A power meal for your workouts

When you want a good meal before working out, try this offering before burning those calories. It’s something I put together over time and leads off with carbohydrates to provide you with the energy needed to put in a good effort. But the first thing you need to take is an enzyme capsule. Everyone has enzymes in their bodies to make the bodies’ processes work. It’s reason for existing is “to allow the cell to carry out chemical reactions very quickly. These reactions allow the cell to build things or take things apart as needed.”  Over time, however, a poor diet and the aging process, these enzymes  disappear, causing distress in the digestive tract. An enzyme capsule before each meal, made of natural plants, can break down your food efficiently again, allowing digestion and utilizing the food your body needs. I have used these enzymes every day and I never have a problem.*

The center piece of my training meal is chicken breast, boneless and skinless. I use a non-stick pan and cook about 4 pounds of chicken each time.  Some people maintain a vegetarian diet  but it requires a lot of planning and luck to get all the proteins for building or rebuilding a body that you get from meat. At my age I was able to put on 25 pounds in a short time, adding almost one and a half inches of muscle to my biceps. And it was due to chicken at every meal.

I fill the non-stick  pan with 6 chicken breasts and constantly add enough water to cook the part of the chicken below water. I cook the chicken on the stove top and the process takes about 2 and a half hours. When tender enough, I fill a  storage container and place the chicken in the refrigerator. The meat is tender and easy to cut or, in some cases, pull apart. (This brief explanation is not the recipe for cooking the chicken.)

A typical meal would be chicken cut up unto small pieces with Northern Beans and Sweet Small Green Peas. The chicken is placed in a microwavable bowl first, followed by the other ingredients. Warm up for 2 minutes. The juice from the chicken mixes with the vegetables when you pour the food on the plate. You can add a condiment of your choice. Then double two tortillas and fill with almond butter and roll up. Next, microwave for 10 to 15 seconds. Finish with 6 Brussels Sprouts adorning the plate. A drink is a glass of Almond milk or plain milk.

With this combination you have more than enough carbohydrates to give you the energy for your workout. Also included are; Vitamin D, B12, Riboflavin Phosphorus, Potassium, Vitamin E, Vitamin A, Zinc, Magnesium, Copper, Calcium. And the 6 Brussels Sprouts contain 90 percent of your daily allowance for Vitamin C. And essential fiber is provided. For building and repairing your body the chicken provides about 20 grams of meat protein at every meal, enough to repair and build your body’s muscle.

*Bluebonnet Optimum Enzymes are produced in Texas and they work well. Check with your health food store.


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