The Population explosion continues unstoppable toward 2050

It’s not that we don’t care,
We just know that the fight ain’t fair
So we keep on waiting
Waiting on the world to change*

The earth will add another two billion people by 2050, another dagger, no doubt the coup de grace in the heart of our planet. And those, always unfit to rule, will stay in charge as the earth moves through its death throes. And  all the earth’s creatures, including humans,  will suffer.

Robert Engelman is president of the Worldwatch Institute and a lecturer at Yale University. His hope is that we can make the current 7 billion people on earth the last and even reduce the population. That 7 billion also needs to change their attitude toward the earth, if we are to survive.

2f357d4fd14edcbf178841d515a2-grande“And this species interacts with its surroundings far more intensely than any other has. Planet Earth has become Planet Humanity, as we co-opt its carbon, water, and nitrogen cycles so completely that no other force can compare. For the first time in life’s 3-billion-plus-year history, one form of life–ours–condemns to extinction significant proportions of the plants and animals that are our only known companions in the universe.”

A lot of wise and caring citizens of the world, like Engleman, are the ones we needed centuries ago, when change  might have been made.  Most likely not, though, because throughout history those who have ruled are those who want power and wealth. And to be a part of history.

Kenneth Boulding, Envionmental Advisor for John Kennedy:

“Anyone who believes in indefinite growth of anything physical on a physically finite planet is either a madman or an economist.” (Kenneth Boulding, Environmental Advisor for John Kennedy)

The leaders of the world are the heads of companies, who can influence ($) those in power, and they want to grow their economy forever so they also want more mobile workers to lower global wages and have more customers to buy their products. They always need more people to grow their economy forever–in a finite world.

In 1999,  the United Nations’ Kofi Annan agreed to set up a planet based on corporations’ trade agreements (World Trade Organization) in which trade agreements between nations form trading regions such as (NAFTA, the North American Free Trade Agreement). These trading regions will all be operated by trade agreements. Individual nations will continue to lose their sovereignty as global governance becomes the norm.

The rules, regulations and laws among the three nations of NAFTA ; Canada, Mexico and the United States, are the same for all and binding on the members. Appointed trade tribunals make judgements on disagreements between foreign companies and each member nation. These tribunals have sovereignty over the U.S. Supreme Court.

Corporations agreed to support workers rights and the environment in these trade agreements but each agreement has no permanent rules for enforcement. That means Obama agreed with and signed every trade agreement even though there were no  binding enforcement provisions to  protect workers’ rights or the environment.  Reducing pollution has been secondary to profits.

Every nation and member of an integrated nation such as NAFTA, the European Union and the African Union, will be “harmonized”. It means all regulations, laws and processes will be the same. George W. Bush explained that even the number of jelly beans in a bag would be the same globally.

On March 23, 2005, Bush, and the leaders of Canada and Mexico made an agreement to deeper integration of the North American  continent. The document, Building a North American Community, is the founding document for its construction. The key to its completion is the construction of a North American perimeter around all three countries (pp.3,8,32). Bush failed to pass it through several amnesty bills, despite help from Senator John McCain.

Obama and Canada made a deal to implement a North American perimeter, the key to a North American Union.But President Obama went ahead without authorization from Congress and agreed to begin work on the new border with Canada, and later, for Mexico when it becomes able to declare its outer border “under operational control”. The president of Mexico has already started biometric ID cards for all citizens, allowing Mexicans to then apply for a North American Border Pass.

Obama has also agreed to complete George W. Bush’s integration of the Western Hemisphere, the Pathways to Prosperity in the Americas, an integration of 34 nations, run by a trade agreement in which the rules and regulations will have sovereignty over each member nation.

As a region, this partnership of nations in the Americas will compete with the European Union. And it will, like all of the world’s regions, have harmonized their rules and regulations. And all global (UN) agreements will govern these regional partnerships.

That means no absolute free speech and no second amendment as a member of the global partnership. However, other events will intercede as it becomes painfully clear that overpopulation and the failure to make any decent effort to stop the planet from coming apart will bring us massive droughts, unbearable heat, famine, wars around the globe, hunger and plagues. As for the global “partnership”, regional governance will become ungovernable with disperate ethnic groups fighting for supremacy.

The problem with the leaders’ plan for a world without borders is that it was designed for the merchants and politicians of the world. The masses were never considered. They are expendable. And if their expanding population becomes a problem, it can be handled.

*John Mayer, Waiting for the world to change.

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