Videos Reveal Mexican Goal: Make the United States a Spanish-speaking Region governed by Latinos (Mexicans)

Back in the 1960s and 70s the national news media jumped on every confrontation during the civil rights movement. But not the Mexicans. Their demonstrations, violence and killings of American citizens and their threat to carry out their “manifest destiny” is loud and clear. Their goal is to build a continent run by Mexicans (and other Latinos) with Spanish as the primary language of the United States.

Demonstrations at the level of hate Mexicans have toward white Americans and black Americans is there for all to see if the news media, print and broadcast, would do their duty to report the news in an unbiased manner. That means stop blocking local news violence by Mexicans, including Mexican-American citizens attacking white and black Americans.

That, however, will not happen. Corporations of North America (including the news media) have a public/private partnership agreement with Canada, Mexico and the United States to integrate with a trade agreement (NAFTA) and now a “North American Community” with shared governance. There will be open borders for North America. All citizens of the continent, according to the plan (pp. 27, 28) agreed to by George W. Bush and Barack Obama, will have full labor mobility and the ability to “live and work” anywhere on the continent when the process is finished. No one has to learn English. But according to the plan (p.30), English-speaking students (Americans) should have a program in the U.S. to teach them Spanish in school:

“Develop teacher exchange and training programs for elementary and secondary school teachers. This would assist in removing language barriers and give some students a greater sense of a ‘NORTH AMERICAN IDENTITY’. Greater efforts should also be made to recruit Mexican language teachers to teach Spanish in the United States.”

These videos will show any doubters that the Mexican/Americans and illegals in the United States are dedicated to taking back, not just the Southwest, but the whole North American continent. And the white population, which keeps declining, will find that Mexicans and other Latinos have no love for them.  Will it be too late?

And the continent will become an overcrowded region with shortages of resources and even higher unemployment. Violence will become common. The disparate groups will be on their own. Those with the most weapons and organizational skills will have the upper hand.

Will the multinational response force (USNORTHCOM) be able to contain a Balkanized continent broken up into sectors by ethnic groups, with no allegiance to any nation?

This is something the three leaders of North America wanted. And they will have it if no group of American citizens steps forward soon and says enough. That doesn’t look likely, though.

See the videos presented and how much hate there is against the white people throughout the Mexican population. More videos will be added to the display at a new site later. Ask your friends to watch these videos.

Mexicans threaten American demonstrators, scuffle with police and say they will take over (America).

Black American citizens march in protest against illegal and legal Mexican immigration for taking their jobs and refusing to hire them because they don’t speak Spanish, despite the fact that English is the language spoken in America. They are also angry over a Mexican  program of ethnic cleansing by murdering black men, women and children randomly, over a decade in California. See upcoming videos.

This Mexican Indian shows the hatred he has for white European illegals. Some quotes from him: “America is a murder machine. We want you guys to go back to Europe, We want the whole continent. You guys stole it. You guys are illegal for 500 years. What part of illegal don’t you understand.”

This 14 year-old illegal Mexican with a Che Guevara T-shirt is angry at the Americans outside of the Bank of America protesting the credit cards that the illegals are getting. The boy, last name Sanchez, said that he is a revolutionary and believes in the idea of Aztlan, that borders should be abolished. He says this was our land before the white man arrived. He has allegiance to Mexico and wants open borders throughout North America, including Canada. (This is the ZeitGeist throughout the Mexican and Latino community in America. We are a divided nation by design.)

Professor Angel Gutierrez starts off with his Mexican manifest destiny speech and it includes America. It will no longer exist. And the American traitors can be found at the highest levels of office, including George W. Bush and now, Barack Obama.

Illegal aliens declare war on Americans.

What the Local News Doesn’t Show You

North American Integration with a hostile new population means the end of America.

“Lynwood, CA. During a demonstration against illegal alien sanctuary city ordinances American protesters come under a sustained abuse and physical assault by radical Latinos. This is the vision of the future of California and many other states. This is the result of years of illegal immigration, the anchor baby boom, and an invasive foreign culture with racist attitudes which refuses assimilation and has no desire to be American.” 

Notice at the demonstrations that they urge their young children to participate in hating America and white Americans. And they are taught that  America belongs to them. They wave Mexican flags and declare that this is Mexico. Now you can understand why Mexicans won’t assimilate when victory is just around the corner. What? You say you never see this on CNN or even Fox News?

And some people think only Whites can be racist. 

A Latino gang member was sentenced to death on Friday for the hate-crime murder of Cheryl Green, who was just 14 years old at the time. On the day she was killed, Police say Latino gang members were looking for any black person to shoot. Jonathan Fajardo showed no emotion when the judge sentenced him to death and over 200 years in prison. 

Illegal Mexican and other Latinos have been carrying out a decade-long policy of ethnic cleansing of black people in Los Angeles. They have been able to do this because of the U.S. government policy of open borders and mayors declaring sanctuary cities for illegals. 

Our last two presidents have deliberately failed to carry out Article IV, section 4 of the U.S. Constitution in order to acquire a source of cheap labor for American corporations and the foundation of a Spanish-speaking  region. As George Bush said in a speech in 2000, he “welcomes the new America.” Both presidents are guilty of crimes against America and its people.

As you can see from the clear evidence on the videos above, our leaders are in the process of integrating North America into a trading region for the benefits of cheap labor. They intend to use Mexican and other Latinos to replace American workers, allowing the CEOs to be competitive with the third world. Many more Americans will be out of work. Meanwhile, the Mexicans will make life miserable for American citizens in a large part of our nation.  And no one will be there to help them as they are forced to leave a hostile environment.

An integrated North America will be a horrible place to live, with up to 138 million more people by 2050, mostly Latinos, demanding  jobs and goods, uniting against the white population, and leading to ethnic warfare which will take place primarily on U.S. territory. We would, I would hope, finally get our act together before then and defend against those who have betrayed us.

But that doesn’t appear to be part of a happy ending. Former Republican Diane Alden says this:

“At the heart of the GOP belief system is a post-Cold War philosophy wherein borders are meaningless, and trade and commerce are the religion that replaced Christianity. The end game for both trade treaties (NAFTA and CAFTA) and unrestricted migration from most of the third world, particularly Mexico and Central America, is to further the day they will claim a regional trading state where citizenship will mean zip.”

(Democrats are also on board with their slightly different agenda. But both parties seek the end of the sovereign nation and  the integration of a regional trading state under international law. Your first and second amendments will be gone. Guaranteed.)

In the meantime, I will continue to show you the truth on videos, adding more to the collection which will be located here on

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