Biggest Texas Gator ate Cattle before his Demise in 2011

leongator2Recent large gators have been noted in the news recently but the largest one, so far, got huge on grain-fed Texas cattle. Finally a Texas lawyer, Levi McCathern, ended the gator’s reign of terror with a rifle shot in July of 2011. For this operation he said he was given permission to take out the terror of the Trinity River by a cattle rancher. For the record, this well-fed gator was 14 feet long and weighed 900 pounds.

According to NBC 5 from Dallas, “It is against the law to hunt alligators along the Trinity River, but McCathern said he had special permission from a private property owner to go on the hunt after many of the rancher’s cattle were gobbled up by the behemoth reptile.”

The lawyer hired two guides to help in finding the gator. He “got his shot when a monster gator popped his head up out of the water just long enough for McCathern to pull the trigger.”

McCathern said “It went right to the brain…it was a perfect shot, probably my luckiest shot.”

He said the gator would go on the wall in his office. Later,  after an investigation, arrest warrants were filed for the Dallas attorney, the hunter who allegedly killed the gator, and the three guides.  See the details.

The outcome?


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