Islam targets America

Islam is a criminal organization that has enslaved, tortured, and killed their victims over a well-documented 1400 year reign of terror. Now these desert storm troopers and potential suicides for Allah want the whole world to bow down to their God in fear.

In America, Omar M. Ahmad, founder of CAIR, Council on American-Islamic Relations, voiced the goal clearly:

“Islam isn’t in America to be equal to any other faith, but to dominate. The Koran, the Muslim book of scripture, should be the highest authority in America, and Islam the only accepted religion on earth.” [San Ramon Valley Herald, July 4, 1988]

CAIR, a friend of terror groups, is also an organization that has a close relationship with former president George W. Bush and Barack Obama. There is  only one reason  that makes presidents ignore the obvious. That is oil.  It causes leaders around the world to minimize Islam’s responsibility by saying that “radicals” had hijacked the religion. But it is the faithful who want to spread the religion throughout the world and install Sharia (Islamic law), through violence if needed. Without oil, there would be a worldwide bounty on Islamic terrorists and they would disappear quickly. And Islam, a religion that holds its followers to a strict system of behavior and punishment, would simply wither away as people begin to exercise their freedom.

Those who say that Islam is a peaceful religion and don’t want to enforce Islamic law on the United States are lying.  Ask Obama to a debate on Islam. He can’t and won’t. He has nothing to defend it with. Here are some highlights  of Muhammad’s life:

Muhammad began his attempt to spread his religion while in exile in Medina, modern Saudi Arabia. His efforts to win over the Jews were either join us or don’t criticize us. But the Jews rejected him and ridiculed his religion.

Muhammad had a great influence on the Muslim faithful. “The Hadiths, a record of the words and deeds of the prophet are second only to the Quran in importance to Muslims. All Muslim men are encouraged to emulate Muhammad, whose life is considered to be the highest standard of behavior for men.” (His behavior is emulated today by terrorists around the world.)

The facts from Islamic sources:

“For example, while in Medina (Yathrib), Saudi Arabia, the prophet was ridiculed by the Jews for trying to convert them to Islam. Muhammad handled these criticisms by ordering his detractors assassinated. In the case of Abu Afak, it was  a 120 year-old Jewish man who urged people to reject the false prophet. Muhammad had Salem Ibn Umayr run a sword through the elderly man while he slept.

After his murder, a Jewish poetess named Asma Marwan spoke out against Islam and Muhammad, asking who would stop him. Hearing this, another hit man, Umayr b Adiy al-Katmi, went to the woman’s home, removed the baby she was nursing and killed her by the sword. Muhammad told the killer: “You have helped God  and his apostle, O Umayr.” This became the generally accepted way of silencing the critics of Islam and the prophet. See more.

A typical Muslim answer to a crime against humanity by the “prophet” Muhammad is to give what amounts to no excuse. I was in a class with four Iranian Muslims at the University of Central Florida while our citizens at that time were held hostage at the U.S. embassy in Tehran and I decided to give a report on the mass murder of Jews by Muslims near Medina under the command of Muhammad. Muhammad decided that the ethnic cleansing of Jews was the only way to stop any opposition. So he launched a jihad against the local population.

“In April of 627, after the surrender of the Beni Quraidha near Medina, (Saudi Arabia) the prophet had all of the men and boys of fighting age (about 900) beheaded. His campaign wiped out most of the Jews in the area. The women and children of the Quraidha were taken as slaves  and their property divided among the Muslim army. Muhammad took Rayhana Bint Zayd, a beautiful Jewish woman, to add to his collection. Her brother, husband and father had just been beheaded by the prophet’s  army of Allah. ”

The Muslims in the class all shouted out that Muhammad had to kill them. He couldn’t trust the Jews. But the Jews had not attacked Muhammad. They were just an inconvenience toward expanding the religion. In the meantime, his jihad included crimes against humanity, rape, looting, and robbing caravans, his main source of income. This is the supreme example of the perfect human being. Wait. There’s more.

The Iranian Muslims at UCF were anti-American and were being watched, along with at least one professor. Meanwhile some of the Muslim students would pray 5 times a day, including in the library, arrayed on the floor while other students tried to go about their business.  These true Muslims were also planning to “shut down the campus” and one even asked for plans to the restroom on a 747 aircraft.

“Muhammad set the standard for beheading those who refused his religion. Muslims were also emulating the prophet when they beheaded Daniel Pearl in Pakistan and Nick Berg and Paul Johnson in Iraq.

“The prophet is also the inspiration for the Arab jihad/turned ethnic cleansing of Black Africans in the Sudan. The methods are the same, though. They include the murder and rape of children, rape, looting, slavery and forced conversion to Islam. The young Sudanese (on left) was kidnapped and enslaved by Muslim raiders, subsequently his arm was chopped off by his (Muslim) master for the ‘crime’ of losing a goat.

This, by the way, is how Islam grew so large. They forced the captured population to convert to Islam or become, for Christians and Jews, a Dhimmi, which is a second class person, without rights. They had to pay a poll tax to keep that status. This sums it up: A Muslim can murder a Jew without being charged with a crime. Parts of this Dhimmi system still exists in some countries around the world under sharia law.

Sharia in America will show the same refusal to accept any religion other than Islam. The same standards will apply to Christians and Jews. There is no compromise in Islam. If you don’t understand it, I refer you to the third paragraph above. In the Islamic bottom line, the true believers, those who keep Islam alive, say what they mean and mean what they say.

Honor killing has also become a part of Islam and is practiced throughout North America. Women and girls are killed by relatives to regain their honor that was lost by their failure to live according to Islamic laws and customs. Men who carry out these killings often go free in Islamic countries. Examples: Pakistan, Afghanistan, Jordan. See this.

Any woman who wants to become a Muslim has to be insane. Muhammad did not hold women in high regard. In one Hadith, Muhammad reportedly said that “…the majority of people in Hell are women.” In chapter (Sura) 4:34 the “Quran has this to say about women: “Good women are obedient …As for those from whom you fear disobedience, admonish them and send them to bed apart and beat them.

“The proper way to beat a woman is still a matter of concern in the Muslim world. Spain’s Muslim imam, Mohammad Kamal Mustafa, published a book in the year 2000 which included advice to men on the correct way to beat their wives.”

A husband should strike “only the hands and feet, using a rod that is thin and light so that it does not leave behind scars or bruises on the body.”

The goal ‘…should be to cause psychological suffering and not to humiliate or physically abuse his wife.” (It’s because Muslim men care about not damaging their property.) See the video of an Afghan woman’s execution. Tape clears up after 2 minutes (3:49).

Muhammad set the standard for marriage to women (and girls)  when he wed Aisha at age six. However, he waited until she was nine before consummating  the marriage. That’s why Muslim men marry young girls. It’s legal in their twisted world and they can do it.

Over the past decade, Muslim men in the United States have, on occasion, felt the religious spirit of jihad and gone out and killed a Jew or Christian or a bunch of American soldiers preparing for battle overseas.  It was their duty as  Muslims to fight against the unbelievers who are waging war against their fellow Muslims, their brothers in arms.

Every Muslim, man or woman, can be awakened by the sudden-jihad-syndrome. It is a calling for every good Muslim warrior to be a soldier for war against the unbelievers. That is why no Muslim should be accepted into the armed forces of the United States. Read some examples of sudden jihad moments.

Remember the Fort Hood Massacre? That could be replicated thousands of times in one day if the population of potential jihadists were influencedthat the time is right. With little preparation there could be lots of dead American bodies from sea to shining sea and few prisoners. Their goal is a world controlled by sharia, Islamic law.

The Muslims have been putting together communities across the nation, building over 900 mosques and Islamic centers in the last decade for a total of 2,206, where Muslims can learn about the Quran and the language of the Quran, Arabic. They build their power block by block, gaining sharia “light version” and adding as their political power grows.  They push the idea of a peaceful religion in America’s schools but all of the horrors associated with Islam won’t be shown to non-Muslims in their schools. You won’t see any of the above mentioned in the Muslim propaganda.  Allah has only one purpose and it isn’t brotherhood.

Say. Would you like to invite Jews to visit regularly and declare the war against Israel is over? Maybe share land?  Oh. Not now. I see. The Quran doesn’t have any provisions for Jews or Christians, gays, atheists, and all the rest. Islam will reign supreme.

Islamic propaganda is just that, false propaganda which is easily disproved.

For the truth about Islam see ‘Former Muslim and member of Hamas says Islam is evil.’

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