2007 Study indicated continued warming and droughts for U.S.: Meanwhile Governments dally while Global Catastrophe draws near

The result of a climate study published in 2007 was validated in the five years leading up to the 2012 drought as a new, much drier climate, revealed for the United States and the world.  The 2007 conclusion then was, “The unprecedented drought that has gripped the southwestern United States isn’t almost over, researchers say, it may have only just begun.”

That was also the conclusion  from senior researcher Richard Seager at the Lamont Doherty Earth Observatory after they found that 18 of 19 climate models were in agreement for a warmer, drier climate.

And their 2007 report stated that “If the models are correct, the levels of aridity of the recent multiyear drought…[will] become the new climatology of the American Southwest,…” (And the new data over the last 5 years supports their findings).

“Kenneth Cole is a climate researcher with the U.S. Geological Survey’s Southwestern Biological Science Center…” and not part of the 2007 study. Cole agreed and added  that “the models match what he and other researchers in the Southwest have been documenting for a decade”

Their earlier research has been validated, not just here but throughout the world. That’s why Starbuck’s is looking for other places to grow their coffee. But it could be that his standby growers in Africa may be in the same situation. “In general the computer models predict decreasing precipitation in the tropics in both hemispheres.”

Massive Forest Fires Caused By Climate Change:

From 1987-2003 the temperature “has been nearly 2F (1C) warmer than they were from 1970 to 1986…”  And those “years with the hottest temperatures also saw the most major forest fires and the largest tracts of burned land.” A 2006 report on the cause of more damaging  wildfires were validated over the next 5 years, including the record setting heat and drought of 2012. That 2006 report concluded  that “Fires now raging in the U.S. West may be stoked in part by climate change.”

“Major forest fires are both numerous and more devastating  than they were a generation ago in the region. The culprit, according to a new report, is warmer temperatures.”

Ecologist Steven Running from the University of Montana says that there is another factor in fighting the large fires in the western U.S. and Canada than thinning trees in order to control wild fires:

According to Running, “Climate is a major factor also. It’s been discounted up till now.”

And Connie Miller of the U.S. Forest Service said that “‘We’re still treating it as if we can get this problem under control [locally]…But the only way to reverse the trend in forest fires is to reduce temperature on a broad scale…”

( The federal government, however, has decided to try to fix global warming sometime in the future, maybe. The economy comes first. And as we all know, the economy can never be satisfied. It must grow forever. So greenhouse gases will continue to build up in the atmosphere and the day of reckoning will arrive soon. With a large population increase over the next 38 years, the level of greenhouse gases will continue to shoot up in the U.S. and the world. And we will know it.)

America’s Future Under Corporate Rule to 2050:

The only way to survive as a nation is to go back to 1990, before Bill Clinton, George W. Bush and Barack Obama and change all the damage they brought on America. That is not going to happen so this is what you can expect. It means you are on your own, up the creek without a paddle or a boat.

First, our government, in partnership with corporations, including the news media, is working toward a North American Community, an integrated trading  region of North America. It will consist of a common external tariff and a North American perimeter around North America (pp. 3, 8, 32) so that the interior borders between the United States and Canada, and between Mexico and the United States, can be opened to the “free flow of people” and commerce throughout the continent. These two steps, an external tariff and a North American perimeter, are the final steps for complete integration, following the pattern of the European Union and the African Union. President Obama announced the construction of a North American perimeter with Canada on January 5, 2011. A bi-lateral agreement was made with Mexico earlier to complete the perimeter when Mexico has operational control of its border and the end of the drug war with current aid from USNORTHCOM.

Citizens of Mexico, Canada, and the United States will then be free to “live and work ” anywhere  in North America (pp. 27, 28). Most of Mexico’s population will head for the U.S. in order to replace American workers, including professionals, thus fulfilling the corporate goal of lowering the wages of Americans in order to compete with the third world. Yes. Unemployment will be enormous.

The population of the United States will grow, according to the 2008 U.S. Census Bureau,  by 138 million but other sources say it could easily be 200 million, approaching a half billion by 2050. That depends on the damage from global warming and how many environmental refugees reach our shore from the Caribbean, Central and South America.

You’ve seen the devastation to crops due to drought in the United States and the rapidly declining water resources in our nation, with towns across America that have water rationing  or no water at all. They now have water trucks delivering to homes, exactly as they must now do in parts of India, where violent fights occur among neighbors there. A glimpse of the future.

With the Southwest U.S.  drying up and rivers no longer reaching their destination, this region is still in the process of building mega housing developments, even though the builders are still trying to find water sources for the inhabitants. Lake Mead, which supplies a large amount of water to the region, is predicted to run dry by 2021.  And with most of the new inhabitants coming  from Mexico, this region will add those millions to the Southwest and other parts of our nation that have a large Spanish-speaking population, such as Florida. (Current 2012 predictions for Lake Mead going dry include a number of variables.)

Tim Barnett, Ph.D.  Research Institute of Oceanography UC San Diego made this statement and he wasn’t joking:

“I heard somebody say that they were going to double the population of the State of California by 2050. I don’t know what they are going to drink but it’s not going to be water.”

Given the fact that we don’t have enough water now for people, farming or manufacturing, how will we have enough water with 138-200 million more people. Every country in the world is planning, in their own way, to survive in the 2030-2050 period, known as “the perfect storm“, a time in which resources-oil, food and water will be in short supply.

Yet the only project that is being pursued is the global economy. It can’t grow without more people as consumers, more money in circulation, more use of the earth’s resources. The fact is the earth’s resources, including oil, potable water and food will not keep up. The earth is beyond its carrying capacity. And climate warming will add to the destruction of the planet. But we will have over 9 billion people by 2050. The result is self-evident to those who decide solutions based on the facts. However, corporate CEOs and politicians are controlling our destiny. End of story.

Estimates of what we need to keep up with a hostile population increase of 138 million people by 2050 would mean 36,000 more schools, develop enough land to accommodate 52  million new housing units (but no water), and enough new roads to handle 106 million more vehicles. This would require a large increase in oil, including that dirty Canadian oil with large amounts of  CO2 released into the atmosphere and other pollutants into the rivers.

This means more fertile crop land gets plowed under for housing, more demand for water that won’t be there and up to 40%  more oil.  And much of that would be the dirtiest oil from Canadian tar sands. It would also cost more.

Instead of cutting back on dirty oil, Canada and the U.S. are going ahead with digging up a large part of the continent and releasing huge amounts of carbon gases that would, according to James Hansen of NASA, who has a reputation for accuracy, unleash a catastrophe.  He says that if we extract a large part of the field and “continue to burn our conventional oil, gas, and coal supplies, concentrations of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere would reach levels higher than in the Pliocene era, more than 2.5 million years ago…”

Over the long term, “Global temperatures would become intolerable. Twenty to 50 percent of the planet’s species would be driven to extinction. Civilization would be at risk.”

Frosty Wooldridge writes extensively on the problems from too much immigration, especially with the earth marching toward 2030 and beyond, in which massive shortages of resources will become common. For example, analysts say we could double the world’s one billion vehicles with another billion in 20 years. Those of you who went to school know that we will not have the resources. And the world will become warmer and a rapidly growing threat to humanity by then because no one in charge took it seriously.

Wooldridge comments on massive, hostile immigration to the United States:

“In short, it’s going to get ugly with ethnic confrontations and linguistic chaos and separation of the national ethos. It’s going to get uglier with intractable poverty by the millions. It’s going to get hopeless once that 100 million immigrants settle onto our shores. It’s going to degrade all our lives to levels we are just beginning to see as the example of 46 million Americans now living on food stamps in 2012 and over 14 million unemployed with a $16 trillion national debt.”

No. That’s an understatement. Our president (whoever it will be) will continue the integration of a trading region of North America and the end of our sovereign nation. Mexicans will take over a large part of the former United States where Spanish will be the primary language. Climate change will drive those millions of immigrants from the west coast to seek food, water and shelter somewhere on the continent. Everyone will be armed and American citizens will have to fight for their survival. Desperate refugees from throughout Central America, South America and the Caribbean will arrive and take what they can.

We are living in a world in which the oceans will have lost 90 percent of its seafood by 2050. The waters will be polluted, and many of the 400 to 500 million people in the U.S. will suffer and die in a land with long lasting droughts and a planet growing hotter. And water becomes scarce, even non-existent in places.  USNORTHCOM will not be a factor as many disparate groups seek to cleanse their neighborhoods.

When corporations take over the world’s nations, tear apart the people’s  history, their brotherhood, destroy their hope, and leave nothing but billions of desperate people fighting for survival on a polluted, poisonous planet, then “civilization” will end in what can accurately be called hell on earth. And those responsible will be sought and punished.

And the cleansing of the planet will continue.


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