Earth’s Fate: Let it happen

greenland_moulinThe fate of the world was decided last year as President Obama and other countries’ leaders decided to let it happen. Instead of simply cutting back on the increase of greenhouse gases (GHG), the world has decided to mitigate and adapt to the rapidly changing global climate. (photo: When Greenland ice melts, the oceans rise and climate changes for the world. Click on image twice for a larger picture.)

Jason Box, an expert on Greenland’s ice melting lays it on the line:

“Those who claim it’s all cycles just don’t understand that humans are driving the cycle now, and for the foreseeable future.”  He sees it as 23 feet of sea level on the line.

“If you’re the mayor of Hamburg, or Shanghai, or Philadelphia, I think it’s in your job description that you think forward a century.”

But  instead of using less petroleum, coal, and other fuels that add to global pollution, our leaders have decided to mitigate and adapt to damage caused by the CO2 buildup. Cutting back on GHGs is not popular among the ruling class.

The forecasts by climate scientists have been correct in the fact that since the increase in CO2 levels have gone up, there has been a continuing corresponding effect in the results. The increase in greenhouse gases has enhanced the weather. It increases the saturation level of rainstorms, causing floods in places that never flooded before.

This changing climate includes altered jet streams dropping cold fronts far south. That means a warmer climate brings a cold rain or melting snow, instead of a huge snow buildup. And when a frigid front drops south and stays, moisture-laden storms can produce multi-blizzards stacking up across the United States, with winds up to 70 mph (recently).

Sandy1AAnd while the heat out west stays in place by a blocking high off of Nova Scotia, superstorms such as Sandy turn west and hit the Northeast U.S., bringing massive flooding and damage. (Click on image for a large picture. Melting ice releases greenhouse gases which causes big changes in the global climate.)

A blocking high parked off to the east can also keep a drought in the High Plains in place much longer, drying up the water sources which are already in dire straits. With  continued higher temperatures assaulting the crops, eventually the crops fail and people run out of drinking water when the Ogallala Aquifer runs out. (Click on image for a larger picture.”

The prediction for the year 2050 is that 138 million more immigrants by the U.S. Census Bureau, while some say up to 200 million more immigrants by other researchers, mostly from Mexico, will  be added to our population. How will you mitigate that? We don’t have a plan now and we certainly won’t have it over the next  38 years.  Then we add over 2 billion more people to our planet.

Did anyone in our government announce how we would deal with all of these new people, with high birth rates and an attitude against white America? Did you hear anything on CNN, MSNBC, Morning Joe, Fox, ABC, NBC, or CBS?

And you won’t. Only when it’s done.

World leaders have chosen not to stop the growth of C02 gases.

The pundits also never bother to get around to the fact that the Earth will have at least one billion more vehicles that will pump enormous amounts of greenhouse gases into our atmosphere, digging our global grave deeper:

how-to-avoid-traffic-jams-35319_2“According to the International Transport Forum, the global vehicle fleet could reach 2.5 billion by 2050. No doubt that those cars and trucks will be much more efficient than today’s vehicles, especially with China and America setting tighter fuel standards. And many of them will be electric-drive vehicles. But another doubling of the global market-even with an increase in efficiency-means a massive increase in greenhouse gas emissions.” (Click on image for a large picture of the scene.)

Torrential downpours will increase as the atmosphere becomes more saturated with water, crops wiped out by more and longer lasting droughts, water disappearing, causing major hunger and thirst globally. Outbreaks of violence around the world will be commonplace and refugees will seek what they need anywhere.  And since there is no effort to stop this assault on our Earth, the end game is easily predictable.

The reason that no one in authority wants to go the prudent way and stop the flow toward catastrophe is that some still  don’t believe the climate is changing, bringing disaster, or that the exploding population is a large part of the problem. And the business world, CEOs and investors, world leaders and members of Congress on the take have decided to do both by fixing up damage caused by an environment gone haywire while still growing the economy forever (in a finite world).  Such a plan should cause every thinking citizen a great deal of despair as we go forth into the final act.

And our leaders pursuing the course of mitigating and adapting to a changing world will find, in short order, that the  Earth will return the merchants greed with a world climate very much out of control. The multitudes of climate scientists now say that the more they look, the more they see that we are, truly, on the verge of disaster. And going in the wrong direction.

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