When the President is the Enemy of America

These NAFTA super transportation corridors are real and in a state of expanding across North America. With the integration of North America people can flow freely across the continent. The Mexican flag in Kansas City is a Mexican inspection station. Once the common security perimeter is in place around the continent, the U.S. will have reached the point of no return.The first serious attempt to destroy the United States of America was President George H.W. Bush, when he tried to integrate the 34 nations of the Americas, based on the European Union. This trade agreement (Free Trade Agreement of the Americas, the FTAA) would have made international law binding for all 34 nations in this hemisphere, eventually, as in the European Union. If implemented, some of our amendments and laws would be invalid. It didn’t pass and the agreement also failed. This was part of the new World Order that George H.W. Bush promised America and his New World Order. This is his promise for the ruling class but for most it will be a world in disorder and chaos. The New World Order.

But Bill Clinton stepped up in 1994 and, with a little greenback incentives from corporate America in the right direction, NAFTA was passed. Wal-Mart encouraged American factories to rush and open factories in Asia and other low wage countries. Otherwise, Wal-Mart said they would not buy from American factories. Many American jobs were lost because of President Clinton.

The gate opened up when George W. Bush continued the process of destroying the United States from within. This coup de grace from within our elected members in the White House, the Cabinet, and members of Congress-both Republicans and Democrats, continued the total destruction of the United States.

CancunMeeting1The leaders of the United States, Canada and Mexico, plus CEOs from all three nations met in Waco, Texas 2005 and agreed to a plan to build this North American Community. This plan will open up the entire 2,000 mile border between Mexico and the United States. This open crossing will be nonstop as vehicles, passengers and cargo will transit between the two nations without stopping. (This map means that these fast transportation routes do not have to stop for any borders across North America-trucks, cars, or trains. These highways will also carry electricity, oil, and gas beside these highway routes.) The meeting to the left was held in Cancun, Mexico later.

Canada and the United States have already (since 2011) been integrating their borders to become one. And this border will eventually be crossed without stopping also.

To stop this from happening, the plan for building this North American Community, the U.S. and Canada should agree to stop integrating this common outer border for the U.S. and Canada. Of course they won’t.

But American citizens are in a continuous stupor. Paying no attention to the crimes being committed by their “elected officials” has become a common habit. They don’t have a clue that both parties are selling America out while they sleepwalk through life. Corporations will rule the world and many workers will have low wages and many won’t have jobs. Workers are not their problem, though, their job is to make as much money as possible.

200px-Americas_(orthographic_projection).svgTo stop the leaders of Canada, Mexico and the United States from opening our borders with Mexico and Canada, you must educate yourself to the process of deconstructing the United States of America. In 2005, President George W. Bush decided to integrate the three nations of North America and show that this merger of North America will be successful and his father’s goal, George H. W. Bush, will be able to finish the integration of the Americas (the Western Hemisphere, based on the EU, the European Union). The Bush dream of completing the Americas for his father will consist of integratjng these 34 nations under a trade agreement. In addition all 34 nations will be under international law. This set of international laws will trump United States law and some amendments.

This North American Community is defined here on page 3 (see map above) of the CFR Plan for Building a North American Community. This hidden link can be found here. Next click again to find the pages you need.

“We propose a community based on the principle affirmed in the March 2005 Joint Statement of the three leaders that ‘our security and prosperity are mutually dependent and complementary.’ Its border will be defined by a common external tariff and an outer security perimeter within which the movement of people, products, and capital will be legal, orderly, and safe. Its goal will be to guarantee a free, secure, just, and prosperous North America.”

Also, this plan for ending the United States of America was put together by the leaders of all three nations at the Council on Foreign Relations and the CEOs of each of the three nations’ 10 members. The 10 CEOs of the first group for the U.S. CEOs included (Wal-Mart, Whirlpool, Ford, General Motors, etc.). The presidents of both Republicans and Democrats are on board. You could have, and should have, impeached both Obama and Bush.

Bush, Martin & Fox Meet in Waco, TXOn March 23, 2005, all three leaders of North America- Bush, PM Martin of Canada and Vicente Fox of Mexico agreed to integrate North America. As of now, no one has said a word of desent. CEOs from corporations from all three nations send legislation to our Secretariats of State, Commerce and Homeland Security where their area is needed. (See photo above)

REMEMBER THIS: A common external tariff and an outer security perimeter will allow the movement of people, products, and capital that will be legal, orderly, and safe. That means we are working on the end game for the United States of America. The three leaders hope that the end of America will be peaceful and hope that it takes so long that no one will realize its over. This could happen since the news departments from small towns to the big cities will not even mention this North American Community. See if you can find it-anywhere, anytime. You would think this would be the most important news around the world, that the United States will no longer exist. Completely. And you can be assured that the peace will never breakout if that happens. There will be no one left to say, not on my shift.


Your First Amendment will no longer exist. The details for later.

Miami-Skyline-300x225The integration of North America was given new life when President Barack Obama met with the departing Bush, and he promised to finish the North American Community, and to continue adding members to the “Prosperity and Partnership of the Americas.” When this happens, both Democrats and Republicans( Democrat Donna Shalala and Republican Jeb Bush), promised to finish the integration of the Americas with the headquarters of this hemisphere in Miami, Florida. One reason is that Miami is a Spanish speaking area. Yes. That is in Florida. (Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was in charge of integration of the Americas and the integration of the North American Community. Remember this when election day arrives, who sold you out to the corporations.)

This is an important paragraph in the website “The Gateway of the Americas”, where it describes this part of the new world order called the AMERICAS: (See the steps 2 paragraphs below needed to find the Gateway of the Americas and the Jeb Bush site.)

“Some will criticize Pathways to Prosperity in the Americas since they believe it is too modest in its objectives because it might be abandoning the broader version of a 34 country FTAA (Free Trade Agreement of the Americas). In our judgement Western integration must start somewhere, and this is a good start. Remember, the European Union also started small. We hope that Brazil, Uruguay, the Caribbean countries and other countries in the Americas will soon join Pathways to Prosperity in the Americas.” This is approved by Jeb Bush, his website. He also supports the integration of the European Union-US parliament being put together. Both parties are working on this agreement now.

Unknown parties tried to hide this site but we will try to help you through. Go to NAFTA at thesigintreport.com, then scroll down to GATEWAY OF THE AMERICAS and click on it. An arrow will go to the 3 small bars in the upper right corner. Click on the 3 bars. Then click on DOWNLOAD with the arrow. Next go and choose one of the Gateway of the Americas site. Click on it. That will be the site. The incriminating paragraph will be on the right column, as it is above. Yes. They are trying to hide it.

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is in charge of moving forward on the integration of North America and the Pathways to Prosperity in the Americas, an integration of the hemisphere.Hillary Clinton was in charge as Secretary of State where she was responsible for integrating North America and then, integrating the 34 nations of the Americas, based on the plan used to integrate the European Union. When both regions of North America and then the Americas are completed, all 34 nations will abide by International law.


This North American merger means Amendment One will no longer allow Americans to speak the truth. Now, even if you are telling the truth about someone or something, you can still be charged for “hurtful” speech by speaking or writing the truth. A current problem is Muslims efforts to stop knowledge of Muhammad’s criminal history. The problem is that for telling the truth about Muhammad and his crimes in the EU (European Union), a person charged for speaking the truth could put a citizen in prison for 3 years or more. People now can be put in prison for telling the truth, if the truth hurts someone. Bush tried hard to get Congress to pass this new “Freedom of Speech” but he failed. This international law will eventually prevail.

Prof. Irving gave a speech on denying the Holocaust and received 3 years in prison. He could have gotten more. Any speech in the EU, true or false, can be prosecuted if a person has had his feelings hurt by the speech.  by the speech.(This professor in the EU was convicted of making false statements about the Holocaust . Although he was incorrect about the murder of Jews, his punishment was 3 years in prison for saying it. The prosecutor wanted to sentence the professor to 10 years for saying the murder of Jews never happened.) This is happening all over the European Union. This is coming to America (North America) where your free speech will no longer exist. See what happens when America’s Freedom of Speech is taken away from us in the New World Order.

Guess what will happen to the Second Amendment. No more guns. They will have to use the new storm troopers from Canada and Mexico to help American forces to enforce international law. See this article directly from USNORTHCOM, which is currently helping the Mexican government to get their police, military and justice department in order so that Mexico’s border with the United States, including their border along Guatemala and Belize, will be secure. Once completed, USNORTHCOM could be tasked to aid the U.S. with troops to enforce laws throughout North America. The following paragraph was found on a USNORTHCOM paragraph explaining who would be enforcing the law in North America.

USNORTHCOM wanted me to drop this incriminating paragraph from my article which came directly from the USNORTHCOM website, detailing how the three nations would act with or without 2 or all three military forces for combat on North America. Here it is:

size0“Our commands (NORAD and NORTHCOM) fully reply on the relationship we maintain with partners such as Canada, Mexico and myriad agencies. While we have multiple partners and stakeholders, we are united to provide increased security and defense of North America. We will capitalize on the experience, expertise and capabilities of our partners, incorporating these into our plans, training exercises and operations. Whether operating in a supported or supporting role (depending on which part of North America the disaster, combat, or civil unrest is occurring -my words.), the forces employed for homeland defense or civil support must be able to work with every government, Service, and agency that provides members to serve in homeland and continental defense operations.’

This is what USNORTHCOM is planning for North America. Mexican troops will integrate with Canadian and U.S. soldiers or without, depending on where they may be needed. Latinos from South America will deploy with USSOUTHCOM, headquartered in Miami. (Foreign troops from South America also train for combat in the USSOUTHCOM zone located at Camp Bullard, Texas.)

That means the United States will no longer exist by 2050. That is why in 2008 candidate Barack Obama told an audience in Georgia that you should all learn Spanish. He knows that the end of America is already in the works and there is no turning back. It is being changed into a trading region by corporate CEOs and America will no longer exist. The question is how many different groups will fight for the prime parts of what would be left of North America.

070509-n-6954b-003_jpg4aRead this article for George W. Bush’s plan for a combat force for North America in 2008, a plan that is already here. All three armies are being trained in the United States at places like Camp Bullard, Texas and Ft. Bragg. Included are the military forces of all three nations, which have been training in the United States (Ft. Bragg and Texas). They plan to utilize foreign forces against possible American citizens on American soil. I wonder who the targets will be? Correct. You better stock up friends. (PHOTO: American reservists will learn how to fight in North America with Mexican and Canadian soldiers.)

NOTE: The U.S. Department of Defense has informed me by message in their site that those plans cannot be found (404). I knew that would happen so I kept the important USNORTHCOM plan for a trilateral army for the North American Community. That’s why I kept them and they were never lost. I have them down on paper. No problem.

The U.S. DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE replaced two paragraphs, one you can see above dealing with the integration of the Mexican, Canadian and the U.S. militaries. The Department of Defense left a note in an exclamation mark on my article above. I decided to write everything down and it is still there. Read it. (404 Page not Found! U.S. Department of Defense.)

20130501_boston_ARMORED_police_militia_largeThe original statements in my links above were saved by me, with knowledge that the U.S. Department of Defense would take action. I knew they would delete the paragraphs and they did try. All guns will be seized when the trilateral military is in force on the continent of North America. My clue that a change is coming was the police carrying submachine guns on special ops house- to- house, searching homes without warrants on numerous citizens of Boston. The New World Order is here. Time is running out on America.

When all three nations have the outer perimeter of North America finished, then all three nations, all the interior borders between Mexico and the United States, and between Canada and the United States, will be permanently open as one single North American Community. Of course, all the inhabitants of North America will have biometric IDs, which Mexico has been implementing for several years.

Canada and the United States have already been rapidly moving toward opening the borders between both countries since an agreement on 2011/02/04 was announced in Washington, DC., by Prime Minister Harper of Canada and President Obama of the United States.

Mexico has already agreed to open up the borders between Mexico and the U.S. when Mexico’s outer perimeter is secure. This agreement above will mean changes in our laws “statutory, regulatory, systems and infrastructure…” , meaning laws that will allow the borders between Mexico and the United States to be open. So far Obama hasn’t done anything about changing laws. At least he hasn’t done anything that we can see in public.

It means all Mexicans will have biometric IDs for all citizens of Mexico. It means that all citizens of Mexico will be able to travel freely across the United States and Canada with a North American Border Pass into all of North America. (The U.S. and Canada are supposed to have their citizens with their own biometric ID cards also so that all citizens of North America can ‘live and work” anywhere on the continent. (pp 27,28 North American Community).

Mexico has been carrying out this plan for all citizens of Mexico to have a biometric ID card for all children between 5 and 17 years, followed by the rest of that nation. This age group was picked because they will be the next group of cheap laborers that will be employed by the CEOs of Canada and the United States. It means a lot of Americans will be unemployed.

Mexicas can use the North American Border Pass if they have a biometric ID card. No ID cards needed when the North American Perimeter is complete.
Mexicas can use the North American Border Pass if they have a biometric ID card. No ID cards needed when the North American Perimeter is complete.

This also allows all Mexicans with a biometric ID card to have a North American Border Pass and cross the borders by using a booth (in effect now) which allows the person to enter both ways. They can let themselves in or out. Mexican citizens of North America that have these border passes can let themselves in or out with this North American Border Pass at a booth at all crossings now. Mexico is ahead of Canada and the U.S. because the president of Mexico wants to move all of these unemployed workers to begin working for more money and living in the U.S. and Canada.

(NOTE: Mexicans hate White Americans and want all Whites to leave the United States. This has the promise of a major violent war, the start of the unraveling of North America, violence beyond your imagination. You mix together three or four ethnic groups with nothing in common, and another 150 million more moving in when we will not have enough water, food, and shelter in a growing hostile climate change. All things must end and those who claim to be planning the future are fools. All things will end. And now is our time since we haven’t used our time wisely.

When all three nations have ID cards for all citizens, and can be found on data bases anywhere, all citizens of North America can then “live and work” anywhere in North America. That means all citizens will not be stopped unless for cause. Mexico and the U.S. have agreed to open all 2000 miles of their common border. A number of modern crossings are now being constructed all along the Mexican/United States border for trains , trucks, cars, and visitors.

NAZI25mzs.jpgWhen finished, the border between Mexico and the United States will no longer exist. Canada will als0 be open to citizens of Mexico and the U.S when the common security perimeter around North America is finished. Once the outer perimeter is complete and all citizens of North America are registered on data bases, NO ONE will check your badge because everyone inside the perimeter will be registered. See how many Mexicans living in the former United States will be flying the Mexican flags then. (Mexicans in America claim to have 20,000 brown berets across the United States. They often attack white people. Children, instead of cub scouts, the children wear brown berets and give the Nazi salute.)

Now something you should know that after the three countries are integrated in this TRADING REGION, put together by CEOs and run by them (Wal-Mart, Whirlpool) the United States of America will no longer exist. A good part of the U.S. will be populated by Mexicans, who will be hostile to Americans and they will spread to other regions, such as Florida. Latinos and other Spanish speaking people in North America will become a hostile group toward White “North Americans”.


JoseAngelGutierrezProfessor Jose Angel Gutierrez, University of Texas Arlington, has long called for Mexicans to kill all White Americans but no one will charge him for any crime, even though he still wants to kill all White people and remove the rest back to Europe.

This is his quote:

“We have got to eliminate the gringo, and what I mean is that if the worst comes to the worst, we have got to kill him.” (18 years and no one stands up to him or even arrested him for his threats to kill all White Americas.) These videos are common across the west revealing the extreme hatred against White people. (25 Americans killed everyday by legal and illegal Mexicans drunk driving and murder.) Also read this for your future in North America.


Rumsfeld_Bush_CheneyThe large amount of evidence is more than enough to charge our past President Bush, Vice President Cheney and Secretary of War Rumsfeld for crimes against humanity, that happened on President Bush’s watch for a number of crimes, from George W. Bush to the current president, Barack Obama, for continuing to deconstruct the United States of America. This won’t change the course we are on right now. It isn’t too late though, to charge those who have committed horrific crimes against humanity. George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld and others must be held accountable for their crimes against humanity. The crimes of omission do count when you did so with the intent to cause damage and deaths to Americans in the United States.

You obviously were shaken up when you began to listen to the damage in that classroom being done to the humanity that was being burned as the towers fell to the ground and the passenger planes began to kill more. That first attack in 1993 was just a little bump in the road. But this one is your responsibility, your crime.

Richard Clarke did his best to warn the Bush administration about al-Qaeda but they were not interested.You deliberately allowed through your words and deeds to Richard Clarke and others that you wanted no one to pay attention to al-Qaeda or bin Laden, the group and leaders that were known as the terrorists who caused the most damage to people and property. These were the only terrorists able to make it happen. They have the ability still to cause much damage. (Richard Clarke: Security Adviser for Bush but was ignored over a 9 month period. Condoleezzaa Rice also turned down Clarke for an emergency meeting of the Cabinet.)

Remember the USS Cole, that killed American sailors and caused heavy damage on its ship in 1999. This was done just before Bush took his oath of office. You chose to do nothing to stop this group, which was clearly able to bring about massive damage and deaths of many people. You expected the same this time as before. But they would be trying to make their attacks more potent, something you didn’t consider. What you got was what al-Qaeda wanted. You got the best they could deliver.

Is that why you seemed to be in shock, gazing out at no one in the classroom as you wondered how you could get away with this. Easy. No one wanted a part of it. When the attack on America took place, it was perpetrated by the aid of a plan that had the President, Vice President and Secretary of Defense as a part of the attack by ignoring al-Qaeda. It was an attack by omission, a failure by design.

The only reason Cheney wanted to invade Iraq was to help his failing companies to recover financially. He did and made a large amount of profit for his companies. Bush wanted to attack Iraq so that he could win a war and be held high, as they did for the leader of England when she won the short war in South America. He wanted this victory so that scholars would write books about the great leader that Bush was.

A small problem here. There was no cause for invading Iraq. There were no weapons of mass destruction. There was no cause for Bush to invade Iraq. Period. All the citizens of Iraq and American/allies that were wounded or killed there, were in vain. But Cheney, Bush and Rumsfeld all got their wishes. The blood and suffering caused by these evil creatures without a soul rank high in the history of the world. No pardon for you on judgement day.

And Osama bin Laden and his troops were allowed to escape after Bush and Rumsfeld decided to turn down efforts to capture him. When bin Laden was allowed to escape on purpose, that gave Bush and Rumsfeld a reason to keep the terror threat alive and ‘connect” him with Iraq. If they had done their duty and destroyed bin Laden and his men, their would be no more terrorists to worry about. Of course, there never was a connection to Iraq, despite efforts to fabricate one. Instead, Rumsfeld, Bush and Cheney remained in Afghanistan (still there) after 13 years. Our soldiers and civilians wounded and killed in Afghanistan were the honest, decent people who were wounded and killed because of the personal desires of Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld- and their desire for a New American Century.

Will this rant filled with facts and evidence make the people change their minds and demand the last two Bush administrations be charged for high crimes against the United States, Iraq, 13 futile years in Afghanistan, and the 3,000 American citizens killed by their President and Vice President by way of planned omission, allowing the attack on the Twin Towers?

That is, Bush and others gave orders to do nothing about bin laden or al-Qaeda ( a fact)or approve any emergency cabinet meetings on the real and present terror threat for the United States. The most damaging attacks around the world was by these groups. Ignoring this threat was a deliberate failure to pay any attention to the warnings, knowing that al-Qaeda would strike. Then Bush said, as he put it that late evening at the White House that night, said this was “his Pearl Harbor”. Yes. It was possible because this evil group without a soul made it happen. And again, Vice President Cheney made a lot of money on many dead and wounded people. Bush can never wash away his crimes.

There was no effort to stop bin Laden or Al-Qaeda. This was the only threat to America. The deliberate failure to take due action after serious pleas by his Security Adviser over 9 months resulted in the predicted out com. Your president went on a killing spree that still continues.

Will justice win?

Articles on the crimes of George W. Bush:

Two Years Before 9/11, George W. Bush was talking about attacking Iraq.

CBS NEWS reveals that George W. Bush wanted to attack Iraq as soon as possible at the first meeting. When al-Qaeda attacked the Twin Towers, Bush wanted to attack Iraq, not the ones who did it. Bush wanted to get his victory over a nation, any nation really. This nut was running the country.

On 3/13/2002 George W. Bush in a speech said;

“I don’t know where bin Laden is. I have no idea and I don’t really care. It’s not that important. It’s not our priority.” (The New American, 9/8/02) Bush wanted a bin Laden on the loose so he can have a constant bin Laden to keep the pressure on attacking Iraq, still trying to connect bin Laden with any terrorist group. (The real terrorists were the leaders in the White House and the cabinet.)

George W. Bush, Rumsfeld and his party did not want to attack al-Qaeda or bin Laden in Afghanistan, despite the facts that these were the only major terrorists threatening America and the world. Yet Bush and crew told Condolezzaa Rice and others that there would be no emergency meetings of the Cabinet. And when told that this was the only major terrorist group that continued to attack major targets worldwide, including Americans around the world, all Bush could tell his adviser (Richard Clarke),” find me a way to attack Iraq.”

This was an angry, nervous Bush, after the attack of 9/11. This nut case still told his advisers that he wanted to attack Iraq, not bin Laden or al-Qaeda, the people who did this. All Bush wanted was to attack Iraq and get his badge for winning a war and have scholars write books about him for history. And somehow, with no evidence of any planning for weapons of mass destruction or any connection with Iraq, Bush and Cheney both got their wishes, causing a lot of dead and wounded citizens without cause. And we are still bogged down in a pointless war in Afghanistan because of their deliberate decision to let bin Laden and his men escape.

When all of the lying that took place by Bush and company, plus all the innocent people killed by our soldiers and allies, and the wounded and dead American soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan (still going for 13 years) just for Bush to get written up in the history books and Cheney to become quite wealthy. The civilians and Americans, though, are still dying in Afghanistan, without a cause. It was not, and is not, our cause and we are not wanted there.

bush_booker_905The reason Bush stayed in that classroom with a look of utter shock on his face was because of the scope of this terror bombing, bringing down two skyscrapers and 4 hijacked aircraft. Bush and Cheney were expecting an attack on the order of the first attack (1993) of one of the twin towers by a truck bombing, which killed only 6 people but wounded about 1500 civilians. Bush stayed in that Sarasota classroom in order to get his composure. Deep in thought, Bush sat there, listening to the story about a goat.

Somehow, the “President” rationalized that he didn’t know this would happen. But it still haunts him. The guilt is his. Just what he asked for. That’s what he got. Just so he could have scholars write books about him. And that is a fact.

Now this makes the first president and vice president to have killed 3,000 men and women plus the destruction of 4 aircraft and passengers, two twin towers, and much grieving for the civilians killed by their own “leaders”. This stain on our leaders will live in infamy for the despicable crime that they committed. They, rather than protecting us from evil, allowed the Islamic terrorists to savagely attack us, expecting another bombing of the damage with around 6 deaths. They weren’t expecting what happened on 9/11. The president would have been pleased with only 6 deaths. Remember. Bush would have been satisfied with only 6 dead Americans but they didn’t plan on al-Qaeda ramping up their attacks. This was your president.

The crimes our “leaders” committed should not go unpunished, neither should they reap the wealth nor any praise for their evil actions. There are many in the know about what happened. Let’s clear the history. We should do this for the innocent Americans and foreigners who were killed by our leaders. No punishment could make it right. But we must do it for justice. Or it’s all been for nothing. Read these articles and see the CBS interviews with Richard Clarke’s explaining why the president wouldn’t pay attention to the danger. Read these articles, with documents, too.

Afghanistan : Our Inadvertent War. It’s time to leave.

Afghanistan and Iraq: How America managed to get bogged down in two illegal wars.

George W. Bush: Waiting for Pearl Harbor.

George W. Bush waited for almost 9 months and told his paper shuffler Condi Rice, to ignore (a fact) any info on al-Qaeda and bin- laden. Richard Clarke, his security adviser pleaded for Rice or Bush to set up an emergency security cabinet meeting but Bush ignored them. Cheney and Bush had decided that they can’t be criticized if they didn’t have the info. So they turned down those pleas for an immediate meeting of the Cabinet. But it was turned down by Rice , and later by Bush. The only meeting took place one week before 9/11.

Naturally, no one could know this would happen. Well, yes. They did know and tried to tell Bush. The documents are in these articles, for all to see. They clearly reveal that Clark tried often to get them to pay attention to his pleas but were ignored. All of this and the fact was that bin-Laden and al-Qaeda were the most prolific terrorists with the most kill rate and damage done to their targets over the last two decades, including the USS Cole, October 12, 2000.

300px-USS_Cole_(DDG-67)_DepartsThis was just 4 months before Bush began his term of office, yet he still said that he wasn’t concerned with al-Qaeda, the group that blew up the USS Cole. Bush and Cheney decided to ignore the real threat to the United States, knowing that al-Qaeda would attack again. To deliberately ignore the real threat to the United States while al-Qaeda is planning more attacks makes them an accessory to the crime on 9/11. (USS Cole after the ship was bombed by al-Qaeda)

9/11: What was George W. Bush thinking in that Classroom?

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