Democrats and Republicans Work to End the United States

George W. Bush decided to help his father’s goal of  integrating the 34 nations of the Americas (the FTAA, Free Trade Area of the Americas). Bush began the project  (2005) after being elected president. The project was to first integrate the three nations of  North America- Canada, Mexico and the United States. The initial task was to construct a perimeter around the North American continent, followed by opening the interior borders between Mexico and the United States and between Canada and the United States. The project was put together in 2005  by members of the Council on Foreign Relations and guided by Richard N. Haass. This integration would end the sovereignty and independence of the United States of America.

cooridorsThe project is called a North American Community and the final nails in the coffin are a common security perimeter (pp. 3, 8) around North America and a common tariff.  See pages xxvi and xviii. When the perimeter is finished, the interior borders between Mexico and the U.S. and between Canada and the U.S. would make it possible for all North American citizens in all three nations to “live and work” anywhere on the continent (27,28). That is why the last two presidents of the United States, Bush and Obama, are not seriously trying to stop illegal aliens from crossing the border.

The top wages for auto workers in Mexico is $3.50 an hour. Yes, cheap labor for America is the reason. The CEOs are the driving force for this integration. Plus the CEOs will continue to import high tech workers from India and other third world countries in order to increase their profits. Americans, of course, are being fired. This is the future for American workers as foreigners integrate into a North American region. No Americans will be secure in their future anymore. In fact, there will no longer be a United States. By 2050, this region will become a hell on Earth.

They, the leaders of the three nations and the corporate CEOs, are the ones planning and executing this North American trading region. The CEOs are always in contact with the leaders (Secretariats of Commerce, State, and Homeland Security) who receive  plans and bills that are passed on to favorite members of Congress.

Yes. CEOs trump the executive branch. These CEOs from Mexico, Canada and the United States ( up to 10 members from each nation) can be found also at the annual North American Summit. It was initially called the North American Competitiveness Council (NACC) and it is still  running the show for this continental merger.

Haass is noted on pages xvii and xviii in which the final nail in America’s coffin is allowing all citizens of North America to live anywhere they wish. Note that all citizens of North America  will have to learn Spanish because it will be the language for most of the western part of the United States, Florida and other parts of the former United States. See this video from Candidate Obama telling Americans in Georgia that they must learn Spanish if they want a job (in America).

CancunMeeting1North American Competitiveness Council: The leaders of the three nations that are in the process of integration (Canada, Mexico, and the United States) meet in an annual North American summit to hear what the CEOS plan is for this merger.  The key cabinet members from the three nations will present the plans for more  integrations and harmonization in this process of building a North American Community. The two Secretaries of State, Condoleeza Rice and Hillary Clinton, have both played major parts in building a new trading region for North America. The end game for this region would include that all 3 nations would agree to and abide by all international agreements. That means the  international “Freedom of Speech”  that includes “with exceptions”, will be passed.

NOTE: The list of the initial CEOs for the NAAC can be found on the link above. Scroll down to the CEOs from all three nations. These leaders are giving the orders for all three  heads of state.

This is the State Department article that both Condoleezza Rice and Hillary Clinton have taken away from the public’s view. My tech has revived it so that you can see exactly what the three leaders of North America are doing to your country.

PHOTO ABOVE: The leaders of  Mexico, Canada and the United States, their Secretaries and members of the CEOs  from all three nations are meeting in Cancun, Mexico to hear on progress of the integration of North America.

Rice_Transformational_Diplomacy_SpeechSecretary of State Condoleezza Rice was the person responsible for the initial effort for construction of the perimeter. You can find the congressional legislation that states she and Secretary of Homeland Security were in charge of building this “common security perimeter” around North America. Rice would also meet with her counterparts in Mexico and Canada to coordinate operations on their outer perimeter border.

At the end of each year , Rice would have to make a progress report to the U.S. Congress on building this security perimeter for North America. You can find it on this congressional bill (S.2611 here)

Wording for this continental perimeter for North America: This bill, S2611, (b), (E) is found here:

SEC. 113. Reports On Improving The Exchange Of Information on North American Security:

(E) …in developing and implementing an immigration security strategy for North America  that works toward the development of a common security perimeter by enhancing technical assistance for programs and systems to support advanced automatic reporting and risk targeting of international passengers.

SEC. 114. Improving The Security Of Mexico’s Southern Border.

(a) Technical Assistance –  The Secretary of State, in coordinate with the Secretary, shall work to cooperate with the head of Foreign Affairs Canada and the appropriate  officials of the Government of Mexico to establish—(to build a secure outer perimeter)

Read this section of the bill to see clearly that it is one of several congressional bills aimed at changing the borders of North America. All three nations are working together to build this North American Community with one common perimeter around the continent that will have modern borders between Mexico and the United States and between Canada and the United States. This is one of the bills for a North American Community.

021411jerry2Initially, everyone living in North America will have biometric IDs. The Mexican president has already been issuing biometric IDs since Jan. 19, 2011 for all children between 5 and 18.  All children in Mexico must have a facial photograph, all 10 fingerprints and iris on each student now. The goal is to have the children with biometric IDs at the same time they become eligible to become North American workers. The rest of  Mexico must have their biometric IDs next.  Our Homeland Secretary has not completed the system for the United States yet. Nor has the Canadian system complete yet.

(This is part of issuing biometric IDs for all humans in the Western Hemisphere, all 34 nations. When finished, other “trading regions”, such as the European Union, the African Union, the Americas, etc. will be completed and interconnected. Due you see the pattern now? The European Union already has the system in place and can now locate several hundred  million citizens anywhere they may be. Your personal records are also available.)

George W. Bush initiated the Partnership to Prosperity for the Americas just before leaving office and the new president, Barack Obama, agreed to continue the project. Obama also agreed with Bush at the outgoing briefing to continue the North American perimeter construction as the key target for completing this integration of North America. This is the bill that Obama signed in order to continue the common security perimeter around Canada and the United States,without permission of Congress. Mexico is currently upgrading their part of the border with the United States. Read the bill. It is a complete integration of the two nations, followed by the free flow of people between Mexico and the United States. Mexico has an agreement with the U.S. to work toward opening the free flow of people and commerce, beginning with a new border and biometric ID cards for all Mexicans. This was initiated by their president on 2011

090716_clinton_trilateral_600_1Hillary Clinton, the Secretary of State, was assigned to continue with the North American Community project and also add new nations to the merger of 34 nations of the Western Hemisphere. The total membership is now 14 nations. All 34 nations will, when completed, be under the rule of international law. That will mean some of our 10 Amendments will be “modified”, as George W. Bush well knows. He tried to get it passed but failed. It is still on the agenda. Our  First Amendment will have some “exceptions” that you may not enjoy.

On June 1, 2009, The new Secretary of State Hillary Clinton published an OP-Ed in The Miami Herald. In it this is some of what the Secretary said:

“I have also joined ministers from more than a dozen countries in the Western Hemisphere to make good on the President’s (Obama) and my commitment to re-launch (Bush’s) Pathways to Prosperity, a multilateral initiative to promote shared prosperity throughout the Americas.”

This is what it would look like:

200px-Americas_(orthographic_projection).svgIt will be an integrated Western Hemisphere in which all 34 nations will share equally with a trading region based on international law and the rules and regulations of the trade agreements. There will be open borders as in the European Union. International law will prevail. For example, the American First Amendment will  now have exceptions as in the European Union. Violation of this new law means that, offending a person by speech, written and on the internet, even if the offensive words  are true, a person can be found guilty and fined or imprisoned, for up to 3 years.

The United States will abide by all International laws.

Clinton added:

“I have also joined ministers from more than a dozen countries in the Western Hemisphere to make good on the President’s and my commitment to re-launch Pathways to Prosperity, a multilateral initiative to promote shared prosperity throughout the Americas.”

“We can forge new Partnerships that bring together that governments, businesses, sub-regional institutions, diaspora communities, and other stake holders to harness untapped  resources and talent.”

“The United States is committed to bring a full and equal partner in the Americas.”

This is true. Each nation is equal to all partners with no power over the other 33 nations ( Cuba is included, making it 34 nations). It will be a copy of the European Union.


Notice that this site is a joint website for the integration of the Americas. My tech managed to save this site with all of the damning evidence you could ever want.

Miami-Skyline-300x225This website for the integration of the Americas, 34 nations of the Western Hemisphere, is called the Partnership to Prosperity in the Americas. Democrats and Republicans are  both working to develop another European Union, based on the EU. This site for Republicans and Democrats, Jeb Bush and Donna Shalala, are aiming to make this hemisphere yet another integrated trading region with regulations and laws that will cover all members of this trading region. Some of your 10 amendments will be disregarded, starting with the First Amendment. It comes with exceptions.

These exceptions, like the EU, make speech a crime. If you cause someone to be offended or ridiculed by your speech, written or over the internet, you can be sentenced to 3 years in prison-even though your speech was true. And both parties, including Jeb Bush, want to make the headquarters of the Americas in Miami. USSOUTHCOM is already headquarters here for the southern military region of the Americas.  Both Republicans and Democrats want to make Miami the headquarters of the Americas. It will be the capital of the Americas.

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