World Leaders: Progress toward the New World Order

nafta_superhighway-nauThe United States of America is currently making good progress in what has been called the Deconstruction of America. In reality it is also the deconstruction of all sovereign nations. All nations of the world are becoming part of a new type of governance. The world of nation states will be replaced with trading regions and these regions will become integrated under rules developed by corporate CEOs under the guidance of the World Trade Organization and agreed to by the United Nations under Kofi Annan, which began in 1999.

It means that corporate CEOs globally are happy that the UN let all workers be at the mercy of corporations. That’s why Whirlpool and American auto factories are moving to Mexico where top wages are $3.50 per hour to build American autos. Benefits for these workers receive 50 cents per hour. When North America becomes one region with no interior borders, all Mexicans can “live and work” anywhere in North America. Yes, indeed.

CancunMeeting1The 10 CEOs (NACC) each for Canada, Mexico and the United States began (2006) to carry out the plan “Building a North American Community”. CEOs meet with their leaders annually at a summit to give directions to the leaders of Canada, Mexico and the United States. CEOs also give legislation to the Secretaries of State, Homeland Security and Commerce to be passed on to congress. (The same scenario goes for the other two nations leaders.) The NACC. North American Competitiveness Council.

All activity in business and commerce will all be done the same way. That means the standards for manufacturing will be the same way in business and manufacturing globally. All activity across the world will be the standard, everywhere done the same way and products will be the same standard everywhere a product is made.

President George W. Bush, commenting on having everything standard in this new integrated world, said during a press meeting that it means “that a bag of jelly beans will have the same number of jelly beans in every bag.”

George W. Bush also began the task of his father’s goal of integration of the 34 nations of the Americas, based on a trade agreement and international law. Security for the region will be maintained by two zones, a southern and a northern area- the USNORTHCOM and USSOUTHCOM.

Jeb Bush is a big supporter of a North American Community and the integation of the Americas.Jeb Bush supported his brother for the integration of the Americas, based on the road map of the European Union. The 34 nations of the Americas will be under the control of this trading region and international law, courtesy of the United Nations. There will be no First Amendment and no Second Amendment.

USNORTHCOM and USSOUTHCOM are now training together with other nations of the Americas as part of the integration of all 34 nations. These mixed armies from USSOUTHCOM for Central America and South America will be the defense force for that region. It’s headquarters is located in Miami, Florida. The headquarters (Capital of the Americas) will also be located in Miami. Republican Jeb Bush and Democrat Donna Shalala are leading the push for this site. (PHOTO: Jeb Bush)

Those in charge of the internet have made it impossible to reveal the activities of those who are in the process of deleting our nation while you slept. (We are currently trying to remedy the problem and we will let you know when we finish.)

DEFINITION: The Americas are 34 nations of the Western Hemisphere. The continent of North America consists of the nations of Canada, Mexico and the United States. USNORTHCOM has responsibility for the security and safety of North Americans, including all disasters. The leaders of the continent are in the process of building a security perimeter around the continent and all interior borders will no longer exist. When that happens, all citizens of this continent can live and work anywhere inside, including all 120 million Mexicans who are eligible to work in the U.S. (President Obama and P.M. Harper of Canada agreed to complete the U.S. part of the North American perimeter (2011/02/04). It is now well underway.

READERS: This statement tells it all from the agreement above. ‘We share responsibility for the safety, security, and resilience of the United States and of Canada in an integrated and globalized world.”

AMMUNITION NOTICE: The question has been why is our government stocking up on ammunition. The explanation is below.

Bush, Martin & Fox Meet in Waco, TXFIRST: The ongoing debate about why the U.S. GOVERNMENT is buying up all the ammo is simple. If you had been paying attention to the meeting in Waco, Texas on March 23, 2005, you would know that the CEOs of Canada, Mexico and the United States, with the Council on Foreign Relations, presented a plan called ‘Building a North American Community”. This document has been made difficult to obtain, but I still have pertinent pages from the CFR. (George W. Bush initiated the idea of an integrated North America in 2005 with a perimeter around the continent and the interior borders would disappear.)

Directions from above: Click on Building a North American Community, Click on download now, English version. Then click OK. Pages 8 through 12 are important. This is about the integration of the three nations, which will consist of a complete integration of the military and security operations of North America and the Gulf of Mexico, including Alaska.

MexiconIt is a road map to the integration of North America. It includes the integration of the police, special security forces and the military of Canada, Mexico and the United States. All three nations are currently training in places like Fort Bragg and Camp Bullard, Texas, learning how to go into combat on the North American continent with American, Canadian or Mexican troops. See pages 8-12 from a North American Community. (PHOTO: This is Mexico’s first training mission carrying relief supplies from Mexico to New Orleans (Katrina, 2005) as part of this new integration of North America. All three nations’ militaries will be able to operate anywhere on this continent, including in combat.)

Other possibilities include sending combat soldiers from Mexico against armed gun owners in Montana with orders to confiscate all weapons. Civilians with guns will not be allowed in North America by civilians.

size0Since all three nations will be using the same ammunition it will be advantageous when they go into combat with Canada or Mexico. That is why our government is buying up all the ammo they can stock. Bullets of all three nations will be the same, meaning chances of running out in battle will be much less than before. Training with the same ammunition requires large amounts for training. Problem solved, unless you, like me, own guns legally. The message has been delivered.

The USNORTHCOM has defined the responsibilities that all participants could be called on, including combat. USNORTHCOM did not like my publication of their plans in my first article. I still have the copy of their directive. Their plans are crystal clear and they did not want it known. That is why they need so many bullets. I have the statements here concerning the integration of Canada and Mexico with the United States as one continental security apparatus that will control all citizens in North America and other parts of the Gulf region.

USNORTHCOM’s statements below are from their site, which has been deleted from public view but their statements are still valid.

“USNORTHCOM’s AOR (area of responsibility) includes air, land, and sea approaches and encompasses the continental United States, Alaska, Canada, Mexico and the surrounding water out to approximately 500 nautical miles. It also includes the Gulf of Mexico and the Straits of Florida…The commander of USNORTHCOM is responsible for theater cooperation (a harmonized and integrated force) with Canada and Mexico.”

Bell_Helicopter_Handover_152_large“Our commands (NORAD and USNORTHCOM) fully rely on the relationship we maintain with partners such as Canada, Mexico and myriad agencies. While we have multiple partners and stakeholders, we are united in purpose to provide increased security and defense of North America. We will capitalize on the experience, expertise and capabilities of our potential partners, incorporating these into our plans, training exercises and operations. Whether operating in a supported or supporting role (depending on which part of North America the disaster, combat, or civil unrest is occurring-my words), the forces employed for homeland defense or civil support must be able to work with every government, Service and agency that provides members to serve in homeland and continental defense operations.”

Mexico started civil registration in 2011. Mexicans can use their ID card to qualify for a North American Border Pass. Any Mexican who wants to enter the United States can apply (and get) that pass with their ID and check themselves in at a kiosk similar to an ATM at the border port of entry. The pick up a receipt from a border guard and enter. When integration is complete and Obama's North American perimeter is finished, citizens of Mexico can travel anywhere on the continent and no one will ask for their ID card when crossing borders. Every person in North America will also have that access.NOTE: Mexico and the U.S. have an agreement to work together on both sides to construct open borders for the whole 2,000 miles of border between Mexico and the United States. In addition, the former President Calderon of Mexico initiated a project to make all Mexican citizens obtain biometric ID cards. In February of 2011, the first group assigned was children. The project began with those between 5 and 17. The reason is that these children will be the first eligible to have jobs and work in North America. The rest of the citizens of Mexico will be next for biometric ID cards.

Mexico is in the process of opening their border with the U.S. while USNORTHCOM is working toward constructing the southern part of the North American perimeter, plus aiding the upgrade of the Mexican police, military and judicial system. Once all three countries can declare that the continent’s outer perimeter is secure, then all citizens of North America can open the interior borders to the free flow of people, commerce, etc. This is based on the European Union model.

The other two nations must also issue biometric IDs in preparation for opening the continent so that, according to the CFR plan for Building a North American Community, pages 27, 28- all citizens of North America will be able to “live and work” anywhere in North America. Once the perimeter is completed and all citizens are accounted for in data bases, all citizens of North America can travel anywhere and live anywhere on the continent.

The CFR plan for Building a North American Community has picked up since Barack Obama declared that he and the Prime Minister of Canada would build the Canada’-United States part of the North American perimeter. Obama has also agreed to help Mexico with the same perimeter construction around Mexico and is currently under DECONSTRUCTION of our common 2,000 mile border.

Many videos from news cast have deliberately disappeared from public view but these are excellent , showing the extreme hatred that exists among the Mexican population in the United States.

The videos show clearly how Mexicans and other Latinos hate white people in California and across America. The future will be non-stop combat as this hatred goes back 500 years and the border with Mexico disappears.

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