America’s Massive Population Explosion: Let the Chaos begin.

Oh mercy, mercy me

Ah things ain’t what they used to be

What about this overcrowded land

How much more abuse from man can she stand?*

The next 38 years will bring increasing hardship to most Americans as the population of the United States will continue to explode, adding from 138 million to 200 million more people by 2050. That would be up to a half billion people in a drier, hotter climate with massive water and food shortages and no help on the way. Out of control population growth will seal our fate.

One guaranteed problem will be the increasing demand for large quantities of water from coast to coast, but especially in the west, which will have enormous population gains, so large that water, along with other resources, will not be there at any price.

In case you missed it, our government is working now to increase the population of our nation dramatically by 2050 at the rate of 3 million per year, bringing in workers and immigrants, primarily from Mexico.

It is taking place with the partnership between our government and corporate America, with the North American Competitiveness Council  “advising” the leaders of North America in annual North American summits every year. The NACC is comprised of ten corporate CEOs (GM, Wal-Mart, etc.) each, from Mexico, Canada and the United States. This is the group that directs the integration and governance of a North American Community. Naturally their concern is not for the people.

George W. Bush launched this integration of North America and  Barack Obama has promised to continue all of Bush’s integration targets in a world governed by regional and global governance.

Bush decided to open the borders to Mexicans in order to allow a large number of illegals to be here on American soil. He then tried to pass amnesty bills to make them legal but failed. Bush needed, according to some, 60 million more Mexican workers to pay into a Totalization of Social Security Agreement between the United States and Mexico to take care of the current problem with the retirement of some 78 million American citizens up to 2050. He had an agreement in 2004 with Mexico but Congress didn’t buy that one either. It’s still waiting for some president to get it approved.

This totalization would combine the two Social Security systems so that a few thousand Americans could also collect from a combined Mexican/United States Social Security system and many tens of millions of Mexicans could also collect retirement benefits from the same joint system. That includes their large families back in Mexico. It’s designed to help pay for future retiring Americans but will have the opposite effect. Either Obama or Romney will try to get this approved. (The plan is to build a U.S. Social Security Building in Mexico City.)

You can find “Implement  the Social Security Totalization Agreement (already) negotiated between the United States and Mexico” on page 27 of the Council on Foreign Relations plan for Building a North American Community. On pages 27 and 28 you will find find the plan for bringing in as many Mexicans as needed once the CFR plan is completed:

“Canada and the United States should consider eliminating restrictions on labor mobility altogether and work toward solutions that, in the long run, could enable the extension of full labor mobility to Mexico as well.”

(From the bottom of page 27 and continued on page 28.)

“Move to full labor mobility between Canada and the United States. To make companies based in North America as competitive as possible in the global economy, Canada and the United States should consider eliminating all remaining barriers to the ability of their citizens to live and work in the other country. This free flow of people would offer an important advantage to employers in both countries by giving them rapid access to a larger pool of skilled labor, and would enhance the well-being of individuals in both countries by enabling them to move quickly to where their skills are needed.

“In the long term, the two countries should work to extend this policy to Mexico as well, though doing so will not be practical until wage differentials between Mexico and its two North American neighbors have diminished considerably.”

This plan includes all workers (p.28) in Mexico, including professionals. They will be able to live and work in America and retire in the U.S. or Mexico. And because of the large surplus of labor in “North America” and Asia, wages for American workers will drop dramatically. Then there will be many more Americans out of work permanently.

The key to a  (corporate) North America where every person on the continent is a citizen of North America is already in the works. George W. Bush tried to get legislation from 2005 to 2009 that would place a North American Perimeter around the continent. On January 5, 2011, President Obama declared that he and Prime Minister Harper of Canada are building that perimeter now, without permission of Congress.

He also made bilateral agreements to build a modern border with Mexico with easy access for pre-cleared people and cargo. They would not stop as they drive through lanes that acknowledge biometric IDs. Kiosks are also available for pedestrians to clear themselves. President Calderon also made an announcement in February of 2011 that all citizens, 5  to 18 years of age, would have to get Biometric IDs. The rest of the population would follow. Their ID cards can be used to apply for North American Border Passes.

The end game  follows the European Union. When all of the citizens of Canada, Mexico and the United States have biometric ID cards and all three nations declare they have operational control of their borders, they can open the interior borders between the U.S. and Canada and between the U.S.and Mexico. All foreigners will be pre-cleared before landing anywhere in North America and will be cleared to go anywhere on the continent, as in the European Union.

Of course most people will head for the United States, where everyone can live and work without being a citizen or having to learn English. And most of them will end up in the Southwest U.S. and the West. This is the place that will definitely not have enough water for the population, for the farmers or the corporations that use large amounts of water, such as bottlers.


Global warming is taking normal weather events, such as drought or rainstorms, and enhances them:

Kevin Trenberth, a senior scientist at the National Center for Atmospheric Research in Boulder Colorado:

“…global warming helps make droughts hotter, and therefore drier, than they would be without a human influence. Manmade global warming…means more energy that has to go somewhere. In dry conditions it amplifies drying and goes into heating, creating heat waves. It is small on a day-to-day basis, but it is always in one direction and it creates stronger, more intense, and longer-lasting drought. No doubt about it.” Click on image for a larger map.

It also makes rain events worse, saturating the clouds and producing deluges and floods.

Steven Forman, professor of earth and environmental sciences at the University of of Illinois at Chicago:

“There are projections out there that Chicago will have the climate of east Texas by 2050 or 5080…That’s what may happen in the future if we don’t reduce the emission of greenhouse gases….In the future we’re going to have hotter temperatures and more rainfall which will force people to deal with more frequent flooding.”

A great area of concern is the Great Plains, the place where much of our wheat is grown. It has a dry climate and depends on the 174,000 square mile Ogallala Aquifer to produce wheat and for people to live. Its water is used by people in South Dakota, Wyoming, Texas, Nebraska, Colorado, Kansas, Oklahoma and New Mexico. The question is will there be any water in the not too distant future.

None of the scientists have even mentioned the nation-killing population increase of 100-200 million more people for the United States by 2050.

Richard Seager, professor at the Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory at Columbia University and a prominent drought researcher:

“Seager’s own research has revealed a disturbing history of North American ‘megadroughts’ that have lasted for decades, making the current event look quaint by comparison. And one study published in 2011 found evidence  for a global-warming induced increase in aridity over global areas since the 1970s, and noted that climate models project a huge expansion of drought areas in the coming decades, depending on whether and by how much greenhouse emissions are reined in.”

But the world’s governments have opted to find ways to “live with a hotter climate” rather than cause problems with the global economy. Later, they tell us, we can begin work on a greater threat from greenhouse gases.  So we will have more weather related disasters with greater impacts on everyone. And the world will somehow decide to clean up an even dirtier atmosphere sometime in the future.

Question: If we don’t act now, how will we find the determination to take our medicine and work toward a cleaner world.

This is one example of what the future holds for the U.S. and the world if Obama or Romney-or anyone becomes president:


Texas-”To conserve what little water is left, the state of Texas restricted water use in 1,000 cities and towns last year. Of those, 17 are considered critical-in danger of running out of water in six months or less.”

In January, the town of Spicewood Beach, near Austin, Texas, “…became the first town to run out of water.”

“Now, a 7,000 gallon water tank arrives in Spicewood Beach each day to supply the homes. Each home is allowed 50 gallons a day.”

(This is similar to certain areas and towns in India that are supplied with water trucks. The men and women fight and sometimes kill their neighbors for the scarce water. Indeed, it can happen here. And soon. The water shortage is affecting towns across the drought region.) The video on the link above is excellent.

In Nebraska the Platte River is drying up because of the drought, “and that’s threatening the water supply for the state’s second largest city of Lincoln.”

Ann Bleed, former director of the Department of Natural Resources;

“Droughts don’t come one year and not again in a year…they tend to come…two or three years in a row.” And she thinks there will be “a crisis in which demand over supply might not be that far off.”

(April 25, 2011) Interior Secretary Salazar discussed a new federal report on the future impact of climate change on water and placed  importance on dealing with fixing the damage to the water system and not the problem of greenhouse gases.

Reporter Felicity Barringer says that :

“As Mr. Salazar observed on Monday, this reordering of natural water supplies ‘will mean significant potential dislocations to the economy and the environment.’”

“The future is largely on the impact of climate change, not the cause; the role of greenhouse gases is mentioned in a by-the-way context, in sentences like this:”

‘It is largely accepted that water demand changes will occur due to increased temperatures, increased greenhouse gas concentrations and changes in precipitation, winds, humidity, and atmospheric aerosol and ozone levels.’

“This could be a coincidence or an early indication of a new administration strategy: deal with the immediate and papable impacts of climate change, like water scarcity, first, and then tackle the overall problem later.”

That means there will be no effort to drastically reduce greenhouse gases. On the contrary, oil drilling in Canada is full speed ahead. However, according to NASA’s James Hansen:

“global warming isn’t a prediction. It is happening.” It is the reason he opposes Canada’s exploitation of its dirty tar sands, which would, if fully utilized, and we “continue to burn our conventional oil, gas, and coal supplies, concentrations of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere would reach levels higher than in the Pliocene era, more than 2.5 million years ago…”

The result for the long term: “Global temperatures would become intolerable. Twenty to 50 percent of the planets species would be driven to extinction. Civilization would be at risk.” (We are talking about the end of life on earth.)

“Over the next several decades, the Western United States and the semi-arid region from North Dakota to Texas will develop semi-permanent drought, with rain, when it comes, occurring in extreme events with heavy flooding. Economic losses would be incalculable. More and more of the Midwest would be a dust bowl. California’s Central Valley could no longer be irrigated. Food prices would rise to unprecedented levels.” (If you can get it.)

And more good news, dealing with the state of our oceans, which are being polluted and over-fished.  Two groups of scientists in the United States and in Europe have done separate studies of the world’s oceans and came up with the same conclusions:

“The world’s stocks of seafood will have collapsed by 2050 at present rate of destruction by fishing, scientists said yesterday.”

“A four-year study of 7,800 marine species around the world’s ecosystems has concluded that the long-term trend is clear and predictable.”

“By 2048 to be exact, catches of all the presently fished seafoods will have declined on average by more than 90 per cent since 1950.”

One billion people depend on sea food for their diet.

Still, there is no mention that 3 million more people are being added to our nation every year, much of it with congressional legislation for their corporate benefactors,  to 2050-and beyond. That could be a population boost from a little over 300 million now to a population in 2050 from 438 million to 500 million people packed inside the United States.

We can agree that we don’t have enough water for the people that live here now. Yet we are about to increase our population by up to 65 percent. Where are we going to get the water for all these people when we don’t have enough for our citizens now and climate change is here to make it even hotter, meaning even less water. Ask your representatives in Congress and see if they give you an answer or just a standard form letter with words signifying nothing.

Now for a look at what your neighbors will be like, visit this site and then think how neighborly they will be when we run out of food, water, and fuel for up to 200 million more people, people who genuinely detest you. Go to this site and read ‘Illusion of Permanency: Our Denial as a Nation.”

The facts reveal that greenhouse gases will continue to climb and the world’s population will continue to explode. Resources will continue to dwindle, especially water, food, and oil in the United States. Some predictions have large cities out west abandoned in place. Massive migrations within our nation will occur (guaranteed) and so will violence as our government, which no longer has a united people, cannot maintain any semblance of order. And your gold will have no value. But a box of Tuna fish-priceless.

And since our leaders are trying to deconstruct the sovereignty of Canada, Mexico and the United States and transform it into a North American Community- a corporate-run region, I predict the end of all three nations before 2050, leaving only a very large continent, filled with brutal wars between numerous “multicultural groups” who will be fighting for survival on a dying planet.

Given the facts and the record of our “leaders’, I think the odds of this happening are excellent. The reason is that if they were competent, we would not be in this predicament in the first place. Instead they chose to serve the moneyed interests.

And if there is anyone left to ponder the rise and fall of our world, they can title the book-GREED.

Think of that the next time you walk into a Wal-Mart.

NOTE: Population, Immigration, and the Drying of the American Southwest by Kathleene Parker, Nov. 2010, is a book length article but you can read the first page to get the message.

*Marvin Gaye, lyrics.


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