Obama pushes dirty Oil and TPP, a Mega Trade Agreement adding to Climate Change

newTPP map croppedPresident Obama, like other world leaders, said a lot of things as a candidate but once in office has done nothing but carry out the dictates of corporations while the rise of Greenhouse Gas Emissions continues globally. And now Obama is pushing the TPP, a huge trade agreement that will only prevent efforts to keep the global temperature from certain disaster for all life on earth. It also appears that our leader is about to approve of the Keystone XL Pipeline (so far), which would bring dirty oil from Canada for processing in the United States.  Click on image of TPP map for larger view.

WD_tarsands_emissionsA change in the U.S. recently by power plants  changing from coal to natural gas did cut down on CO2 emissions in the United States. However, American coal companies are simply selling their coal to China, India, European countries and anyone else who wants cheap dirty fuel. The result: Greenhouse gases are continuing to rise globally. There is no boundary to  the spread of CO2 levels. And the oil from Canadian tar sands will contribute to the increase of CO2 levels, leading to serious problems for the future if current efforts aren’t taken now. In the photo the water, ground and atmosphere are being contaminated with several toxic substances.

Candidate Obama said that he would revisit NAFTA and change it to give workers and the environment better treatment. But even before the election he told corporations and Canadian officials that he wasn’t serious. He would keep the trade agreement as is. He kept his promise.

And President Obama continued to serve corporations over the environment as he signed the three trade agreements with South Korea, Colombia, and Panama. There were no “guaranteed” protections in any of the agreements that would give the workers and the environment protection. A reading of the agreements would verify that.

Corporations do rule the world. And now Obama is pushing for a mega merger with the TPP, the Trans-Pacific-Partnership that will cost many Americans their jobs and boost foreign economies over everything else. Remember, there are no  guaranteed challenges against the environment in all trade agreements. Therefore, no actions can ever take place that would protect the workers and the environment.

0528-Donohue-Breakfast_full_380The President of the U. S. Chamber of Commerce, Tom Donohue, has approved all trade agreements because there were no provisions in the agreements that would guarantee any changes favorable to workers or the environment. Obama is currently pursuing this larger economic agreement that will also fail to protect workers or the environment. It will, though, continue to be business as usual. Another given will be the dismantling of our nation and its sovereignty.

Those other two large agreements are the construction of a North American Community and the integration of the Americas, known as the Pathways to Prosperity in the Americas (PPA). Completion would literally break apart the the United States, geographically and politically. The weapon? The massive invasion of America brought to us by the corporate/political partnership of Canada, Mexico and the United States on March 23, 2005, “signed” by all three leaders. It would allow the integration of North America and a tsunami of cheap labor from Mexico who now build American cars just over the border for $4.00 per hour. That’s why Obama, Romney, McCain, and American corporations love amnesty for illegals. George W. Bush and John McCain pushed amnesty in all their immigration bills from 2005 to 2007.

This North American Community is being  put together by the corporate CEOs of the three nations and given to the “ministers” of all three countries, to be passed on to members of  the three respective legislatures to enact into regulations and laws. President Obama initiated the integration of the three nations into this trading region on January 5, 2011 in Montreal with his announcement of a North American perimeter around Canada and the United States. He made other agreements that would later include Mexico as a member of this continental region, with internal open borders for all “citizens” of North America.


Now that the real danger continues to grow for the whole planet, leaders of Earth, including Obama, are closely aligned with corporations to “mitigate and adapt”, rather than stop the damage from becoming any worse. That means we won’t be serious about stopping the poisoning of our planet; the land, air and oceans. We will just get along with the continuing “new normal”.

An example would be  if a factory is surrounded permanently by rising ocean levels, we would build a bridge to access it rather than work to stop the climbing level of  CO2 gases which, if not addressed, will bring about the continued destruction of  plants, insects, animals and humans on a global scale.

Droughts will persist as the earth heats up. Overpopulation will cause a dire shortage of food and water.

drought-bog_650x366Literally, it means that if a huge part of the Great Plains enters into a drought that persists for several years and temperatures increase by 10 to 15 degrees F, our government will try to find something that will grow with little or no water and scorching deserts. A large number of immigrants from Mexico will wind up in this area, which cannot support the present population. Let’s see. Too many people and not enough water for people or farm crops.

From citizen.org. This is what the TPP will bring to the United States:

Like all trade agreements “foreign corporations would be empowered to attack our health, environment and other laws before foreign tribunals ( as in NAFTA) to demand taxpayer compensation for policies they think undermine their expected future profits.”

“Read how special investor protections incentivize offshoring by providing special benefits for companies that leave. Plus, TPP would impose limits on how our elected officials can use tax dollars – banning buying America or Buy Local preferences.”

(There  are plenty of cases where the American product was clearly the better product. I have seen an example where Chinese products  were pure junk but no American products were on the shelf. The American manufacturer made manual can openers and it claimed to be the best. And it was. But cheap Chinese labor won over quality. The American company lost and quit.)

“TPP would require us to import food that does not meet U.S. safety standards . It would limit food labeling.”


“The TPP would provide copyright owners power over ‘buffer copies’. These are the small copies that computers need to make in the process of moving data around. With buffer copy protection the number of transactions for which you would need a license from the copyright would increase a great deal….”

“Under the TPP, downloading music could be considered a crime. Your computer could be seized as a device that aids this offense and your child could be sent to jail for downloading. Some of these rules are part of of US law. The TPP makes them worse and also imposes similar rules on other countries that don’t have them.”

Read  more. 


“A major goal of U.S. multinational corporations for the TPP is to impose on more countries a set of extreme foreign investors privileges and rights and their private enforcement through the notorious ‘investor-state’ system. This system allows foreign corporations to challenge before international tribunals national environmental, land use, health and other laws and regulations that apply to domestic and foreign firms alike. Outrageously, this regime elevates individual corporations and investors to equal standing with each TPP signatory country’s government-and above all of us citizens. This regime would empower corporations to skirt national courts and sue our governments before tribunals of private sector lawyers operating under UN and World Bank rules to demand taxpayer compensation for domestic regulatory policies that investors believe diminish their ‘expected future profits.’”

Corporate regions will have identical rules ,regulations and standards plus international law where needed. The African Union was patterned after the European Union. So will the North American Community.

20100218_pid55765_aid55764_1_w250dThe UN gave its blessing (1999) when Kofi Annan gave his blessing to the WTO (World Trade Organization) to set up a world based on trading regions such as the European Union, the African Union, the North American Community, and the Americas. Corporations would set the standards for the governance of the world. In return the UN would get help from corporations to raise the health, education and a basic living standard for the growing masses of people. The State Department plan for building this North American Community is now President Obama’s responsibility. (The African Union was based on the European Union model and so is the North American Community.)

Unfortunately, the CEOS haven’t gotten around to their part of the deal. And you should know, this ruling corporatocracy has no intention of stopping or slowing down the growth of global greenhouse gases. With 2 billion more people by 2050, the CEOs can only think of trillions of paper wealth added to their coffers. And a billion more vehicles.

With no plans to stop the real and present global impending disaster, we should pass the point of no return (400 ppm) within the next 10 years. Those who live on will wish they hadn’t.

The Inevitable 2014 Headline: Global CO2 Level Reaches 400 PPM For First Time In Human Existence.

“Sometime, about one year from now, the front pages of whatever decent newspapers are left will carry a headline like the one above, announcing for the first time in human existence (or in nearly a million years, or three million years, or 15 million years), the global atmospheric concentration of carbon dioxide-the principal gas causing climate change-will have passed 400 parts per million (ppm).” Read more.

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