The Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIS)-Islamic Law for the World

article-1353787-0D0B7C96000005DC-329_634x286Islamic terrorists like the one that decapitated James Foley, and the mainstream Muslims, want to have a world governed by Islamic Law (Sharia). When that happens, a nightmare planet will rule all. Then those who will be in charge of Islamic rule under global Sharia will execute citizens, even those guilty of what we call petty “crimes” , even speech criticizing the Prophet Muhammad or those converting to Christianity or other religions. There will be one religion. And that will be Islam.

But all Muslim groups want to have a world controlled by Islamic Law (Sharia). In the end, the whole world will be under Islamic Law. Jews, especially, will be hunted in order to kill all Jews, and in the last days “the trees and rocks will tell Muslims where to find and kill the Jews.” Muslim children learn this in school. Homosexuals, Jews and all other religions will not exist. And a draconian planet will rule everywhere on Earth, where punishment of death is common for your speech, behavior or belief.


subFOLEY-2-master315Muhammad used violence and force by his soldiers of God for 1400 years when he committed horrible crimes against all those who disagreed with him. And the bloodletting continues today. The recent beheading of James Foley by the terror group (ISIS) was an example to others and even other Islamic groups. (Islamic groups understand that all other members of religions and those without any religion will also die.) American Muslims celebrated 9/11 in the United States. Some Muslims even celebrated on the line at a car factory.

Beheading was, and is today, a popular way of ridding Muhammad’s enemies as he sought to establish Islam everywhere he went-by force. It continues today. Here a few examples:

For example, while in exile in Medina (Yathrib), Saudi Arabia, the prophet was ridiculed by the Jews for trying to convert them to Islam. Muhammad handled these criticisms by ordering his detractors assassinated. In the case of Abu Afak, a 120 year old Jewish man urged people to reject the false prophet. Muhammad had Salem Ibn Umayr run a sword through the elderly man while he slept.

After his murder, a Jewish poetess named Asma Marwan spoke out against Islam and Muhammad, asking who would stop her? Hearing this, another hit man, Umayr b. Adiy al-Katmi, went to the woman’s home, removed the baby she was nursing and killed her by the sword. Muhammad told the killer, “You have helped God and his apostle, O Umayr.” This became the generally accepted way of silencing the critics of Islam and the prophet.

The there was Theo van Gogh, a filmmaker who was killed by Mohammad Bouyeri, a Muslim, on an Amsterdam Street in 2004 for making a film about women abused by Islam. He stated that, “If I ever get free, I would do it again. The reason? Van Gogh had insulted Islam.

It is in Madina, Saudi Arabia, however that Muhammad received his highest reputation for beheading in one day. There he launched a jihad against Jewish villages to take care of the enemies of Islam. In a Jewish town in April of 627, after the surrender of the Beni Quraidha near Medina, the prophet had all of the men and boys of fighting age (about 900) beheaded. His campaign wiped out most of the Jews in the area. The women and children were taken as slaves and their property divided among the Muslim army. Muhammad took Rayhana bint Zayd, a beautiful Jewish woman to add to his collection. Her brother, husband and father had just been beheaded by the prophet’s army of Allah.

cap6Muhammad set the standard for beheading those who refused his religion. Muslims were emulating the prophet when they beheaded Daniel Pearl in Pakistan and Nick Berg and Paul Johnson in Iraq. And, of course, the recent beheading of James Foley as an example. These horrific crimes of Muhammad and his followers throughout 1400 years are known as the most violent religion in the history of the Earth. There is no love in Islam, only death, killing and suffering. There is no freedom of speech in Islam. And now your speech can get you 3 to 10 years in prison throughout Europe. George W. Bush tried to get that international law passed by Congress when he was in office but it failed to pass. But our leaders keep trying. (Another beheading of an American.)

There is no love in Islam.

Woolwich murder suspectLondon: “Two Muslims jumped a British Army trooper in London a year ago on a main street and beheaded him with machetes in front of stunned shoppers. This kind of behavior remains normal in Islamic countries…”

The Muslim with a knife has just cut off the head of a British soldier and bragged about it to this female Londoner. European natives in a number of EU countries cannot defend their citizens as the Muslim hordes grow stronger. The British government has told their soldiers not to wear their military uniform in their own country because they cannot defend their own citizens.

These two Muslims cut off the soldier’s head next to a military post (in London). The Muslims pranced up and down, bragging about their deed. The bystanders just watched and no one did anything. This killer even gave a long speech.

(NOTE: The British Government, a few years ago, told their soldiers to not wear their uniforms when they are back home for fear of Muslim attacks in their OWN COUNTRY.)

Muslims in America are trying to make Sharia law legal in our own nation and have already made some Sharia (simple legal law) in Canada legal. Sharia Islamic law is a comprehensive law, which includes the death penalty for your speech or violation of some simple religious law.

Women under Islamic rule will be your worst nightmare. They have no rights.

Muhammad is reported as saying in one hadith that “…the majority of people in Hell are women.” He also said that he had not seen anyone more deficient in intelligence and religion than you (women).

Muhammad explained that, according to the Quran, the testimony of two women witnesses are equal to that of one man in a court of law. (Sura 2:282).

Taliban-women6Sura (4:34) is one that will warm the hearts of women everywhere: “Good women are obedient… As for those from whom you fear disobedience, admonish them and send them to bed apart and beat them.”

Beating your wife (wives) is important. “To this day the proper way to beat a woman is still a matter of concern in the Muslim world. Spain’s Muslim imam, Mohammad Kamal Mustafa, published a book in the year 2000 which included advice to men on the correct way to beat their wives.

A good Muslim should strike “…only the hands and feet, using a rod that is thin and light so that it does not leave behind scars or bruises on the body.”

The goal “…should be to cause psychological suffering and not to humiliate or physically abuse his wife.”

(Notice that in Afghanistan the religious police must keep women covered and proper or the police will strike the women. The little girl below will also be subject to the religious rod. Meanwhile she must wonder what life will be for her. Is this what we are fighting for?)

25_244x183How to kill your daughter or wife. This is a sample of what Muslim women can look forward to, such as killing the wife or the daughter if they embarrass the family. Generally a son will take care of the offending daughter. This is happening in Canada and the United States, as we speak. This is Islam. Beautiful, isn’t it.

If you would rather not become a Muslim, you should stand up and fight against this evil force that threatens the world. It is, truly, a war of good against evil. It’s your future. Good or Evil. Your choice.

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