Drink Milk First , Avoid Cramps Always


An update on “Drink Milk, Stop Cramps”:

The first item of importance for an athlete is to have enough water to keep you cool when working out or playing in a game.  I see athletes on the sideline in pain with muscle cramps and drinking water. That is important but if you want to get rid of a muscle cramp, the best remedy is to apply milk quickly as possible. But it’s even better to stop it completely before it happens.

2077m(1)(1)When you lose water quickly, you also lose vital elements that make it possible for your muscles and joints to perform at your top level or to even perform at all. Otherwise, you must stay on the sideline as you try to get rid of the  unbearable pain. There is a better way to stop the pain but it’s also better to not even have a muscle cramp occur at all. There is a simpler way to no pain. Drink milk before competition and DURING competition. You won’t have cramps.

The reason why you get tightening in your legs and tendons is that you lose a lot of water when performing, along with that, you also lose vital elements, such as potassium, sodium, calcium, and magnesium.  Without these ingredients, your muscles and tendons can’t function.  Water is not enough.

Milk is the answer, when it is swallowed before and DURING working out.

“The side of  the milk carton lists the nutrition facts: sodium 125 mg., 5%/  potassium 410 mg., 12%,/ and calcium 30% . These are three important electrolytes that help the body cells function normally. When I drank an 8-ounce-glass of milk, the pain was reduced quickly and was gone several  minutes later.

muscle-cramp-tennis-player-hamstring“I also noticed that if I lost a lot of water by either exercising  or urinating , I could feel a tightening in my leg muscles. I would then drink a glass or two of milk to stop the cramp from happening. Within minutes, the tight feeling disappeared and I could proceed with my workout …[without] a problem.”

However, if you have been working or playing sports hard, you should drink a small carton of milk (8 ounces) after a period of time competing. Do it, especially if you are playing a sports, especially if you are a professional athlete. If you don’t do that, you could easily reach the point when your body tells you exactly how excruciating pain you are feeling.

Always carry an ice container with small cartons of milk on the side line. Doing that, you will not have to limp to the side line because of cramps and possibly be the cause of losing the championship.

I have this permanent problem and that’s why I have to be aware that it’s time to down another glass of milk. A recent episode  let me know how important and painful that it was.

I also discovered that if I drank 2- 8 ounce glasses during the episode, recovery sped up the time line to less than 3 minutes for complete recovery. No signs of pain.

If you want to avoid these extremely painful leg cramps and you have been making two many trips to the restroom or playing in a competitive game, don’t forget the milk. And then, you can forget any more leg cramps.


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