Volunteer your Time in Service to the Community

As a retiree with valuable skills to offer, there is nothing more satisfying than using those skills in service to your community. By using your abilities to benefit others, the community becomes stronger. And you know that someday that person needing help could be you. It’s these positive acts of kindness that travel throughout the community and become part of a healthy, worthwhile environment for living in.

One example is the community of Beverly Hills, Florida, a few miles southwest of Ocala, in the rolling hills of what natives call the Florida Alps. The Citrus County Sheriff’s Department has a program to increase the  surveillance coverage with their limited funds. The program consists of  100 volunteers, senior citizens,  to drive the two patrol cars and operate the dispatch office. The Sheriff’s Department has regular meetings with the residents and volunteers. They  also receive training and discuss any problems that may require changes in the program.

These volunteers make regular checks of unoccupied homes and businesses and call in crimes in progress, suspicious activity  in the neighborhood or other emergencies, directly to the Sheriff’s office.

Another worthy program in the community is the Beverly Hills Skillbank, which “was organized in 1979 and incorporated in October 1992 as an ‘All Volunteer Florida Corporation.'” Volunteers man the phone to answer questions or requests for help.

Volunteers handle  basic problems. They provide transportation for neighbors to visit the doctor or dentist and to buy groceries or drugs. They can also take care of minor things such as”changing light bulbs, furnace filters and other odd jobs.”

And, of course, there is the Meals On Wheels volunteer program to bring meals to the elderly; those who aren’t mobile or can’t afford food. Around 5,000 Senior Nutrition Programs nationwide supply over one million meals daily to senior citizens in the United States. Between 800,000 and 1.7 million volunteers help in some way to make sure the meals for seniors continue to reach those who need the program. If you have a vehicle and a little spare time, perhaps you can volunteer.

That’s something worth putting on your resume.


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