Can Openers: America strikes back

4192NTKF60L._SL500_AA300_In 2011 I had a bad experience with globalization, translated as the process of corporations taking over the world by forming trading regions that will all have uniformity of rules, regulations, and laws. Some foreign corporations, however, cut corners in their production process, causing products to not work properly or even injure or kill their customers. (It’s a throw of the dice.)

This is a brief review of my experience when shopping for a handful of manual can openers, fearing that I wouldn’t find a quality product that I might need when electricity is down for a significant period. After my review, I will then give readers an update (03/18/2013) of my struggle to find a quality can opener:

Review (12/2011):

“I have a large collection of canned goods in a storage room and I decided to get a good manual can opener in case a string of hurricanes decide to come through my neighborhood like they did a few years ago”  (and the power went off for a week). “Or maybe…a prolonged period of civil unrest should pop up and the stores are all looted.

“So I went down to my nearest hardware store and looked around. There was only one can opener on the wall and I checked it out. The name is SWING-A-WAY, the only one left on the shelf. It looked sturdy with white comfortable plastic grips. I took it home and tried it out. The initial cut was like slicing through butter. It was smooth, with little effort on my part. I opened two more cans with the same result. It was beautiful, with little, the gold standard of can openers. I decided to get six more.

“I shopped around and found another store that just got in a supply of Swing-A-Ways, same model. I bought one and took it home for a tryout. It felt different. I tried the first can and it took more pressure to break through the lid. After a few turns it stopped. It would not budge. I took it out and started again. Same results. With two different tries I got the same results, two cans with three sections, less than an inch each. Unopened.

I examined both can openers carefully although they looked identical. The only printing on the opener was the name and some words underneath. Under the Swing-A-Way were the words ‘made in USA’. Then I checked the other word that was underneath the false Swing-A-Way. It was, in small letters. ‘China’.

Yes, I got really mad. Corporations moved their factories to hire cheap labor in China and other third world countries while they make shoddy, even dangerous products to ship to America. Remember the cough medicine and toothpaste from China that was loaded with antifreeze and killed hundreds in Central America. Or the animal food that was contaminated with poison that killed pets, and chickens that we eat. The U.S. government doesn’t check imports because they’re underfunded and they plan to turn inspection over to private corporations from Mexico, Canada and the U.S. (Fox in the hen house.)”

NOTE: The same problem still exists, especially with products from third world countries in every category-food, clothes medicines, toys, etc.

The results:

“I went on line and the reviews depended on when they were made.” Those made  ‘before the company was sold got glowing praises but those after the original Swing-A-Away company was sold, not so good.” (I only had one can opener to work with, one that I cared for carefully.)

That was the PAST.

Last week I decided to try another can opener at the grocery store and took it home. It had the label that read EZ-DUZ-IT, THE BEST CAN OPENER MADE! MADE IN THE U.S.A.

$(KGrHqV,!rkE+rFMMKyVBQCcFQ0ZB!~~60_57TODAY: A new day for manual can openers in America has arrived. The new EZ-DUZ-IT can opener performed perfectly. It broke through the lid with ease and cut smoothly around the lid effortlessly, making a clean cut. I will buy more of these can openers my next trip for groceries. Price was under $7.00 for this model although it may cost more at other locations. Click on image for larger view.

The letters U.S.A. were proudly printed three times on the package. On the back was the company’s name and address, ”

Manufactured by John J. Steuby Co. 6002 N. Lindbergh, St. Louis, MO. 63042. In addition was the FAX 314 895-9814, WWW.STEUBY.COM, SALES@STEUBY.COM.

As I checked out the internet, I found other brands of manual can openers advertising that they, too, are “proudly made in the USA”.

There are a number of companies in China and other third world countries that are currently making substandard and dangerous products, then shipping them to American stores. Please only buy those items, including food-especially food,  from sources that originated in the USA.

Buy American. It’s patriotic and can save your life.




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