Wealthy nations rush to grab third world land for coming food shortage

Massive water shortages will take a toll on humanity by 2050.
Massive water shortages will take a toll on humanity by 2050.

The  shortage of food distribution in 2008 was hardest on those third world countries that did not have the funds to buy the basics; rice and grain for the malnourished poorest citizens of the world. Since then, the nations with excess money went on a buying or leasing spree in mostly third world countries for good farm land and plenty of water to grow crops.

Meanwhile, the indigenous farmers in those countries are generally left out. World leaders know with certainty that a large, long-lasting food shortage will occur over the next 38 years and they are quickly closing deals for these farmlands.

Deals are between corporations and governments or government to government, while  poor farmers in mostly third world countries  continue to farm the way it has always been  done on historical lands. In some cases local farmers have been moved from their land to allow foreign countries to farm it for export to their home country.

In Ethiopia (2009) “a group of Saudi investors is spending $100m to raise wheat, barley and rice on land leased to them by the (Ethiopian) government. The investors are exempt from tax in the first few years and may export the entire crop back home.”

At the same time the “World  Food Programme (WFP) is spending almost the same amount as the investors ($116m) providing 230,000 tonnes of food aid between 2007 and 2011 to the Ethiopians it thinks are threatened by hunger and malnutrition.”

Of course the best solution is to show the Ethiopians how to modernize their farming so they can be self sufficient but leaders of nations understand that between now and 2050 there will be a large shortfall of food with over 2 billion more people on earth needing food  just to survive. Add to that the certainty that climate change has caused widespread droughts, such as in Russia, the United States and Canada between 2010 and 2012. And a series of  long-lasting droughts globally is likely in the future, given the lack of commitment to stopping CO2 buildup on our planet.

With this looming overload of people and water shortages already a large problem, a future of massive food shortages on a large scale is a certainty  And of course, CO2 emissions continue to increase globally, insuring that the atmosphere will become deadly to people, animals and plants.

(The U.S. is turning to natural gas for power plants but selling their coal to foreign companies in Europe, India and China. The result is that CO2 levels are climbing higher worldwide.)

A lot of leased or bought land is utilized to grow plants to produce biofuels to run a nation’s vehicles. For example:

“China secured the right to grow palm oil for biofuel on 2.8m (million) hectares of Congo, which would be the world’s largest palm-oil plantation. It is negotiating to grow biofuels on 2m hectares in Zambia, a country where Chinese farms are said to produce a quarter of the eggs sold in the capital, Lusaka.” And “1 million Chinese farmer laborers will be working in Africa this year…” (2009). These huge amounts of land could be used to grow food instead of keeping vehicles running. Keeping the economy growing for corporate CEOs is, of course, much more important then feeding people.


Another huge problem is that we don’t have enough water to feed the world a diet high in meat protein. To stave off massive hunger and deaths, serious consideration is being considered for changing  the world to a vegetarian diet to essentially keep people alive but not thriving. This will be mandatory for everyone, except, of course,those  in secluded areas set aside for the elite. That will include CEOs. This would be for those who mismanaged and ran the earth into a disaster zone in the first place. Animals will be secured for a future planet with a much smaller population.

“Leading water scientists have issued one of the sternest warnings yet about global food supplies, saying that the world’s population may have to switch almost completely to a vegetarian diet over the next 40 years to avoid catastrophic shortages.”

Goldman Sachs has a large poultry and pig investment in China. In this case, the Chinese will not let the U.S. continue to export in a global food shortage.
Goldman Sachs has a large poultry and pig investment in China. In this case, the Chinese will not let the U.S. continue to export in a global food shortage.

“Land deals have been particularly damaging to food security, as around two-thirds of investors export what they grow or use land to cultivate crops for biofuels rather than for local consumption. More than half of global acquisitions are estimated to be used for biofuel crops rather than food. According to the report, land used to produce EU biofuels in 2008 could have been used to grow enough food to feed 127 million people.” Click on photo twice for enlargement.

There simply won’t be enough water to raise cattle and other stock to use for human consumption. The water situation could get so  bad that humans won’t be able to get their meat protein. These changes will happen over the next 38 years. Now add to the scientists’ prediction that 90 percent of the seafood in our oceans will be gone by 2050 if no changes made. Your survival now could be totally based on bountiful vegetable harvests globally and no more droughts.

There are over 2 billion more people like this child waiting to be born on this earth by 2050 and join the hunt for anything to eat and survive another day.
There are over 2 billion more people like this child waiting to be born on this earth by 2050 and join the hunt for anything to eat and survive another day.

Every person should understand now that life as you know it will be gone forever. Each person or family must figure out a way to exist over the next 4 decades and beyond. Those in charge of the world will be unable to help you. Relocation will be the goal in many cases. However, it certainly shouldn’t  be anywhere in the American Southwest.

When the situation becomes urgent due to deaths from starvation, excessive heat, disease and violence, any deals that the wealthy nations have with third world nations will be enforced by their military in order to continue utilizing the good farmland and plentiful water offered by the host country. That is if they have the military and if the water is still there.

When the food riots begin in earnest globally, then every country growing food or bio-fuels in other countries will defend their investments vigorously. In other words, armed conflict will break out worldwide  because the life and death of everyone is now at stake. It will become a zero sum “game” because all food will be consumed, even if its only a vegetarian diet. You eat or you die. For most, that will be the extent of your hopes and dreams.

As in 2008, the export of food from nations will stop, only this time the shutdown will be universal. In this situation the New World Order proclaimed many times by George H.W. Bush in speeches, will, in fact, become the New World Disorder.

Unless, of course, your global leaders can see through their greed in enough time and make the world a better place to live. But time is growing short. As a citizen, you must decide now. When basics become scarce, money, even gold, will mean nothing. Food , medicine and water will be bartered for other goods.

Ask yourself, after considering the realities of the positives and negatives, which future will prevail? By 2050, though, the future of the world will have been decided long before then.

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