2050: Shortages of Meat Causes Dogs and Cats to become Extinct

HappyDogExperts are hoping, but all the time they are worried that the next 4 decades will bring about a global nightmare, with no way out. One way you will know that citizens of the planet will understand the serious situation they are in is when dogs and cats are disappearing rapidly. When scientific vegetarian products substitutes for meat and a large part of your daily meal is a small portion of real meat, if you are lucky, then your life is not going good. And it won’t get any better. Pets will no longer be a pet. The Chinese eat dogs and everyone else will easily change to it. Dog stealing will be a new crime but when the dogs are gone, your burgers will be made from plants. They don’t have blood.

The only people still having a  good steak when they want it will be the rich and government officials. That however, will be the least of your troubles in this era of  overpopulation with another 2 plus billion people on Earth. And they, including the billions of poor in the third world,  want everything they see. What we will see in the next 4 decades will be billions of people moving away from where they are to the places they want to be. Those places will have running water, food, automobiles, electronic toys. They want to waste money on cell phones chatting away, just to hear friends talking about nothing in particular.

And when they can’t get it they will take it. Everyone will know before then that the end of the world is no longer under control by elected governments. That is why regions of the world are being put under control. For example, the North American Community is being  integrated. All militaries of the region are being integrated with Canada, Mexico and the United States. All civil agencies, police departments and related offices will be able to interact anywhere on the continent. (See pages 8-12)

All interior borders are currently being merged together and opened up after the North American perimeter is finished. At the same time the 34 nations are being integrated into the Americas,  as in the European Union. A headquarters for this is being planned by Democrats and Republicans. It will be in Miami.

The Bush/Obama plan to end the United States as a sovereign nation will be successful. The language will become Spanish for a large part of the former USA.

And the dogs (and cats) will quickly become part of a disappearing scene around the world.

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