Need a Job but your government only helps corporations? Try Overseas.

The fact is our government is only interested in helping corporations find cheap foreign labor. If you want to find a good job, often in pleasant surroundings, try working an overseas contract. When jobs were scarce in the mid eighties, I saw a newspaper with a story on the Marshall Islands needing police officers to work on Kwajalein Atoll, an army base that tests intercontinental ballistic  missiles and other defense programs.  These ICBMs are fired from Vandenburg AFB, California, each one loaded with one or more unarmed nuclear warheads, and directed at Illeginni Island, about 20 miles up the lagoon on the west reef. Click on photo.

The main island at the south end of the lagoon is a small community and needs everything necessary to support a population of up to 5,000. Some of the openings include engineers, techs and related positions but it also needs welders, teachers, firefighters, carpenters, dental assistants, divers, mechanics, nurses, automotive supply lead,  cooks and more.

Kwajalein is a beautiful island with a golf course, yacht club and  plenty of other recreation, including movies, stores (Macy’s) and several beaches. It’s a laid back  environment but you do have to work. I know some people who have spent their whole working life there and have done very well financially. You can get by with a few dollars a week. You have a meal card and can eat fine food at the dining hall, then sit under the trees and enjoy the easterly breeze. High blood pressure is not a problem here.

You might want to check out this source if you can qualify for any of the jobs listed. Google Kwajalein Atoll jobs. You can see a list of some jobs, either at Huntsville, Ala. or Kwajalein, at this site. Click on photo.

There are plenty of jobs around the world where you can obtain overseas employment if you are qualified. For example, Australian companies are in the United States recruiting oil, gas and construction workers at excellent wages well into the 6 figures. Check this site for more details. Also check this site.

There are contract  jobs in South America, the Middle East and Africa. Do a Google search and find the address for the company. If they need someone and you are qualified, they can often have all the paperwork done in one month and you on a plane to your job. If you have a good knowledge of certain languages, such as Arabic, Chinese, or Spanish, your chances of finding a job are much higher. It worked for me. Learn another language anyway. It will make you more valuable to an employer.

Good Luck.


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