Presidential Election: Both Candidates–Same Destination

It doesn’t matter if Barack Obama or Mitt Romney wins the presidency. Both will continue NAFTA, the integration of North America and the integration of the 34 nations of the Americas. Globalization will proceed to put corporations in charge of the world and American workers will continue to lose jobs as the process of putting together a global, cheap, mobile labor force moves forward.

When President Obama was a candidate for president, he told American workers that he would take another look at NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement) and make sure that he would get guaranteed protections for America’s workers and the environment.

He lied.

Ever since NAFTA, the North American Free Trade Agreement, U.S. presidents have been locked into the integration of North America, a process of the harmonization of everything that goes on within integrated economic regions of the world. For global issues, all regions will be bound by international law. In the United States, our rights will be modified in the 1st Amendment and  abolished in the 2nd amendment.

The United States has already signed on to a version of the European Union’s version of freedom of expression, with exceptions, in dealing with cyber crimes. Your speech, even if true, can be grounds for a crime. If you are found guilty, you could be sentenced to 3 or more years in prison for your true statements.

President Obama met with and agreed with George W. Bush to continue this process of integration of North America and the 34 nations of the Americas, known as the Partnership for Prosperity in the Americas. Though there are differences between the last two presidents in certain areas of this New World Order, it’s full speed ahead with global integration. Read the first complete page of this document and see this Democrat and Republican project for the complete integration of the Western Hemisphere (as in the European Union).

So all those false campaign promises by Obama to “toughen labor and environmental standards” were for the benefit of American workers. Michael D. Shear, of the Washington Post wrote on February 20, 2009:

“The president’s message served as a reminder of last year’s private assessment by Canadian officials that then-candidate Obama’s frequent criticisms of NAFTA were nothing more than campaign speeches aimed at chasing support among Rust Belt union workers.”

“…the Canadians concluded in a memo after meeting with Austan Goolsbee, a senior campaign aide and now a member of Obama’s Council of Economic Advisers, that ‘Much of the rhetoric that may be perceived to be protectionist is more reflective of political maneuvering than policy.’” (Translation: Obama lied. everybody does it. Yes. Romney does it, too.)

When confronted with the facts, candidate Obama and his advisers told Canadian leaders and CEOs that the message was for the yokels back home. Now that you know that Obama and George Bush are on the same page, you can be assured that Romney, the perfect money-chasing CEO, is not going to be left out of this unleashed corporate-governed world, based on the World Trade Organization. He will be right at home at the annual North American summits, where the North American Community is being constructed.

And Obama is the first president to announce the construction of a North American perimeter for the continent. It will join the United States and Canada, followed by Mexico at a slower pace. Once all three nations declare they have operational control of their borders, the interior borders between Canada and the United States and between Mexico and the United States can be opened to the free flow of commerce and people, including free labor mobility throughout the continent.

Remember this: A North American perimeter around the continent is one of the final stages of a political union- in this case a North American union.

Now if Romney wins, pay attention. Obama will brief Romney and the new president will agree to continue the annual North American summits, the place where the integration of North America is being developed (and at the U.S. Department of Commerce). And he will also be briefed on the Partnership for Prosperity in the Americas, which now has 14 member nations. The goal is to have all 34 nations of the Western Hemisphere integrated as a region, based on international law. All regions will “harmonize” and “integrate” and this New World Order will be the same wherever you go.

Another reminder: This will be the end of our 1st and 2nd Amendments to the U.S. Constitution. Obama has been active in pushing for changes in the Bill of Rights. Some president will have to complete this task to comply (harmonize) with other regions.

Obama has signed all the trade agreements that the corporations asked for (South Korea, Columbia and Panama) and he, or Romney will certainly try to pass the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), another trade agreement that will take away more American jobs and give foreign corporations the ability to sue our government if any government at any level in the U.S. denies that corporation the “right” to make a profit.

An example from the NAFTA trade agreement is Chapter 11.  Under chapter 11, if a county commission, or any government, denies a foreign corporation the right to make a profit , it can take legal action. If that commission has a zoning law that prohibits that corporation the right to build a big box store on a site, that corporation can sue.   If it wins, the U.S. has to pay that corporation a large amount in compensation.

These corporations can try their case before a trade tribunal. The North American Trade Agreement (NAFTA) has an appointed tribunal that can hear the case or the company can go through the U.S. Courts, all the way up to the U.S. Supreme Court. If the company still doesn’t like the verdict, the foreign company can appeal to the  NAFTA Trade Tribunal for a final decision.

If the tribunal decides different than the U.S. Supreme Court, the tribunal decision must be upheld and the U.S. must pay. We do not have sovereignty in our own nation. This new Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) being negotiated will mean more benefits for CEOs and none for workers and the environment. Of course, American companies will continue to ship jobs overseas.

It is all part of globalization, a global plan agreed to by the United Nations and the corporations (WTO) in 1999. It would be based on trading regions that would also be integrated and every region would be harmonized. As George W. Bush said at a North American summit in Canada, even the amount of jelly beans in a package would be harmonized. These harmonized rules, regulations and international law would govern every part of the earth. That’s why our Bill of Rights will have to be changed or eliminated. For those of you who will still be here in 2050, you should write this paragraph down.

See NAFTA’s Chapter 11 from for a clear explanation of this corporate system of taking American citizens hard-earned tax money and giving it to foreign corporations.

This globalization means that there will be no more sovereign nations. The borders will be open and every person will be carrying a biometric ID and will be accessed on interconnected databases.  Corporations can pick more workers from around the world by simply using the interconnected data bases to hire cheap, skilled, temporary labor. And each region can “keep track” of every person.

Remember this. Obama says that those three trade agreements he signed goes a long way to improve the situation for workers and the environment. That is simply a lie. The key words here should be “these side agreements he made have no guaranteed enforcement mechanisms”. And President Tom Donohue of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce would never agree to support any trade agreement that had these guaranteed benefits for labor and the environment.

When candidate Obama supported the Peru Trade Agreement, he said that it would improve conditions for workers and the environment but offered no proof. He did get a large campaign boost from corporations, though.

But Donohue made it clear “…that the labor provisions (Peru agreement) cannot be read to require compliance with ILO (International Labor Organization) Conventions.””

That means in the Peru, NAFTA, and CAFTA (Central America Free Trade Agreement) agreements, there are no guaranteed provisions or steps in these trade agreements to protect workers or the environments. The corporate CEOs own Congress and the White House. They are the ones who paid elected congressmen to turn their backs on the citizens of the United States and their oath of office. Trade agreements and their appointed officials plus International law will govern what remains of America.

Remember that Mitt Romney or Barack Obama will be driving this nation toward the same destination, deeper into the abyss.

Before mid century, the United States will no longer exist geographically or politically. It is understood that the current economic system is programmed to fail and the corporate leaders are just trying to see who dies with the most wealth.

What’s left will  be your worst nightmare.

So go ahead and continue to believe their lies. Vote anyway.

And later you can say, one more time, “Just wait till the next election.”


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