American Casualties rise as our Southern Border remains undefended

President Obama. Americans are still being killed by Mexicans and others that continue to cross our southern border. You are responsible for their deaths. And your oath demands that you carry out Article IV, section 4 of the Constitution.

Portland, Oregon, (08/29/11) “John Zupan, 66, founder of Zupan’s  Markets,was westbound near Northeast 138th Avenue when he was struck by a car driven by Edy Porfirio Reynoso-Ramirez, 32, the Portland Police Bureau reported. “Police said the 1998 Honda Civic was speeding in the eastbound lane of Northeast Marine Drive, driving erratically and passing other vehicles.” Zupan was on his motorcycle and died in the crash.

“Reynoso-Ramirez was booked into Multnomah County jail and faces allegations of assault in the second degree, failure to preform the duties of a driver, DUII and reckless driving. In addition, U.S. Immigration and Customs has placed a hold on him.”

Drunken Mexicans and Latinos can be found coast to coast, driving drunk, without a license and insurance. I’ve been told it’s a cultural thing. Evidently our government thinks so.

(04/18/08) North Carolina. “Seven-year-old Marcus Lassiter won’t see his eighth birthday.” Sheriff Steve Bizzell says the pattern is the same.  “Each accused driver was in the United States illegally.”

“Hipolito Hernandez, an illegal immigrant, faces second-degree murder charges in the hit-and-run that killed Marcus last Sunday.” When arrested, Hernandez gave the police an alias. His record showed that he had been charged four times but the cases  were pending, dismissed on technicalities or the charge was reduced. And no one bothered to turn him over to ICE for deportation. But then, Janet Napolitano would welcome him back again through the borders that Obama declares is secure. Read the  article.

Do you ever wonder why millions of illegal aliens get to drive in America while drunk, having no insurance and driver’s license? Ask your officials why they don’t enforce the law. Don’t go quietly into the night. Stand up. It’s your nation, your friends, relatives and you who stand in peril.

A few years ago an estimate was made of those American citizens who were killed daily by Mexicans and others from Mexico, Central and South America. The number was from a study by Congressman Steve King who said that 25 Americans are killed daily by Latino drunk driving and deliberate murder. That adds up to about 91,000 Americans killed by llegal aliens since 9/11.

But some opposition to that statement  by the supporters of illegal aliens say it ain’t so. However, with over 50 million Mexicans and other Latinos in America, many of whom are not the best citizens, and proudly proclaim their hatred for America and Americans, and have a well-known weakness for drinking too much and driving, they could kill 25 Americans per day easily.

That’s more than the 58,000 soldiers killed in Vietnam, more than 50,000 killed in Korea and the 6300 killed in Iraq and Afghanistan. And the numbers continue to climb. Most of these men, women and children would still be alive today if George W. Bush and Barack Obama had closed the border in order to keep out the criminal element that continues to cross our southern border and attack American citizens with impunity. Our army needs to be on our southern border, not Afghanistan.

Instead, both presidents have sold out to corporations in order to deconstruct America and build a “North American Community”, an integrated region of North America consisting of Canada, Mexico and the United States. Obama has already ordered the construction of a North American perimeter (a new border) around North America,  a big step toward a union so that people and goods can travel throughout the continent as citizens of North America. And they can live anywhere they want, speak Spanish and remain a citizen of Mexico, plus vote in Mexico and the U.S. if they decide to have dual citizenship.  The document (road map) describes it this way:

“…the Task Force proposes the creation …of a North American community to enhance security, prosperity, and opportunity. We propose a ‘community’ based on the principle affirmed in the March 2005 Joint Statement of the three leaders that “our security and prosperity are mutually dependent and complementary. (George W. Bush, Vicente Fox and Paul Martin of Canada.

“Its boundaries will be defined by a common external tariff and an outer security perimeter within which the movement of people, products, and capital will be legal, orderly, and safe. Its goal will be to guarantee a free, secure, just, and prosperous North America.” p.3

And many of the Mexicans killing and torturing their fellow citizens now, will soon be your neighbors, doing what they do best. Corporations want the Mexicans for cheap labor and our leaders want them to pay into our Social Security program to keep it afloat. But this cheap labor won’t help the system.

On the contrary, adding 138 million more indigent, uneducated, anti-white workers by 2050 is not what we need when unemployment is our problem. And many of the Mexicans will be draining our Social Security system and our welfare system with many dependents here and back in Mexico. They have devastated our welfare system and hospitals, helping birth up to 400,000 anchor babies per year. A number of hospitals have gone bankrupt in California. That’s what’s really happening that the media, CNN, for example, will never print. As a corporation, they also want that North American Community completed.

Heath Boatwright, who has lived in the third world, said:

“When you immigrate millions of them illegally into the United States, you create exactly the same lawlessness in our country. They feel at home because so many of their countrymen break the law with fellow aliens that it is a normal, continuance of their behavior in our civilization.” And many don’t want to become a citizen of the U.S. and the government has a policy that you don’t have to become a citizen nor do you have to learn English. Just as they do in the EU, all languages and cultures are equal. We will accommodate you.

More examples from Frosty Wooldridge (02-14-06):

“In Colorado’s Department of Motor Vehicles, last year, two Hispanics employees gave over 200 illegal aliens Commercial Driver’s Licenses and hundreds regular licenses. Those illegals couldn’t read a test let alone take it or pass it with their sixth grade educations in Spanish. Yet they drove on our highways in 50,000 pound 18-wheelers running at 70 miles per hour and were implicated in over 26 crashes.

“Colorado suffered three deaths by illegal aliens in the past year. Illegal drunken Mexicans killed two Americans, Justin Goodman and Dale Englerth. One Mexican shot and killed Officer Don Young in cold blood. How did they get away with it? Our own corrupt leaders from Governor Owens down to Mayor Hickenlooper support city sanctuary policies and aid the illegals to remain in Colorado against federal laws.”

Mexicans and others from south of our border often seem to be immune from punishment, even after committing a number of crimes in our nation.  Many of their victims lie buried beneath our nation, a legacy of the corrupt leaders that serve their corporate master, instead of us, the people. That corrupt title includes President Obama and every candidate for the office, Democrat or Republican.

Meanwhile, each and every day more American citizens are killed by the invaders. Here is a recent  example of a death by illegal, something that should never have happened:

Josie Bluhm, 4, was killed by an illegal alien, Eleazar Rangel-Ochoa, who was living and working here illegally for 14 years as a drywall installer when he crashed into the Bluhm minivan. Ochoa has several arrests, including multiple DUI arrests, but was never turned over to Immigration and Customs. (05/14/09) See another list of dead Americans killed in the invasion of our nation. See yet another list of dead Americans killed in the invasion of our nation.

Millions of Mexicans and other Latinos in the United States are driving without a license and insurance. It appears that the authorities don’t care much about enforcement of these laws either, that is if you are Latino.

The data reveals “that the states with the highest numbers of illegals are, most likely, the most dangerous places to drive.” In fact, “the seven states with the highest rates of fatal hit-and-run crashes…are also the the seven states that have the most illegal immigrants…” The states rated highest in the hit-kill-and-run-states are, from bottom to top, Arizona, California, Texas, Florida, and New York. California had “the highest number of hit-and-runs of all the states, according to a 2003 San Francisco Chronicle article.”

The American Automobile Association (AAA) released two reports in 2003 documenting that unlicensed drivers  are more lethal than licensed drivers. Researchers say its a “cultural  thing” with the illegals from south of the border. ”

“Unsurprisingly, correlating the AAA data with other figures detailing the number of illegal aliens in a state demonstrates that states with the highest numbers of fatal crashes involving unlicensed drivers correspond to the states with the highest numbers of illegal aliens. In California, with the highest population of illegals, at least 20.9 percent of the drivers in fatal crashes were unlicensed. Arizona’s and New Mexico’s figures were even higher: 21.1 and 23.1”

We are talking about millions of illegals driving without insurance and a driver’s license.  Mexicans complain about their civil rights when stopped at road blocks even though checking for this information is carried out for all drivers. And they’re illegal, driving illegally. But again, the authorities across our nation are not doing their job. When the rule of law becomes ignored, civilization collapses.  And we are experiencing that now. And the slaughter of the innocents goes on while our corporate/government continues toward forms of governance other than democracy.

Our leaders have brought a lot of sorrow for Americans who have been slaughtered by illegal aliens as CEOs pursue their goal of corporate profits in this trading region of North America. Illegal aliens have reduced the population of the United States through drunk driving and murder.

Here are a few of the victims of the American corporations who put profits over innocent Americans. Here, an illegal alien runs a red light and kills the mother of three who was headed home for her own birthday. He later walked out of the hospital in his gown with the IV still attached and was arrested 5 months later.

Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry murdered by drug dealers using a weapon acquired by the Justice Department in the infamous “fast and furious” operation. “Obama administration hides the files from the public.”

Roberto Miramentes Roman has been caught twice in the past for “re-entering this country illegally. He was charged with the murder of the sheriff’s deputy. See much more.

These memorial sites that I have put here are just some that continue to go on line to show the many Americans who have been killed and maimed by illegal aliens from south of the border. Check them out and see for yourself.

An excerpt from: The very human cost of illegal immigration in the U.S. See the speech by Congressman Steve King on video.

“As of Friday, December 16, 2011, illegal aliens have murdered more than 4188 people inside the USA this year. They have murdered more than 44976 people inside the USA since 9/11. (That doesn’t count Americans killed by Mexican drunken drivers, who have a certified horrible penchant for driving drunk and killing people, with data to back it up. Remember it’s a cultural thing.)

“Notice that the numbers …do not take into account the many rapes, child molestations, assaults, and other human crimes committed by illegal aliens…”

Meanwhile…”the killing goes on day after day after day: Seven days a week, 365 days a year, year after year after year.”


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