American Workers: No citizenship, no Jobs in the New World Order

Entro: Corporate CEOs made a deal with the United Nations in 1999 to put together what has been called the New World Order. The UN would support the effort to end the sovereign nation and divide the world into trading regions based on the WTO (World Trade Organization) trade agreements. The rules of these trade agreements (NAFTA for example) cover most of what takes place within this region. It trumps the applicable rules and laws of all governments, at any level. Under this system, US corporations closed down many factories and send jobs overseas while importing skilled workers from the third world with H-1B and other visas. They intend to continue the practice, even after the middle class American worker ceases to exist. And they will seek to keep the American worker extinct, like the dinosaur.

American workers must now line up behind foreigners for jobs. And your citizenship no longer counts. This will be official when the North American Community becomes a reality. Foreign workers from Mexico and Canada will have the right to “live and work” anywhere on the continent. Those who work in the U.S. will get Social Security and so will their dependents back in Mexico. “Citizenship” would be North American. Language is your option. Preference for Mexicans and other foreign workers will continue even after the wage differentials between Mexico and the United States have “diminished greatly”.   (Pages 27, 28, North American Community.)

With the passage of NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement) under Bill Clinton’s guidance in 1994, the door was open to hiring foreign (skilled) employees to work in the United States for less pay and benefits.

For factory jobs, millions of American factory workers were fired and their jobs sent overseas to places like China, Vietnam and Mexico, where  employees put in 80 to 90 hours a week for 15 cents an hour. The result; many Americans became permanently unemployed and corporate CEOs made trillions of dollars while many workers also lost their homes and transportation.

This destruction of the middle class is a permanent goal for multinational corporations. Your American citizenship will mean nothing. Corporate CEOs  say their loyalty is to their company, wherever it’s located.  For American workers and their families, the nation is being deconstructed while they sleepwalk through life. They are becoming North Americans, which means nothing. At most, Americans will have the duty to obey the new laws put in place from above.

There will be two classes on earth; the ruling class and the working class, (those who have jobs). A global worker with certain skills can be located on inter-connected databases. Databases will have the info on every global citizen. Jobs will be temporary. Some jobs are being taken by robotics and that appears to be a growth sector. A CEOs dream is no employees.

(I know. Who will have the money to buy things? CEOs can only handle one topic at a time. Greed tends to cloud their thought process.  In reality, though, CEOs will just move their sales overseas to the growing middle classes in China, India, and Brazil. In 2010, General Motors had over 400 Buick dealerships in China and was in the process of moving much of their operation there. All American corporations will continue to, first,  think of  setting up new companies anywhere but in the U.S.- and America later, when the workers wages have “diminished greatly”.)

The goal is to have a worldwide base of qualified cheap workers who can be hired and brought to any place on earth for temporary contracts. Americans would eventually accept the low wages and the North American Community would be “competitive”  with the third world and the middle class would be a footnote in history.

In America today, corporations attend seminars that show them how to avoid hiring skilled, qualified Americans. See the video ‘How not to hire an American‘.

When the North American Community is finally completed, there would be no sovereign nation, no allegiance to a nation, no loyalty from the “citizens of a region.” The North American Community would continue to be governed by the rules of the NAFTA trade agreement and appointed institutions and, like the EU, be based on international law.

Some form of permanent mini continental legislature could be established to make decisions for the three member states, as is being contemplated for the (TPN) European Union Parliament and the U.S. Congress. These two bodies have been meeting for 12 years as they continue to “harmonize” and “integrate” their two regions.* (Read pages 31,32 for a North American Community  mini parliament that would decide policy and laws for the continent. Members would return to their respective legislatures and pass the bills. It could already be in place.)

The Transatlantic Policy Network (TPN) members of the U.S. Congress/EU Parliament have now blocked their site from the public. To access the TPN site go to this article and click on any of the last 4 links. If you are successful, print up the documents while you can.  Some of  the  members’ names are classified. This is a preview of part of the New World Order (regional integration under UN international law.)

An EU constitution is being considered now by the EU member states. Any member state’s constitution in conflict with the EU document must be changed to remain a member.  And in the U.S. everything that takes place within the North American Community is now being “harmonized and “integrated”. An appointed NAFTA trade tribunal is now the highest court on the North American continent, even over the U.S. Supreme Court in its area of competence.

Meanwhile, Obama and his successor will continue to put together an integration of the 34 nations of the Americas, called the Partnership for Prosperity in the Americas. Each of the three NAFTA member states would have to submit to the same rules and regulations that NAFTA currently has in place and also those regulations that will eventually be with the PPA, which currently has 14 member states, including Canada, Mexico and the United States.

The failed Free Trade Area of the Americas (FTAA) preceeded the PPA. When the PPA  project is completed and its secretariat located in Miami,  the two rules below (for the  defunct FTAA) describe who must defer to the trade agreement; that is, who has sovereignty.

[4.1 Each Party (nation) is fully responsible for the observance of all provisions of the FTAA ( a future PPA) Agreement, and shall take such reasonable measures as may be available to it to ensure such observance by regional and local governments and authorities within its territories.]

[4.2. The Parties shall insure that their laws, regulations, and administrative procedures are consistent with the obligations of this Agreement. The rights and obligations under this Agreement are the same for all the Parties[, whether Federal or unitary States, including the different levels and branches of government], unless otherwise provided in this Agreement.]

This means that the NAFTA agreement has already exercised its sovereignty over the United States and the other two members, Canada and Mexico. It means that when the Partnership for Prosperity in the Americas is completed, the U.S. and all levels of its governments; city, county, state and national, will defer sovereignty to the PPA trade agreement as well as international law. And every region must be in agreement. Read the first page of Pathways to Prosperity in the Americas. That will answer your questions about the New World Order. It’s not a dream.  According to  Secretary of State Hillary Clinton description of the future of the Americas, the  new world order is not worker friendly.

George W. Bush decided to add a permanent combat force to his homeland security team to respond to violence (opposition) to an integrated North America and it began training in the fall of 2008. This would be part of a trilateral response force, USNORTHCOM, including Canada and Mexico, for the North American Continent and the Gulf of Mexico. (pages 10, 11, 12 of a North American Community. See link above.)

“This new mission marks the first time an active unit has been given a dedicated assignment to NorthCom, a joint command established in 2002 to provide command and control for homeland defense efforts and coordinate defense support of civil authorities.” (Army Times)

According to the Army Times writer, “They may be called upon to help with civil unrest and crowd control or to deal with potentially horrific scenarios such as massive poisoning and chaos in response to a chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear or high-yield explosive, or CBRNE…”

Colonel Roger Cloutier, 1st BCT commander, said that his men will learn how to use “the first ever nonlethal package that the Army has fielded.” He was “referring to crowd and traffic control equipment and nonlethal weapons designed to subdue unruly or dangerous individuals without killing them. (He really means large riots and violent, desperate Americans who have reached their limits.) See USNORTHCOM, a multinational North American response force.

A trilateral combat force for North America is in preparation for the growing violence from Mexican illegals and their demonstrations against American citizens or the outrage by American citizens against the government’s failure to evict all illegals as it prepares for the integration of  North America. It could also be for future American/Mexican clashes.

Our leaders (Bush and Obama) do know what’s going on in spite of  the nationwide blackout on coverage of the Mexican hostility  that is covered daily in California and other places such as Arizona, Texas, Nevada, and Colorado. The battles between Mexican high school students and other Latinos against  black American students,  or between Mexican high school students and white American students, are covered by local television stations. These riots often require dispatch of the riot squad to curb the violence.

And there are also the loud and violent demonstrations by Mexican families, including their preschool children, against white Americans. Their signs and screams are consistent; “White Racist! Go back to Europe!”


There is enough documentation that would fill large libraries and never run out of  new evidence that Mexicans intend to take over the continent and the United States. And they are doing it by demographics. All elected offices at all levels would be Spanish-speaking people, not necessarily American citizens.  The Mexican flag would fly over much of America and Americans would not be treated kindly. And no U.S. ARMY brigade will make any difference. Visit this site to see videos of Mexican invaders telling Americans that they will run this continent and whites are not wanted here.

This is supposed to be a multicultural region in which we will all get along, despite our differences. And while we try to do that, France, Germany, England and the Netherlands have decided multiculturalism is an absolute failure and are making their Muslim and other ethnic/religious groups change and conform to the national culture and language or get out.

But our “leaders” are determined to give corporations the cheap labor they need to be “competitive” with the third world and enjoy huge profits as our nation is devoured by Latino hatred against white Americans taken to the limits of its evil nature.

Americans should be aware that corporations won’t be offering them good-paying jobs during this century. Waiting for Romney or any other candidate, be it Republican or Democrat, is not going to happen. When the new president attends the next North American summit to discuss the further integration of the continent, perhaps you will understand. Life is not going to get better for working Americans.

President George H.W. Bush in a  1991 speech gave us his promise of a New World Order:

“We have before us the opportunity to forge for us and future generations, a New World Order, a world where the rule of law governs the conduct of nations-not the rule of the jungle.

When we are successful. And we will be. We will have a chance at this New World Order, an order in which a credible United Nations can use its peacekeeping role to fulfill the promise  and vision of the UN’s founders.”

George W. Bush, during his term of office, supported international laws and institutions as the governing basis for the world. At a meeting with the European Union in Slovenia on June 10, 2008, Bush issued a joint declaration on the UN and international law:

“We seek a world based on international law, democracy, the rule of law and human rights, and strengthened by broad and sustainable market-based economic growth.”

“We are committed to support multilateralism, based on a stronger and more efficient United Nations. We will work to strengthen the United Nations so that it can better fulfill the goals and objectives set forth in its mandate….”

Bush also agreed with the “2004 ruling by the International Court of Justice in the Hague. The tribunal ordered the United States to give new hearings to 50 Mexicans on death row because police did not contact their consulate after their arrest.”

However, the U.S. Supreme Court declared that the international court had no authority over the states. See this report.

Unemployment, unfortunately, is the future that Wal-Mart and General Electric have planned for many workers. And good-paying jobs will be for those rare situations in which only a  few people will be able to qualify. Corporations and political leaders have worked on this New World Order for decades and they are trying to bring it to fruition. You are on your own.

NOTICE TO READERS. Advice for job seekers:

I was in a similar situation back in the 1980s but I was well-qualified for a few overseas jobs. I called a company with a contract for an overseas police department, the defense force for the U.S. Army at Kwajalein Atoll-93 islands around a lagoon where the United States was in the initial stages of testing for Star Wars programs. Google Kwajalein Atoll jobs for listing.

It was a nice contract. No taxes on your income. Expenses were about $10 per week. Everything was provided, plus one month paid vacation and free air travel. Recreation was excellent. I could have spent 20 years there. There are still some good overseas jobs that would be perfect for a new beginning.

For example, Australian companies are in the United States looking for qualified people to work in the oil fields with incomes well into the 6 figures. It’s great for the individual or those trying to clear up their financial problems. Another job that could use workers are contracts for governments or corporations. It could be peacekeeping in Haiti or security forces in Qatar, defending storage bases for weapons and support materials. Some of these jobs do include combat duty.

Check out these overseas jobs. It could be a new beginning for you. It was for me. I was offered a number of jobs, from England to the Middle East. If you learn a needed language, it would be a tremendous boost for your chances of being hired. Arabic is a good one to know. Also Chinese and Spanish.  Good luck.


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