Drug Dealers working for Cartels arrested across Florida

Drug dealers from Central Florida to the pan-handle of Florida have been arrested for working with the Mexican drug cartels.

“Court papers indicate Central Florida has cells of drug dealers working for Mexican traffickers known as the Gulf Cartel, the Sinaloa Cartel and La Familia of Central Mexico. The groups are linked to widespread violence in Mexico that has produced more than 40,000 murders in four years…” Orlando Sentinel, 02/07/12.

The pot shipments brought in about one million in revenues selling the marijuana at $575 a pound. Locals worked at storage houses for the shipments from Mexico, in deliveries and as drivers. Business was good and one drug associate had $2 million dollars buried in his backyard in Apopka, Florida-waiting for a truck to take it back to the Mexican border.

Officials said “A number of police agencies, including the FBI, ICE’s Homeland Security Investigations and the Osceola and Seminole County Sheriff’s Offices served search warrants at homes in Central Florida Tuesday morning as part of an investigation into a large-scale Mexican distribution ring dubbed the ‘Gulf Cartel’.” See WFTV video.

The drugs started in Mexico, crossed  into McAllen, Texas across our open borders, then was shipped to Panama City, Florida. Finally  the drugs were delivered to six houses in Orange, Lake and Osceola counties. The police are checking the back yards of these homes for buried money from the drug sales. Police are checking the captured drug dealers to see if any are illegal.

(I don’t see how they could be illegal, though, when Janet Napolitano said the border has never been so secure. I wonder if  the cartels are still operating the Southeastern distribution center in Atlanta.)

Meanwhile, up in Panama City, ‘Eleven men suspected of being involved in a multi-state drug organization were charged in U.S. District Court after they were arrested by federal agents in a bust that resulted in the seizure of hundreds of thousands of dollars in cash, dozens of guns and more than one ton of marijuana.”

Arrested on a charge of conspiracy to possess with the intent to distribute marijuana were “Rufus Daniel Curington Jr., Charles A. Armstrong, 56, and Joseph Kevin Jeter, 43 of Vernon and James Hardesty Moore of Panama, 71. Six men from Texas and one from Central Florida are also charged.


Under George W. Bush and Barack Obama, illegal criminals were allowed to invade our nation as our leaders began to bring about an integration of North America. Many of these criminals have been allowed to commit crimes here, were arrested and then released to commit other crimes, including murder. Mayors of a number of sanctuary cities have forbidden their police departments to carry out their duties and seek these criminals and arrest them.

Now, from Alaska to Florida, the Mexican cancer has spread its reach with hundreds of drug distribution operations. And there have been Cartel killings in the U.S. and there will be more. In the future you may find headless bodies hanging from bridges as well as skinned bodies posed for display (from an ancient Aztec religious ceremony)  while our society decays from within. This is all because the CEOs of  companies like Wal-Mart and GE are determined to complete their idea of Fantasyland, with an abundance of cheap labor from Mexico making it possible to compete with the rest of the third world without worrying about overtime or benefits, plus many millions of unemployed ready to take any job offered without complaining.

Then it will be the politicians and the leaders of business enjoying a relatively short “good life” before reality hits and the people do whatever is necessary to right the wrongs. Biometric ID’s,  a Homeland Security combat force (USNORTHCOM) designed for “civil unrest” and a growing police state will not be able to stop desperate people. The result; an overcrowded, starving continent with all of the diverse groups ready to mix it up and defend their neighborhood. Mexican anti-white irredendists, a major part of the population in the west, will be out front of all the mayhem, declaring their control over a large part of the western U.S.  And all of this grief and suffering  just so CEOs can grow their business forever.

By this time a sovereign America will, de facto,  no longer exist. And that is what you will get and there will be no turning back from the road you’re on.


A September 30, 2008 issue of the Army Times sheds some light on the future  permanent status of  U.S. combat units provided to USNORTHCOM (Homeland Security) for civil unrest and other missions.

“But this new mission marks the first time an active duty unit has been given a dedicated assignment to NorthCom, a joint command established in 2002 (George Bush) to provide command and control for federal homeland defense efforts and coordinate  defense support of civil authorities.

“After 1st BCT finishes its dwell-time mission, expectations are that another, as yet unknown, active-duty brigade will take over and that mission will be a permanent one.”

The mission: “They may be called upon to help with civil unrest and crowd control or to deal with potentially horrific scenarios such as massive poisoning and chaos in response to a chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear or high-yield explosive, or CBRNE, attack.”

In the future of this continent, which of the above will have the highest probability of occurring?

*A correction was added later about civil unrest but much of the article did deal with civil unrest and their type of training. Think about it and the civil rights already taken away from us, with more in the pipeline. This is training for action on the North American continent. As noted, this is a permanent station. This combat unit will train with Canadian troops as well as Mexican troops. On some operations, Mexican or Canadian forces will be in charge.  Read the article. Then see USNORTHCOM.

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