Following the corporate elite to our final collapse

NACCThere is a beginning and an end. The end of  civilization as it is now, is in sight, and the deepening wounds in our home the Earth, is proof.   The merchants of the world have put on fast track an economic system that must continue to grow in order for these one-track minds to keep amassing more and more “paper money”. They seem to not understand that our planet is finite. We can’t continue to grow when resources disappear; the water  to drink, for fish to swim in, fertile land to grow food in, clean air to breathe in. Everywhere on earth the environment is becoming polluted and unfit to support life. And it will only get worse. (This is a meeting of  CEOs of the NACC, North American Competitiveness Council, where members make policy and legislation  for the integration of North America. CEOs such as Wal-Mart, GM, and Whirlpool attend these meetings with their counterparts from Canada and Mexico.)

For the overwhelming majority of the earth’s population of 7 billion, soon to be 9 billion in 2050, they either don’t know what our leaders are doing, if anything, or they are just running out the clock, hoping that history won’t blame them for the death of our planet.

Most of the people I know, including my family, prefer to block out this approaching doomsday scenario so they go about their “normal lives”, voting for Bush or Obama, not knowing that they both are on the same page. Members of the family visit with and talk with those who also prefer to live life in their alternate universe where life is quiet and pleasant in Mr. Rogers Neighborhood. In this world, Presidents don’t commit high crimes (Republican or Democrat) and corporate CEOs aren’t greedy. But the truth is never far from the surface.

In ‘The Myth of Human Progress’ Chris Hedges writes about human failures in caring for the finite world in an ever-growing population controlled by those who care only for amassing wealth- and it has failed as expected. To accept this truth is difficult.


“To emotionally accept impending disaster, to attain the gut-level understanding that the power elite will not respond rationally to the devastation of the ecosystem, is as difficult to accept as our own mortality. The most daunting existential struggle of our time is to ingest this awful truth…intellectually and emotionally–and to continue to resist the forces that are destroying us.”

Hedges quotes Ronald Wright, who also wrote ‘A Short History of Progress’:

coalplant‘If we continue to refuse to deal with things in an orderly and rational way, we will still head into some sort of major catastrophe, sooner or later. If we are lucky it will be big enough to wake us up worldwide but not enough to wipe us out. That is the best we can hope for. We must transcend our evolutionary history. We are Ice Age hunters with a shave and a suit. We are not long-term thinkers. We would much rather gorge ourselves on dead mammoths by driving a herd over a cliff than figure out how to conserve the herd so it can feed us and our children forever. That is the transition our civilization has to make. And we’re not doing that.”

That, however, will never happen. The history of the world was made by those who covet all they see. Gluttons rule the earth and they persist in their destruction of the planet with the mantra “Economic growth forever”, never mentioning that forever is not a possibility in a finite world, with finite resources and a cancerous growth of  humans.

You will notice that the global merchants (CEOs)  never refute this fact. And they won’t even discuss it because to acknowledge this would mean there is no rationale for their behavior. Even our last resort, our political leaders, as usual, consult their corporate “advisers” and put off decisions that would give us a slim chance for survival. This will only work if the countries of the world decide to unite and concentrate on a new way of living by citizens and politicians. Yes, that includes those who measure success by the amount of paper money they can collect and the outrageous luxuries they can amass before they exit the Earth.

And the cause of death for our planet Earth: Death by infestation of humans.






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