REAL ID for U.S. by 2015

Universal Civil Registry all 34 nations of the Americas by 2015

Mapoeaestados_miembrosAll nations of the Americas, (Western Hemisphere) will complete universal civil registry by 2015. That includes the United States, Canada and Mexico. This UN project is part of global Millennium Development Goals to 2015 and beyond. The corporate/government partnership of the Americas will be run by a trade agreement for 34 nations, plus regional and global governance.


The European Union has a large part of its population registered and interconnected to databases that are accessed by a number of organizations on a regular basis and the process continues. Meanwhile civil registration is continuing throughout the world.

Requests for this data base will soon be in the billions in the EU. Requests for personal data include:

Mail Order Companies, Banks/Insurance Companies, Public Administrations-police, social security or management of penalties, eBusiness companies, Credit agencies, National Service Providers, Solicitors/lawyers.

Another system  for the EU is UNPAN Europe (United Nations Public Administration Network).  It’s working toward a system called the European Civil Registry Network. ECRN is a project funded in the EC initiative.

(Feb. 25, 2010) ECRN  “is implementing an ambitious policy of strategic cooperation with key players of the Civil Registry in Europe with the set-up of an experimental system designed to ensure the safe and certain identification of the Civil Acts(birth, death, marriage, divorce, etc.) exchange. ” Click on Services Description. There is no limit on what can be accessed in your file, including criminal records.

All civil registries will, over time, increase the type and volume of data that will be added to the global civil registry system. Eventually the whole world will be connected by databases and anyone will have the ability to reach you.


According to a report, “REAL ID also does not require the creation of any new databases. Rather, the REAL ID Act calls for states to link existing databases into a broader network to allow a state to query other states’ records to ensure that people are not able to receive more than one license in different states and to reduce identity theft and fraud….”

But it can also “query federal databases, specifically the Social Security Administration’s SSOLV and DHS’s Systematic Alien Verification for Entitlements(SAVE);…” (In short they will have all available databases for reference, including the Americas, when finished. The target is a world in which everyone can be accessed on a database.)

In the meantime, “Beginning 15 January 2013, those states not found to meet the standards will receive a temporary deferment that will allow Federal agencies to continue to accept their licenses and identification cards for boarding commercial aircraft and other official purposes.”

(Now consider that your special drivers’ license or ID will become the only identification that will be accepted. It will be the only thing that allows you to exist in society.)

Carla Abouzahr, Health Metrics Network:

“Once registered you have a legal entity. Without that, you can’t enforce any rights whether they are social or economic or indeed human rights. So the potential benefits for individuals are enormous. Unless  you’re registered, you really are invisible as a person to the authorities in the eyes of the law and indeed to the government.” And yet you can’t hide anywhere.

In 2000 the member nations of the UN chose to adopt the UN Millennium Declaration targeted for the year 2015. It commits them to  “a new global partnership to reduce poverty and setting out a series of time-bound targets, with a deadline of 2015.” It now proposes to go beyond 2015.

There are 8 goals targeted. One goal is to ‘Develop a Global Partnership for Development’. Leaders claim that this project would bring about new economic solutions for different nations and regions and also bring about good governance. The new global governance would include trading regions based on “harmonization” of the rules, regulations and laws of each region. International  laws would be accepted by all governments, including regions (the European Union, African Union, the North American Community, and Pathways to Prosperity in the Americas)

270906highwayRegions would integrate with each other. Members of the European Union Parliament and the United States Congress have met to harmonize their systems since 1999 to integrate the two systems, economically and politically. The two are now working with civilian and governmental parties to make this joint parliament permanent. (pp. 25 ,30, 31)

Go to this site to see the names of congressmen and women who are part of this US-EU mini parliament making regulations and laws together. The term is harmonization.

Universal civil registry will make it possible for the UN to study peoples and nations worldwide in order to target what officials say will bring change and progress for the world. They say it would make improvements in economic systems and bring about ‘good governance’ by “committing their nations to a new global partnership”. Civil registration, linked to databases globally, will make it  possible for the UN to target the problem and solution more accurately, according to the “Millennium Project”.

Groups involved in the civil registration program for the Americas include: “the General Secretariat of the Organization of America States and the Secretariat of the United Nations System, the General Secretariat of the Central American Integration System, the General Secretariat of the Caribbean Community, and the Secretariat of the Association of Caribbean States…”.

See the plan for complete civil registration in the Americas and integration of nations databases.

North America and REAL ID are part of the civil registration of the Western Hemisphere and will be part of the database since both the Bush and Obama administration are striving for the integration of the 34 nations of the Americas, based on a trade agreement with 14 member nations already agreed to join.

irving4_100853aThis trading region, the Pathways to Prosperity in the Americas, will be bound by a trade agreement, harmonization and international law, with open borders.  The United States will have to amend the first amendment to our U.S. Constitution since it will no longer allow certain speech. Violations will be punishable by fine and or imprisonment. The second amendment, the right to bear arms, will be deleted and all weapons will be confiscated. The police, the military and a tri-lateral  force of North America (USNORTHCOM) will be the only ones holding guns. The professor in the photo received 3 years in an Austrian prison for his speech.

For those of you who were sleeping, the U.S., Canada and Mexico are training together as a single integrated response force for North America. U.S. troops have been training for civil unrest on the continent since Nov. 2008 when Bush dedicated American troops, in concert with Canada and eventually with Mexico, to respond jointly to incidents, depending on the situation and the location.

If you are an American citizen, this new global partnership means that the sovereign nation state will no longer exist. North America would be open to all North American citizens when the interior borders between Canada and the United States and between Mexico and the United States are dropped.  See the CFR plan  (pp.26,27, 28) utilized by George W. Bush and Barack Obama.

You say you won’t participate by refusing  your REAL ID or any new identification that will allow anyone to know where you’ve been, or what you bought, or what you wrote about the government? Then how will you live?

That unique identification that you will be given is the only thing that says you exist. Without it, expect to be stopped and investigated when you cannot explain why you don’t have an ID. You better have a good place to hide those guns. They will be watching you. Perhaps a drone could spend a little time in your neighborhood, observing-or listening. The times are changing quickly.

Big brother is here.

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