The Last Protest Song

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There have been protest songs over a long period of our history but I chose the period from the Vietnam era to today since this is the time that events moved quickly as America reached its peak and suddenly began to break apart.

Clearly it can been attributed to those movers and shakers that have long wanted to integrate the world, obviously with corporate leaders running the show through trading regions, based on the European Union model. The agreement between the United Nations and corporations in 1999  is now underway. The EU model is now being copied by the African Union and the North American Community, along with other trading regions.

Nations and citizens are being replaced with corporate governance; no nation, just “shared” sovereignty. You are now a resident of a trading region, just another worker and consumer. Your neighbor could be  just another stranger who may hate you because you don’t belong to his religion. You have no loyalty to any particular nation. Governments are to control the people.

climate-change-wildfire-2Protests during this period in the United States have seen a number of groups protesting  to racism, destruction of the environment, unjust wars, losing our freedoms, climate change, giving jobs to cheap foreign workers and firing American workers. Now it means cutting wages and benefits, putting American workers permanently out of jobs, all with the approval of our presidents, Bush and Obama.

Now we have the fate of the world being run by corporate CEOs, with each leader, Republican and Democrat, saying let the greenhouse gases build up. We will fix any problem that occurs from climate change. We “must” keep the economy booming.

Protestors are doing their best but it appears hopeless since the president (s) are on the same page as corporations. You could even say that our leaders work for them. And our freedoms are quickly disappearing.

Here are my choices for protest songs of the 60s up through the present, a violent, quickly moving period which was matched by the passion of the songs that rang out with their message. It will end, appropriately, in a turbulent, horrific and long-lasting period of pain and suffering.

This last song, though, Waiting On the World to Change, is a quiet, sorrowful resignation to reality and our helplessness. In their plea, all that they can do now is hope for a change. No demands. All they want is a change for the better.

  • Now we see everything that’s going wrong
  • With the world and those who lead it
  • We just feel like we don’t have the means
  • To rise above and beat it
  • So we keep waiting
  • Waiting on the world to change

Once the World falls into complete disorder and all hope is gone, there will be no one left one to protest.

Sam Cooke – A Change Is Gonna Come


Curtis Mayfield – New World Order


Edwin Starr – War


Marvin Gaye – Mercy Mercy Me (The ecology)


Crosby, Stills, & Nash – Long Time Gone


Barry McGuire – Eve of Destruction


The Guess Who – American Woman


John Fogerty – Fortunate Son


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