2-1-9-muirWhen two of NATO’s “front-line strategy centers…recommends putting more effort into fighting global warming than securing reliable supplies of fossil fuels…”, you must take the warning seriously. (PHOTO: Click on Muir Glacier 1941 and 2004 without ice.) See this report.

That report (June 24, 2013) is from the U.S. Center for Naval Analyses and the London-based Royal United Services centers. Essentially it says that the two countries should place their efforts into stopping the greenhouse gases from saturating the world, causing the temperature to  rise in the atmosphere and in the oceans.

“In 2007, a report from CNA’s military advisory board called climate change a ‘threat multiplier.'”

“In 2008, a formal National Intelligence Assessment found that climate change poses a serious threat to national security and long-term  stability.”

‘Tom Donilon, former National Security Adviser to President Obama wrote: The Obama administration’s National Security Strategy recognizes the ‘real, urgent, and severe’ threat posed by climate change in no uncertain terms, stating, ‘change wrought by a warming planet will lead to new conflicts over refugees and resources: new suffering from drought and famine; catastrophic natural disasters; and the degradation of land across the globe.'”

A  question to readers: Why, then, is President Obama allowing between 100 to 200 million new people to move into our nation, with over 100 million more of the new visitors coming from Mexico to bring American corporations cheap labor. We are now moving our car factories and other plants to Mexico where top wages to build a new GM car is $3.50 per hour. Understand now?

And Mexicans do not have to speak English. They are now North Americans but they don’t have to learn English. Obama tells Americans that they must now learn Spanish though (If you want a job).  Black and White Americans must learn Spanish but they don’t have to hire you. Scroll down to Obama telling Americans that they should learn Spanish in second videos.

No more USA. It’s now the North American Community-or North America. p. 8, pp. 27,28.

florida-sea-level-rise-5-meters-17-feet.png.opt399x252o0,0s399x252Since then, however, President Obama and America’s CEOs have, instead, placed the most effort into digging for oil and other fuels, including the dirtiest oil from the Canadian oil fields.  He is currently deciding whether to approve the use of the Keystone XL pipeline . Other nations have joined the hunt for oil and other fuels, and they will continue to cause the greenhouse gases to warm the atmosphere to a point where global heat destroys food crops. This same warming is already killing  people around the world. The casualties will rise and by then it could already be too late.

Such a decision by Obama to choose corporations would mean this feeble type of effort to mitigate the growth of greenhouse gases, including CO2, methane, nitrous oxide, and fluorinated gases, will result in a disaster for planet Earth and the next extinction. (Some experts believe that “many self-reinforcing feedback loops are already in play, that we are in the process of causing our own extinction.”)

( Mitigate means we will try to fix the damage once  its done, or we will just move businesses or homes to another location. But it will also mean that the disasters we have seen and suffered recently will continue and increase in size because the source is the rise of greenhouse gases. In the end, so will life on Earth.)

PHOTO: If CEOs and our presidents continue to have their way in the future, all of the homes, towns and cities around Florida will be inundated and destroyed. Today in Florida, more and more homes are being denied home insurance or charged huge fees to be insured.  This is real and it’s only going to get worse. Everywhere people live next to water will be subjected to destructive flooding and storms. Homes and highways in Florida the last few years have been destroyed (An example is Pensacola and surrounding areas). The White House just released a report on the future of  the sea level by 2100. The possibilities of the sea increase could be from 8 inches up to 6.6 feet higher, depending on how hot the temperature is. It is based on how successful the world was in keeping the global temperature closer to what we have now.

Mitigation is not an option. What you see now is only a prelude to the gran finale.

idx_photo_carlos-ghosnThis bit of news from the automobile sector means that a predicted boom in personal automobiles will increase  and greenhouse gases will inundate the world. Carlos Ghosen, President and Chief Executive Officer of Nissan, has said that there are now 600 million vehicles worldwide. He also said that there may be up to 2.5 billion vehicles by 2050, the year when everything, absolutely everything, falls apart.

This means that all of that dirty oil in Canada and everywhere else will cause the amounts of greenhouse gases on Earth to climb, wreaking havoc on humanity, animals and crops. Without a viable global plan, there will only be a continuing extinction of all types of life on this planet. In this particular definition, Obama’s mitigation is just a word, signifying nothing. (PHOTO: Carlos Ghosen.)


Among this scenario is 2050 and a warning in which forecasts for the future of planet Earth that world leaders are well aware of. Some of the predictions include a new population of  9.2 billion, with a large shortage of  food, water and other necessities. There will not be enough water for people to drink and use or enough food for the world. Water shortage or no water at all could affect up to 4. 5 billion people. Since there will be large  food shortages around the world, the areas affected will depend on how much farm land a nation has and how big are their guns.

If we don’t stop the global temperature from increasing , a number of bad things will happen. For example, scientists say that food shortages could force the world into vegetarianism since we don’t have enough water to supply animals for producing meat. (Before 2050)

If we don’t stop the overfishing, polluting, and  coral reef destruction, the oceans of the world will no longer have fish. The statistics are grim: 3/4 of the world’s fish stocks are being harvested faster than they can reproduce. Eighty percent are already fully exploited or in decline. Ninety percent of all large predatory fish-are gone. Scientists predict that if current trends continue, world food fisheries could collapse entirely by 2050.  One billion people rely on fish for their protein. (By 2050)

There will be extreme weather like we have been experiencing in North America but with more disasters and more damage.


“The US is expected to grow by 120 million people by 2050. (See my note)1. Government scientists expect more incidents of extreme heat, severe drought, and heavy rains to affect production. The warming is expected to continue without undue problems for 30 years but beyond 2050 the effects could be dramatic with staple crops hit.”

“According to the latest government report: ‘The rising incidence of weather extremes will have increasingly negative impacts on crop and livestock productivity, because thresholds are already being exceeded.”

“California’s wheat, tomato, rice, cotton, and maize all expected to lose 10-30% of their yields.”

“Canada will be a winner as crops move north but much of the US will be ravaged by more intense droughts, heatwaves and floods. Areas such as California will see crop yields DECLINE FAST after 2050.”

Considering that the scientific future of the United States has a forecast of massive crop failures by 2050 and beyond, the future of the U.S. is bleak. With 100 to 200 million more people, all of them hostile to America and its citizens.

The borders of the United States will be overrun.

What now:

Julian Cribb, a professor and a distinguished Australian science writer, says that how to do the job of solving the problem now is to solve the daunting  task of the approaching problem of not enough food, water, and everything we need to survive by 2050, 36 years from now.

But Cribb states that “the world has barely begun to understand the ramifications of what it now faces.”

His book, The Coming Famine: The Global Food Crisis and What We Can Do to Avoid It, may be a bit too late. He says that a number of factors are “driving the world towards a global emergency that experts predict will peak by the middle of this century.” (Greg Ansley, reporter)

Cribb: “It is arriving even faster than climate change.”

Ansley’s article on “Earth’s gravest challenge: Not enough food to go round” covered a number of topics, including this.

“More, and possibly worse, could be in store. British defense analysts have predicted that rising populations, declining resources and climate change will increase the risk of food price spikes and shortages, water scarcities in volatile regions, mass displacement caused by climate or resource scarcities, a possible collapse in fish stocks, and greater risk of civil wars, inter-communal violence, insurgency, pervasive criminality and widespread disorder.” [This means a total time of constant warring  just to survive. This pervasive criminality and widespread disorder will be the perfect definition for our final days of civilization.]

Mexican - American citizens and illegals all agree that the white people have to be deported to Europe. Are you OK with that? Then you had better start getting an attitude adjustment if you still plan on living here.Now picture 500 to 600 million people in the United States as we approach 2050 and there is no way that there will be enough  food, water, cool shelters, etc. for these angry people with plenty of  hate from Mexicans and Latinos who announce daily that all white Americans must go back to Europe or be killed. Latinos (many illegal) also have been carrying out ethnic cleansing of black Americans in California for 2 decades.  See links below. This will be the most horrific killing spree in history.

And it appears that there is no one, no group or organization present to take hold of  the problem and has the authority of the world to stop climate change and direct 9 billion people with a plan to fix the impending global disaster.  That problem, since all we can do is watch it spin out of control, and try to plan the best you can for yourself and family. That is, if you have the wealth to do it-for awhile.

I don’t have any viable plan for saving our Earth nor does anyone else.  I can show, though, a few of the major problems that need to be fixed quickly for the individual. This is it: a cool shelter and climate (Alaska), canned food for three years, water, weapons and plenty of ammunition. That’s part of what I advise in my book. It’s also the only place that meets all of my low population requirements. But that is still for a limited time and others will quickly find this safe haven. The worst place on Earth will be the continental United States. Beyond that, another planet would be nice. Thanks Bush, Obama, and whoever is the next idiot that follows.

NOTE: These are the facts. How are we going to cope with all of these hostile new residents of “NORTH AMERICA”?

1.(Others expect 130 to 200 million more people [mostly hostile Mexicans] in the United States by 2050 since the U.S. is in the process of integrating the citizens inside the new outer perimeter of Canada and the United States, followed with Mexico at a slower pace. All citizens of North America can then “live and work”  [pp.27,28] anywhere in this “North American Community“.

L.A. police march on a local high school to put down fighting between Mexicans and black American students. Other violent confrontations have envolved white and Mexican students. The last riot occurred earlier this year in L.A. The words that describe Mexicans, legal and illegal, are 'filled with HATE. Hate for America and white Americans.But in reality, the invading of the U.S. by desperate refugees will include the Caribbean islands and a large part of Central and South America.  This will be happening as the United States falls into a state of Chaos because massive crop failures will morph into a continent  in disarray.  Desperate for a source of non-existing food and water, armed conflict will prevail as hostile illegals and legal Mexicans battle with White Americans, who have always wanted to pay back “White Europeans” for the murders and crimes they committed over 500 years in the New World. (All of this will take place before 2050.)

PHOTO: L.A.  police riot squad breaking up violent fighting between Mexicans and Black Americans in a high school riot. Sometimes it is between White Americans and Mexicans. There are also fights, mostly at Home Depot, friend of illegal aliens, between illegals and  Neo NAZIs. Sometimes there are small groups of senior citizens protesting legally against illegal aliens. Often, Mexicans, with their little children, watch White citizens get beaten up by illegal aliens.

And Black Americans  have been the victims of recent documented “ETHNIC CLEANSING” in areas of urban California by Latinos. I can also see American soldiers choosing sides by race and ethnicity (Latinos vs. White and Black Americans).

This pattern of ethnic warring groups choosing up sides will take place globally. As the death count climbs higher and food, water, etc, becomes scarce, it often will turn into every person becoming responsible for their continued survival.

AP081208024026For your benefit, several noted scientists with long records for accuracy in climate change have predicted that there is a 95 % chance that a completely ice- free Arctic by 2018 is possible, according to Professor Peter Wadhams. (The U.S. Navy researchers have predicted an ice-free Arctic even earlier –by 2016.)  If it is followed by  “catastrophic Arctic methane feedbacks” the situation will become an “instant planetary emergency”. (British scientist John Nissen, chairman of the Arctic Methane Emergency Group) PHOTO: Click on image for larger photo:

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