Obama’s North American Community: First, the President must grant amnesty to 12 million Illegals

“The president-elect is coming into office at a moment when there is upheaval in many parts of the world simultaneously…But he can give new impetus to American foreign policy partly because the reception of him is so extraordinary around the world. His task will be to develop an overall strategy for America in this period when, really, a New World Order can be created.” (Former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger, speaking on CNBC, January 5, 2009)

For those of you who missed it, President Obama met with Prime Minister Harper of Canada and announced (Jan. 5, 2011) that they were going to build a North American perimeter around the two nations and open up our common interior borders to speed up the flow of people and commerce between the two nations.

In fact, Obama is continuing the process of “building a North American Community”, a regional trading area with a developing regional governance, having sovereignty over the three individual nations-a continuance of George W. Bush’s attempt to integrate the continent. Mexico would be part of that perimeter, but at a slower timeline because of the serious problems that it must deal with.

But Obama must first make the 12 million illegals in our nation disappear before he can declare our borders under operational control, a standard he can’t make. That’s why George W. Bush tried to get amnesty for all those illegals and a North American perimeter that would make it possible to eventually open the interior borders of the continent to the free flow of people-no border check, like the European Union.  And Obama has tried it a number of times  without any OKs from Congress and so now he has tightened up on border patrol and sped up returning illegals to Mexico. Thus it seems that he will continue the same tactic, an amnesty bill in some form. But how do you know if the number is 12 million or 20 million? The number could go higher  since word of amnesty has, in the past, caused an increase in flow of illegals toward the border.

President Calderon of Mexico is  an ardent participate in building a North American Community:

“In the coming two decades, I envision the whole North American  region as a single region (a union) with a ‘free market’, not just in goods, services and investments, but a free labor market like the European Union.”

(I hope that’s clear enough. American workers should be making other plans since jobs will be hard to get, even in America. Americans make twice as much per hour as Mexicans make in eight hours. Free labor mobility means Mexicans can take more jobs from Americans.)

Earlier (March 23, 2010) the United States made an agreement with Mexico that would improve the border port of entries, build more modern facilities, and integrate the system among Mexico, the U.S. and the private sector,  making access  to the United States easier. Also in January of 2011 President Calderon of Mexico announced that  all Mexicans from 5 to 18 years of age would begin receiving a biometric ID card now. Later on all Mexican adults and foreigners will need a biometric ID. Each person will have their ID card info on interconnected databases with those of the United States and Canada when a common perimeter around North America is completed.

President Calderon chose to order biometric cards for the younger Mexican citizens since they will be the next students and workers and this program will take 5 or more years to complete. They will be the tens of millions of Mexicans who will be eligible for a North American Border Pass. This will be another way of giving Mexicans, all those with border passes, the right to travel freely across our southern border. That could  include almost the entire population of Mexico since every Mexican will have a biometric ID.

Every Mexican citizen can use that ID card to “apply for  Trusted Traveler of North America biometric border pass cards for rapid entry into the United States.” They would travel to the U.S. through modern ports of entry on our southern border with Mexico. They can process into America by utilizing kiosks to check themselves in. Twenty U.S. airports have these kiosks for entry.  Eventually, as in the European Union, the borders would be opened and no one, including visitors, would be checked anywhere in North America  after entry.

There are a number of reasons given as to why immigration, legal and illegal, has slowed to a halt across our southern border. Obama’s current policy is one of them. Another is that companies around the world and the U.S. are moving their factories to Mexico. Auto companies, including the U.S. and Audi are having their cars built by Mexicans  who are paid less than $4.00 per hour, including benefits. Once our borders and those of Canada and Mexico can be certified as under operational control, the step toward deep integration can go forward. See how Mexican auto workers live on $130 a week.

Obama is speeding up the legal process (or ignoring it) to complete this North American perimeter around the continent. The CFR plan for ‘Building a North American Community’ is a real plan, acquired shortly after George W. Bush, Prime Minister Martin of Canada and President Vicente Fox of Mexico agreed to the Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America, a deeper integration of North America on March 23, 2005 at Waco, Texas.

One of the last amnesty bills put forth for consideration was H.R. 4321. In it, operational control of the North American perimeter would be accomplished by a virtual fence.  Under SEC. 111, NATIONAL STRATEGY FOR BORDER SECURITY, (a):

“Requirement for Strategy-The Secretary (Homeland Security) in consultation with the heads of other appropriate  Federal agencies shall develop a National Strategy for Border Security that describes actions to be carried out to maintain operational control over all ports of entry into the United States and the international land and maritime borders of the United States.”

‘Building a North American Community’ was put together by corporate CEOs, the official advisers on how to construct this continental trading region. (GM, Whirlpool, Wal-Mart.) The person in charge of the project was Richard Haass, a leading advocate of regional and global governance plus a frequent visitor on Morning Joe, MSNBC.

If you want to see how closely Obama has followed the plan for integration of the continent,  read President Obama’s declaration, ‘Beyond the Border: A Shared Vision for Perimeter Security and Economic Competitiveness’, February 04, 2011. It includes everything from a North American perimeter and North American border passes to the trilateral integration of the military and other agencies, now known as USNORTHCOM, which is currently in Mexico training Mexican police and soldiers. See pages 3 to 12 in a North American Community.

USNORTHCOM’s goal is to bring about a modern, humane Mexican government, including  the judicial and military.  Without that, they will never achieve operational control of their borders.

Here is one (page 3) of several declarations in the North American plan about a new common outer border for the continent:

According to the Task Force that created the North American Community, they “proposed a community based on the principle…that …” our security and prosperity are mutually dependent and complementary.”

“Its boundaries (of the new border) will be defined by a common external tariff and an outer security perimeter within which the movement of people, products, and capital will be legal, orderly, and safe. Its goal will be to guarantee a free, secure, just, and prosperous North America.”

(A common external tariff and a common security perimeter are the two steps necessary for the completion of a regional union. A common currency can follow.)

The reason for a common security perimeter around the continent is to identify everyone inside  the perimeter and assign them biometric ID cards. The flow of people, goods and services will flow quicker across the continent. The eventual goal is to open up the interior common borders between Mexico and the United States and between Canada and the United States to the free flow of people, once the three nations of North America have the structure in place. There will be no ID check of anyone once they land on the continent since everyone, including visitors, are accounted for.  This is the method used by the European Union. Ultimately, foreigners will already be cleared before they land at their destination and no ID checks will take place for anyone in North America.

Now here is the reason that corporations want open borders. From page 26-27 of  Barack Obama’s plan, with the perimeter around North America and the interior borders open, labor mobility would be a reality. This is from the road map for a North American Community on pages 26, 27:

“A long- term goal should be to create a ‘North American preference’-new rules that would make it much easier for employees to move and for employers to recruit across national boundaries within the continent. This would enhance North American competitiveness, increase productivity, contribute to Mexico’s development, and address the main outstanding issues on the Mexican-U.S. bilateral agenda.

“Canada and the United States should consider eliminating restrictions on labor mobility altogether and work toward solutions that, in the long run, could enable the extension of full labor mobility to Mexico as well.”

There’s more:

“Move to full labor mobility between Canada and the United States. To make companies based in North America as competitive as possible in the global economy, Canada and the United States should consider eliminating all remaining barriers to the ability of their citizens to live and work in the other country. This free flow of people would offer an important advantage to employers in both countries by giving them rapid access to a larger pool of skilled labor, and would enhance the well-being of individuals in both countries by enabling them to move quickly to where their skills are needed. In the long term, the two countries should work to extend this policy to Mexico as well, though doing so will not be practical until wage differentials between Mexico and its two North American neighbors have diminished considerably.” (pp. 27,28)

That of course means when Canadian and American wages go down considerably. This complete labor mobility includes the professional workers:

“But despite the fact that NAFTA already encourages the mutual recognition of professional degrees, little has actually been done. The three governments should devote more resources to leading and creating incentives that would encourage the professional associations of each of the three countries to develop shared standards that would facilitate short-term professional labor mobility within North America. (p.28)

Of course, this all means that the goal is the complete access to Mexico’s cheap labor. With open borders within Obama’s North American perimeter, and full labor mobility for all workers throughout the continent, all Mexicans will be able to “live and work” anywhere they wish. With the Mexican  growth through births, the population will add another 100 million before 2050 in the United States. Now add 12 million more illegals given amnesty and 150 million more Mexicans able to “live and work” anywhere they desire, we will have a huge excess of labor in North America (the U.S.).

But for now, that means Mexico will have Mexicans filling new jobs in their own country since the United States is not hiring for many good-paying jobs. Some illegal unemployed Mexicans are returning to their country to get in on a boom in manufacturing jobs.

The Mexican government has been busy making agreements with nations around the world, offering to provide skilled labor for less than $4.00 per hour, including benefits. That means American companies, from Whirlpool (just moved across the border to Mexico) to auto makers, GM, FORD, CHRYSLER, to Nissan Motor Co., Honda, and Audi, the new place to built your factory is just south of the Rio Grande. And the companies are diverse. A new company, Manufacturing Resource Group, is opening a cable assembly plant in Mexico.

Good jobs for Americans? Forget about it. With open borders and the right of workers in North America to live and work anywhere they please, guess where American companies will be going to get skilled workers? Do you think that at this time, with our population (of North America) heading for up to 600,000,000 we might have a much larger unemployed group of Americans and no jobs in sight?

You can see that George W. Bush and now Barack Obama are part of integrating North America, based on trade agreements. George Bush, at a 2008 summit in Slovenia, the European Union, said, in a joint declaration that, “We  seek a world based on international law.” That should raise some disagreements with a lot of Americans. If you support that, then you will welcome the deletion of the First and Second Amendments.  Bush does and it appears that so does Obama.

Still in the works is the integration of the Americas (34 nations of the Western Hemisphere). The Bush project, the Pathways to Prosperity in the Americas (PPA), has also been taken over by Obama under the guidance of Hillary Clinton.

The sovereign United States will no longer exist. Under the PPA, all governments in the United States, at all levels, must defer to the rules and regulations of the PPA agreement when it’s complete. That includes the U.S. Supreme Court, which, at this moment, must defer to the North American trade tribunal’s decisions in their area of competence.

The PPA  means 800,000,000 more cheap workers to compete with American workers. The corporate CEOs constantly use the word “competitiveness”  when they mean billions of cheap workers to bring our wages in the U.S. down to a level that will compete with the third world.

This step to bring about a mobile temporary global cheap workforce was known but basically ignored by the press. Let’s see. The media consists of global corporations. Do you think they might have a stake in this? And that would affect their unbiased reporting or their failure to cover such a topic at all? Did they widely cover Obama’s announcement of a North American perimeter he was constructing?

But, after all is said and done, you will no longer be an America citizen, just a resident of North America with no official language or history. You will probably be unemployed, certainly underemployed. A large part of the population will speak Spanish and violence will be common. This scheme of disrupting the whole world order is to make a few truly greedy men and women extremely rich. That’s all. The workers and citizens are never in CEOs thoughts. In fact, their perfect company would only have robots as workers.

Welcome to the New World Disorder.

Some important documents in the deconstruction of America:

  1. message from the U.S. Ambassador to Washington on how to keep the plan to fully integrate North America a secret from the citizens. (wikileaks)
  2. Hillary Clinton, Secretary of State, remarks on re-launching George W. Bush’s Pathways to Prosperity in the Americas, an  integration of the 34 nations of the Americas (Western Hemisphere) which will have its Secretariat in Miami, Florida.
  3. This is a website consisting of Democrats and Republicans  (Jeb Bush) who support  the integration of the Americas. Read the first page completely. These people are serious and confident that it will happen. There are already 14 nations on board this trading region and, as you can see, Obama has fully agreed to the integration of North America and the integration of the Americas.
  4. Hillary Clinton describes the future of the Americas  in a meeting of nations in El Salvador on May 31, 2009:

“But let us also embark together down a new path defined by shared responsibilities, shared opportunities, and a commitment [to] improve the life of every citizen in the Americas. We are part of the same family, this continent is our common home, and we will inhabit a common future. Let us do all we can to harness the untapped human potential that covers this vast hemisphere.”

No more USA. It was left in the dustbin of history.

A prediction for the presidential election:

If Mitt Romney or Barack Obama wins, the integration of North America and the Americas will continue. Both will meet with the CEOs from the United States and attend the annual North American summit where the three leaders of Canada, Mexico and the United States will make more plans for the construction of  the North American perimeter and free labor mobility for the continent.

Who will you vote for now?


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