workers permanently out of work. With an estimated 140 million to 200 million more people added to our nation’s population over the next 40 years, I can guarantee it.

The CEOs of American corporations, in fact, do run America, but quietly now. And the same goes for the CEOs of Canada and Mexico.

NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement) was pushed through Congress by Bill Clinton and our constant trade surplus with Canada and Mexico changed to constant deficits with our neighbors. We lost millions of manufacturing jobs since then and even more since we supported China’s entry into the WTO and a trade agreement with the U.S. And that, too, has been nothing but a colossal disaster in which we lost  millions more manufacturing jobs. Now we have a huge deficit with China every year and yet, we have done nothing to change a failed agreement.

The people responsible for this growing disaster are the CEOs of America. They joined in a partnership with our government, with the CEOs being the senior partner. We have NAFTA, CAFTA, and now, the Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America on March 23, 2005 in Waco, Texas. To move this integration of North America along, CEOs and the Council on Foreign Relations put together a Task Force for the plan called Building a North American Community. In fact, this is the “road map” for this new trading region of North America.

To carry out continent building , the leaders established  the North American Competitiveness Council, 30 CEOs, 10 each from Canada, Mexico and the United States.It was established on June 15, 2006 at the U.S. Department of Commerce as a permanent institution for North America, no matter the change in administration.

According to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, the creation, (in secret) of the NACC “reflects the recognition that private involvement  is a key step to enhancing North America’s competitiveness position in global markets and is the driving force behind innovation and growth.” See the list of CEOs for the United States branch of the NACC.

Translated: The CEOs are advising policy and changes for North America. The CEOs from the three member nations decide changes that need to be made in meetings consisting of all three nations. Then they present these changes to their ministers, who brief their leaders. Our ministers  are the Secretary of State, Secretary of Commerce and Secretary of Homeland Security. They make sure the needed changes are made.

Ron Covais of Lockheed Martin said, “The guidance from the ministers was, ‘tell us what we need to do and we’ll make it happen.'” They wanted to avoid the “legislative process.”  So they built the SPP trading region for the most part “through incremental changes by executive agencies, bureaucrats and regulators.”  They obviously didn’t trust some members of Congress. But why? Are the CEOs doing something wrong?

“The trilateral NACC was given a mandate to propose concrete recommendations on issues of immediate importance as well as strategic medium-and long-term advice to security and prosperity ministers and to the leaders.”

Yes. This means that the CEOs from Wal-Mart, Campbell’s Soup, and General Electric (CEO Jeffrey Immelt) could decide security matters for the U.S. and the North American continent. The twin Secretariats of the NACC were the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and the Council of the Americas.

As a result of the opposition to this secretive agreement to integrate North America, the Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America name was dropped and changed to the leaders annual summit while dropping the term NACC altogether. But it didn’t disappear. The same group of CEOs continue to give advice to the “ministers” and the leaders at the annual summit. And the leaders, including Obama,  implement the advice.

Obama has been bought and paid for by the corporations as was Bill Clinton. Before becoming president, Obama supported the Peru Trade Agreement, saying it had provisions to protect the environment and labor. That was a lie. Now, as president, he is pushing the KORUS, the Korean-US Trade Agreement, which would cost “as many as 159,000 American jobs and increase our trade deficit by $16.7 billion.” Obama is also pushing trade agreements with Columbia and Panama.

And like NAFTA, “more of our sovereignty and rights will be given away to foreign nations and multinational corporations. Any law limiting the profitability of Korean companies can be challenged, and the U.S. taxpayers can be sued for any losses sustained by Korean companies…” Exactly as with the NAFTA tribunals. Read more.

President Elect Obama, meeting with George W. Bush in 2008, agreed to continue the integration of North America as a trading region, also known as a North American Community. Toward that goal,  he announced a North American perimeter around the continent, a single outer perimeter (a shared border) for Canada, Mexico and the United States. The completion would allow citizens of North America to live and work anywhere in North America. This is the final step before a union, as in the European Union.

He also inherited from Bush his Pathways to Prosperity in the Americas, an integration of the Western Hemisphere, designed to compete with the EU. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is responsible for these two projects.

The corporations are in charge of America and I don’t see any change for the better about to take place. The CEOs are happy with their ill-gotten gains, the fruit of their crimes. But they will have a gold mine with the completion of this low-wage trading region. The demonstrations are a good start but for those who have lost everything, including hope, you have to step up the pace.

George W. Bush initiated the first permanent combat force designated for action in North America in 2008. It has been trained for any contingency, including civil unrest. USNORTHCOM is the organization that utilizes resources, including  the militaries of Canada, Mexico and the United States, to train and operate anywhere in North America and the Gulf of Mexico. USNORTHCOM has soldiers in Mexico now, helping them with their drug war. This organization also uses agencies, police, medical, etc. from all three nations to respond in coordination to any incident on the continent.

The leaders of Canada, Mexico and the United States are preparing for the worst scenario as we become integrated against our will and forced into a future of great sorrow and suffering, as many already know. When our leaders have “combined with others to subject us to a jurisdiction foreign to our constitution, and unacknowledged by our laws,”  the time for a remedy is now upon us.

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