Muhammad: The word not mentioned in polite company

files.phpWhenever I hear a news reporter, pundit or government official talk about Islamic terrorism or Islam, I  rarely hear the word Muhammad. If they did, thousands of experts could come forth and give you a lesson on the words and deeds of Muhammad, things I can assure you would change any thoughts of Islam as a peaceful religion. If Muhammad had done his evil deeds today, the “prophet” would be on death row around the world, awaiting his sentence for his crimes.

In the recent photo, this Somali man was put into a  hole and covered up to his chest, then stoned to death for adultery, a capital crime in Islam. Muhammad sentenced others for such crimes 1400 years ago.  He once had a young couple who went before him and admitted to the crime of having sex and got the girl pregnant. Muhammad ordered the couple to return when the baby was born. She gave up the baby and the “prophet” ordered them stoned to death.  You say you want Islam and sharia? No connection? Read on for the truth directly from Islam.

According to Islamic expert Robert Spencer, in 2011 the Obama administration banned the truth about Islam and Jihad. The goal was to separate any connection between Islam and violence. There would be no more connection. Spencer wrote that “the Obama Administration has now placed off-limits any investigation of the beliefs, motives and goals of jihad terrorists. (Pay no attention to Muhammad and the violence going on from the religion of “peace”.)

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Wolfe Blitzer, or any talking head on a cable channel will run away from the word Muhammad. The “prophet” can’t be defended for the evil he has committed. The Quran, the Muslim bible, is a declaration of war against the Christians and Jews, unless they become Muslims. Remember that there is only one Quran. It is used by moderates and radicals. There will be no reformation. Early verses of the Quran were more accommodating  during an early period of weakness, but as he grew stronger, Muhammad’s pronouncements became stronger and his violence toward nonbelievers increased. Muhammad’s edicts were either accept Islam or die or become a Dimmi, a status in which nonbelievers could pay an annual tax and become, essentially, slightly above slave status.

The Quran is embraced by the “radicals”. They are the ones that keep the religion alive. The “moderates” have a life to live and are minimal participants. “The radical (true believers), however, will commit or support any acts, including violence, to defend and spread this theology of hatred and terror.”

The article, Muhammad: A Model For Todays Terrorists, illustrates how Muhammad  became  known by embarking on a path of evil and leaving behind a legacy of crimes against humanity. The record of Muhammad’s life has been kept and recorded by Muslims who witnessed the words and deeds of the “prophet.” Excerpts from this article are presented below:

These are the real Muslims. Without them, Islam, which has nothing to offer humanity, would fade away as the modern secular world attracts the less ardent majority. Or, as an Iranian cleric said a century ago, ‘Islam will perish.’” That’s why any Muslim who rejects his religion, must be killed. Those who carry out the execution are considered religious heroes. It has been done.

To understand why Islam is associated with violence, one only has to look at the life of Muhammad and the huge influence he has on Muslim men. The Hadiths, a record of the words and deeds of the prophet, are second only to the Quran in importance to the faithful. All Muslim men are encouraged to emulate Muhammad, whose life is considered to be the highest standard of behavior for mankind (by Muslims, that is).

The facts, though, present a different picture if we judge him by generally accepted standards of good behavior.

For example, while in exile in Medina (Yathrib), Saudi Arabia, the prophet was riduculed by the Jews for trying to convert them to Islam. Muhammad handled these criticisms by ordering his detractors assassinated. In the case of Abu Afak, a 120 year old Jewish man who urged people to reject the false prophet, Muhammad had Salem Ibn Umayr run a sword through the elderly man while he slept.

After his murder, a Jewish poetess named Asma Marwan spoke out against Islam and Muhammad, asking who would stop him? Hearing this, Umayr b, Adiy al-Katmi, went to the woman’s home. removed the baby she was nursing and killed her by the sword. Muhammad told the killer: “You have helped God and his apostle, O Umayr.” This became the generally accepted way (today) of silencing the critics of Islam and the prophet.

Muhammad’s influence is evident today as those who speak negatively of either (Muhammad or Islam) put their own lives at risk. Remember the fatwa pronounced by the Ayatollah Khomeini on Salman Rushdie in 1989?  He sentenced the writer to death for blasphemy and insulting Islam in his book, The Satanic Verses.

Then there was Theo van Gogh, a filmmaker who was killed by Mohammad Bouyeri, a Muslim, on an Amsterdam street in 2004 for making a film about women abused by Islam. He stated that, “If I ever get free, I would do it again.” (The reason? Van Gogh had insulted Islam. The religion of peace, don’t you know.)

The list of atrocities by Muslims against Muslims and non-Muslims for merely speaking out or writing about violence is long and spans centuries. There is no tolerance in Islam.

In addition to assassinations, Muhammad launched a jihad against Jewish villages to take care of the enemies of Islam. In April of 627, after the surrender of the Beni Quraidha near Medina, the prophet had all of  the men and boys of fighting age (about 900) beheaded. His campaign wiped out most of the Jews in the area. The women and children were taken as slaves and their property divided among the Muslim army. Muhammad took Rayhana Bint Zayd, a beautiful Jewish woman, to add to his collection. Her brother, husband, and father had just been beheaded by the prophet’s army of Allah. (Muhammad and his group of cutthroats made a living by attacking caravans crossing the desert.)

cap2Muhammad set the standard for beheading those who refused his “religion”. Muslims were emulating the the prophet when they beheaded Daniel Pearl in Pakistan and Nick Berg and Paul Johnson in Iraq. For the still photos of Nick Berg’s execution in sequence click here.

The prophet is also the inspiration for the Arab Muslim jihad/turned ethnic cleansing of Black Africans in the Sudan. The methods are the same, though. They include; mass murder, rape (of boys and girls), torture, looting and slavery.

The Quran is filled with exhortations from Allah to commit violent acts against non-Muslims. For example:

  • Sura 8:12 “I shall instill terror into the hearts of the Unbelievers; Smite ye above their necks (behead them) and smite their fingertips off.”
  • Sura 47:4 “Therefore, when you meet the Unbelievers (in fight), strike off their heads…”

Aside from the blood and gore, this perfect example of the Muslim man found the time to consummate his marriage to Aisha, who was nine at the time. This is the legal age for girls to marry today in a number of Muslim countries.

Muhammad also married the wife of his adopted son after observing her assets one day. Allah, through the angel Gabriel, told Muhammad that he (Allah) concurred with his decision.

End of text used above. Next, Muhammad and Women:

Muhammad and the Quran have no respect for women. From the Quran,

(Sura 2:223) “Women are your fields; go then into your fields whence you please.”

That is the official word from God on one aspect of a man’s relationship with a woman. God made a number of statements (see the Quran) through Muhammad that does not bode well for women living under Islamic laws.

The words and deeds of Muhammad, written down in the official Hadiths, plus God’s declarations in the Quran on the “rights” of women, continue to have a destructive effect on Muslim females throughout the world.

Muhammad is reported as saying in one Hadith that “…the majority of people in Hell are women.” He also said that he had not seen anyone more deficient in intelligence and religion than you (women).”

He explained that, according to the Quran, the testimony of two women witnesses are equal to that of one man in a court of law (Sura 2:282).

(Sura 4:34) is one that will warm the hearts of women everywhere. “Good women are obedient…As for those from whom you fear disobedience, admonish them and send them to bed apart and beat them.”

Taliban-womenTo this day, the proper way to beat a women is still a matter of concern in the Muslim world. Spain’s Muslim imam, Mohammad Kamal Mustafa, published a book in the year 2000 which included advice to men on the correct way to beat their wives. (Photo-Afghani religious police beating women for some code violation. The young girl wonders what her life will be like.)

A good Muslim should strike “…only the hands and feet, using a rod that is thin and light so that it does not leave behind scars or bruises on the body.”

The goal “…should be to cause psychological suffering and not to humiliate or physically abuse the wife.” (That’s because a Muslim man is sensitive. He cares.)

In Nigeria, some regional Muslim governments have invoked a form of sharia in which women who have children out of wedlock are guilty of adultery.

stonings0824“Three women have received the death penalty for this ‘crime.’ One verdict has been overturned on appeal after worldwide protests. The other two women will be executed after weaning their babies. The women will be placed in pits up to their waists or necks and stoned to death by Muslim men. The men who impregnated the women have not been charged.”

Muhammad reveals his brilliant mind when his wife Aisha returned from a trip in the desert and returned with one of his soldiers, causing rumors among the citizens that there were extracurricular activities going on.

“Muhammad was greatly troubled until God told him that if no one could find four witnesses  to verify that the act of adultery took place, then any claim of sexual misconduct was false.”

Absurd? Yes, but this is the law (sharia) in Islam today. If you rape a woman, or a child if you are Muhammad, then you have a free run since the chances of four men standing around waiting for a rape to occur are pretty slim.

And “… these days women who are raped in Muslim countries can’t find four witnesses…” Under…Muslim logic, then, she must be guilty of fornication or adultery and is punished for being raped. This could mean anything from 100 lashes to the death penalty.”

25_244x183So-called “honor killing” of females in a family has spread globally, everywhere a significant population of Muslims exist. “A case in Jordan occurred after a young girl was raped by an older brother. Another brother had the task of reclaiming the families” honor. He did so by slitting the helpless child’s throat. The killer received seven years in prison (unusual, often the killer goes unpunished- example, Pakistan recently). The brother who raped his sister walked free.” (The young woman in the photo was killed by her father in the U.S. for being too western.)

Now there have been “honor killings” by Muslims in Canada and the United States.  It just happens that honor killings around the world are committed by Muslims. Violence against women is commonplace in Islam. Muhammad made it clear how the prophet feels toward women. They are property, to be used. For a variety of articles and photos on the Islamic practice of Honor Killing, see these sites, the ones Obama doesn’t want you to see.

Honor Killing video:

When the ancient and modern collide:

Muslim women tortured and killed by Honor killings- in tune with Islam.

“Honor killing” under growing scrutiny in the U.S.

This violence is taking place across America. Unless we stop immigration to the U.S. by a group that only wants to rule the world by Islamic Sharia (law), we will be paying the price like they are in the European Union.

As the population of Muslims grows in the United States, the more Muslims call for Sharia law. They are now demanding a change (as in the European Union) to free speech, with exceptions. Your speech, even if true, can get you a long time in prison. That means if you criticize  Islam for its crimes, you can be charged with a hate crime and sentenced to prison, even if your criticism is accurate. See the European Union free speech.

In America, Omar M. Ahmed, founder of CAIR, Council on American-Islamic Relations, stated the End Game clearly:

“Islam isn’t in America to be equal to any other faith, but to dominate. The Koran, the Muslim book of scripture, should be the highest authority in America, and Islam the only accepted religion on earth.” [San Ramon Valley Herald, July 4, 1988]

There can be no compromise with evil.


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