Corporate Governance: Death March of a Planet

Trade agreements initiated by Bill Clinton, George W. Bush and now Barack Obama, are premeditated attacks by the corporate/government alliance designed to destroy “the social contract that allows the benefits of capitalism to be broadly shared. (Jeff Faux, The Global Class War, 2006)

And Corporations are the senior partners in this death march toward an ugly, wrecked, polluted planet, unfit for life.

AmericasThe goal for American CEOs was, and still is, to destroy the unions, their high wages and benefits and have the United States become part of a global connection of regions through trade agreements and trading regions. No more sovereign nations.

This began in earnest in 1999 from an agreement between the United Nations and Corporations. Corporations and the Chambers of Commerce, however,  declared that they will reject any binding agreements that would force corporate responsible behavior toward the environment and workers. The CEOs declared that “growing the economy” is their goal, that is, making so much money for themselves that they will have a problem planning what to do with it all.

PHOTO: George W. Bush and Barack Obama have continued the process of integrating the 34 nations of the Americas, currently called the PPA, Partnership for Prosperity in the Americas. The next president, Republican or Democrat, will continue the completion of this trading region. Don’t believe me. Next election, check it out.

CEOs did tell the UN they will do business as usual. And they did.  Corporations simply ignored their part of the compact with the UN, which said that corporations would treat the environment and workers rights as part of the compact. And no trade agreements have ever had any guaranteed rights for protecting the environment or workers in any trade agreements. (President Clinton, Bush, and now Obama, continue to do the bidding of corporations and lying to the public.)

Bill GatesIt’s quite the opposite for CEOs. American corporations have been firing  American workers and replacing them with foreign workers for a good part of this decade, both skilled and unskilled. Corporations and Congress are bringing skilled labor (on work visas) from other nations, such as India. Bill Gates of Microsoft is on a continuing hiring spree and brings  in engineers and techs from that country. American employees are then used to train the foreign workers, then the Americans are fired. This is happening from California to Florida. Bill Gates once announced to Congress that he would bring in a million more Indians to replace American engineers if Congress would approve it.

In North America, the leaders of Canada, Mexico and the United States decided to integrate North America with the Security and Prosperity Partnership (SPPNA) of North America. All three leaders of North America “signed” this agreement at Waco, Texas on March 23, 2005.

Shortly after that, the Council of Foreign Relations (CEOs) finished a plan to fully integrate North America. It was called Building  a North American Community, based on the European Union, which would have some kind of continental governance. The final step would be a common perimeter around North America with all citizens having the right to “live and work” anywhere on the continent. (pp.3, 8, 32) President Obama announced on January 4, 2011 that he and Prime Minister Harper were building a perimeter around the two nations. It is now being put together by Geri Word with groups from all three nations at the U.S. Department of Commerce. Obama has also signed agreements with Mexico in 2010, helping that nation move toward a full membership in a North American region with open interior borders.

Cancun MeetingCalled the North American Community, this 32 page document  has been named the road map for integrating North America. Put together by CEOs and other experts, “Building a North American Community” was agreed to by George W. Bush, the Prime Minister of Canada and the President of Mexico. In 2006 each nation established permanent 10 CEOs to plan and ”advise” on legislation and changes toward the completion of this North American Community and later, to continue advising the leaders in governing the continent.

Prime Minister Harper of Canada verified this in a quote:

“We committed to further engage the private sector. We’ve agreed to set up a North American Competitiveness Council, made up of business leaders from all three countries, to advise us on ways to improve the competitiveness of our economies. They will meet with our ministers, identify priorities, and make sure we follow up and implement them.”

PHOTO: The three leaders of Canada, Mexico and the United States at their annual North American Summit, with their ministers and the CEOs of all three nations. The CEOs “advise” the leaders how to construct this trading region. These CEOs will continue to dictate their needs to the three leaders after the continent has been fully integrated.

The three nations of North America are quietly disappearing. When the internal borders are complete, all citizens of the continent will be able to “live and work” anywhere on the continent, pages 27,28. In reality it will not be peaceful once a large mass from south of the border decides to takeover the Southwest, simply because it will be overwhelmingly Mexican. Spanish will be the language, and the Mexican flag will fly over what was once part of the United States. It will not be peaceful.

Note: George W. Bush and John McCain (2005-2009) tried to pass legislation to construct and complete a North American Perimeter around our continent, as the European Union has done. All amnesty bills had wording that Congress would oversee the Secretary of State and the Secretary of Homeland Security, who were to be in charge of the project. That was supposed to be finished by 2010. But all the legislation failed to pass.

See this bill from 2005 that shows the Secretary of State and the Secretary of Homeland Security in,  SEC. 3, (a) and the common perimeter SEC.3, (7) (E),  were control of building a North American perimeter with oversight by Congress.

Another corporate trade agreement: President Obama Ignores Campaign Promises In Favor Of Another Job-Killing “Free Trade” Agreement-The Trans-Pacific Partnership. Then see ALEC, The Corporate Takeover Of America.


Before you vote for any candidate for office, check and see how many congressmen and presidential candidates supported amnesty, North American integration,  trade bills, and received money from corporations. You shouldn’t vote for them. However, you may see that  both candidates are in the pockets of the corporations. The odds are stacked against the working class. You mean nothing to them. See the video and text below to see what the ruling class, your fellow Americans, think about you.

There are lawyers who specialize in “legally’ turning down qualified Americans for high tech jobs in order for Bill Gates and other CEOs to hire only foreigners. The “smoking gun” shows how a company can turn down qualified American applicants in this seminar put on by immigration lawyers.

That is why American workers are a dying species, and more will join those without jobs, homes and any hope of living a decent, productive life.  But there is more bad news when the last three American presidents  have, for the first time in history, contributed to the ethnic cleansing of American citizens from their right to work, to support their families, to have a home to live in and food to eat. Now Americans are denied the rights of an American citizen and given to foreigners so CEOs can profit off of cheap labor while foreigners can live the good life.

They fired you because you were an American citizen and used to a living wage. Where do you go for help when your elected officials have turned their back on you. When the integration is complete, the population of Mexico can then move to the United States and build autos and Whirlpool appliances to compete with Chinese workers. You will see then that we will all  be North American citizens, free to work anywhere.

6a00e55188bf7a8834011570198587970b-800wiThis system is making CEOs wealthy as they continue to lower American worker benefits here while they send our factories to third world  nations where the owners can take advantage of skilled and unskilled workers. Here the wages can still be only pennies per hour for 12 hour days and 6 day workdays. Some places up to 7 days. No benefits, no time and a half, no medical care. And dangerous work sites have killed hundreds of workers in factory fires and other disasters in the third world, just so they can make cheap clothes for “global” corporations such as Wal-Mart and bring wealth to the CEOs.

In fact, Wal-Mart led the rush to move American factories to third world countries and the rest of corporate America was forced to move also in order to supply it with goods at the cheapest price. That also meant a flood of cheaply made clothes, poisoned food and items that didn’t work. Americans have been killed, along with others around the world because of tainted medicine, toothpaste, and cough syrup.


From “American CEOs Abandon American Workers For Global Profits”

A “sampling of corporate leaders revealed that they …considered their corporations to be in a transnational state between the multinational corporation and the global corporation.” (Sklair, The Transnational Capitalist, p.73)

There would be a “globalizing moment” when they would…stop thinking and acting primarily in terms of …developing foreign markets and meeting competition  from abroad…and begin thinking about …competitive strategies for global marketing.”

At this moment, “the corporation becomes intentionally stateless, breaking from its national culture.” There is no bond between the corporation, the nation or its citizens.

For example, Alex Trotman, former head of Ford Motors Company, said in 1995, “Ford isn’t even an American company…We’re global. We’re investing all over the world. Forty percent of our employees already live and work outside the United States, and that’s rising. Our managers are international. We teach them to think and act globally.” (Robert B. Reich, Locked in the Cabinet, New York: Alfred A. Knopf, 1997, p.275)


Since American companies are really global companies, they have no loyalty to the United States or any nation. Their only goal is to make as much wealth as possible. As such they are not interested in saving the planet. Their tunnel vision  means that the doomsday prediction of scientists will become a reality for the corporate goal of building another one to two billion more vehicles. All the dirty oil in the ground will be utilized and the greenhouse gases will flow into the atmosphere. But no one is paying attention.

Picture1Food will be scarce as the oceans become essentially empty of food by 2050 because they have been fished out or killed from the destruction of coral reefs and pollution. Water for humans will be gone or in short supply for 4.5 billion. people. Many humans won’t have water to drink, neither can cattle. Scientists predict that meat will be available for only a few. The majority will become vegans or eat a new scientific meat from vegetation.

Humans will die from soaring temperatures and suffer painful deaths from diseases. Uncontrolled violence will be planet wide. The former United States will put on a spectacular internal display of mayhem and death.  Animal life of all kinds will become extinct .

And the phrase “growing the economy” will no longer be heard.

PHOTO: Birds and fish around the world are dying from “eating” bottle caps and other plastic items, and from polluted water.

NOTE: A science fiction story was published in1952 that predicted much of what is happening now. See the article “The Senator From Wal-Mart, A Bad Dream.?”

See how dangerous buying food and medicine can be from China.

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