We Now have with Accuracy the End of the Natural World

warming“We can project with some accuracy the end of the natural world as we know it… If we  do nothing it may soon be too late to do anything…”

Unfortunately, there are times when factual statements sound extreme. Our studies and projections lead inescapably to these conclusions:

… The destructive processes man has set in motion resemble a cancer. If not stopped in time, the process cannot be reversed.

…We are now in a window of historic time during which it is still possible to act. We estimate the window at 50 years. If we do nothing it may soon be too late to do anything. In this sense, the people who are alive today are critical to the future of the world.

0014222d98500e31d88d0b-300x199…If nothing is done by us, our descendants will have few options. We can project with some accuracy the eventual end of the natural world as we know it. That is, no trees. No wildlife. Climate changes so radical the tropics have migrated to the North Pole.

“Yes, people will survive. But they will live in the future equivalent of caves, insulated from the environment. And these people may curse our generation for its indifference.”

Jan Beyea, a physicist of the Audubon Science Division, 1994.”

Note: Since Beyea published this plea 20 years ago, those in charge of the world have done nothing and we are now suffering from the consequences of failure. As of now the timeline has sped up toward the predictions as expected.  The politicians and corporations still run the world for profit and the deconstruction of planet Earth heads toward its tragic end.

(The Arctic has already lost much of its ice during the summer and the prediction is that soon most of the ice to melt during the summer. And more strange weather phenomena is now becoming the norm for the world.) Ray Kania

Here are some reasons that by 2050 the world will be beyond repair:

The oil companies will continue to dig dirty oil from the Canadian oil fields and continue to pollute the atmosphere, making the global temperatures head for a rise of 6 degrees C very quickly. There is no turning back.

The explosion of new automobile vehicles will cause the Earth’s temperature to rise. Carlos Ghosen, CEO of Nissan Motor Corporation, says that there are some 600 million vehicles on the Earth. He says that by 2050 stats show there may be up to 2.5 billion more vehicles.

They will be using dirty oil,  polluting the planet and over 2 billion more people on the Earth will be demanding  water, food, and shelter. These items won’t be there. Again, the Earth’s temperature could reach 6 degrees higher sooner than expected. This would be the end game.

Then you can declare it’s over. By 2050 there will be no way to stop the massive end of life as we know it. It appears that we will now get there. Greed wins. Add to that, predictions are that around 4.5 billion people will be short of water or completely out. Food will be in short supply as crops fail. The oceans will be empty of fish, as predicted. The corporate leaders of North America will have no answer. The two hundred million more cheap laborers that the greedy CEOs asked for, now have no food, water, or shelter.

Vigilant GuardThe United States has the largest private armed citizens on Earth. Those with guns and ammunition will have the upper hand. That’s why the government wants to take away your guns now.  A continental security and military force for  USNORTHCOM (North America) and USSOUTHCOM (South America) are now in place and in the process of integrating all agencies and armies in the Americas. This new world order will be run by trade agreements and international law.

Vigilant Guard: Alaska Army National Guard training to control rioters, etc., a part of USNORTHCOM.

But all of that paper money the CEOs have collected will mean nothing. The rich will be seeking a safe haven but Earth will no longer be habitable. The end will be a most horrific “long-lasting” crescendo of violence, killing and suffering for all inhabitants of the late planet Earth.

In the end, everyone loses. Even the animals and they didn’t have any part of this.

(Estimates are that over the last few years, around 5 million people die every year from climate change.)

Worst is Yet to Come. 

Earth will not be a place to vacation.






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