Republican and Democrat Presidents are Both working to Open the Borders with Mexico

Bush, Martin & Fox Meet in Waco, TXThe integration of North America is currently working toward, first integration of Canada and the United States, and at a slower pace with Mexico. Once completed, all three nations will be one. It means that the United States will no longer exist. Spanish will be the prevalent language for a large part of the former United States. (Photo: The three leaders of the United States, Mexico, and Canada-left to right. 2005)

Most clubs and organizations, those who are concerned about the massive numbers of immigrants into the United States or into North America, want the problem taken care of quickly.

Yes. Those who know the situation from the leaders of North America understand this. It includes a large number of new third world refugees who will work cheap, especially in the United States and Canada. Mexico will be one of the sources for this cheap labor and drive down the cost of manufacturing. Of course, it will make the former middle class have to fight for cheap wages and no or little benefits. You will then become one of them.

Writing to your government, your congressmen or senators, will get you nowhere. Your government is not interested, both Republicans and Democrats. Globally, CEOs (the WTO, World Trade Organization) made an agreement with Kofi Annan (1999) and the United Nations, to work toward making this planet a global trading region. These regions will be the same everywhere you go.

You won’t accomplish anything unless massive numbers of workers will stand together and fight for your jobs and even more, the very life of America. Your government is not your friend. It is just the opposite. The CEOs are in charge of constructing this trading region, the North American Community-or just North America. This New World Order will have two parts, cheap labor and benefits (if any) and a continental border to border police state-everywhere you go (pages 8-12) in the north American Community. All civilian weapons will be confiscated.

Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice decided to destroy an article written by Judy Aita, who was a staff writer for the Department of State when it was known that I was using it to show that George W. Bush was in the process of integrating North America.

My tech was able to resurrect this important document that would show how George W. Bush was in the process of integrating North America by 2010. Senator John McCain, and other congressmen tried to pass bills that would bring about the end of the United States as a nation. Here are some of the quotes from this document.

NOTE: This document is being published in full during President Obama’s term of office. When finished, North America will become one entity with a common outer perimeter and open borders within the continent.


Plans that will end the United States of America as a sovereign nation:

“Establishment by 2010 of a security and economic community for North America as an ambitious but achievable goal that is consistent with this principle and, more important, buttresses the goals and values of citizens of North America, who share a desire for safe and secure societies, economic opportunity and prosperity, and strong democratic institutions,” the report said.

1. The key recommendation , Manley said, was for the three nations to move toward establishing a common security perimeter by 2010. (Congress tried but failed with several integration bills, led by John McCain.) “It is important for all three governments to commit themselves to security within that zone, thereby alleviating the need to build some barriers at our mutual borders.” he added. “It requires greater cooperation between our security and intelligence agencies, [and] assistance in keeping track of security risks. It implies that we understand the nature of the goods and people that are coming into the continent.”

2, The task force also recommended the development of a “North American Border Pass” to expedite passage through customs, immigration and airport customs, throughout the continent; ….a move to full labor mobility between Canada and the United States; expanding worker programs and creating a “North American preference” for immigration; …….adoption of a common external tariff: ……and military cooperation.”

The plan for this integration of North America above was initiated by experts, including major CEOs from Canada, Mexico and the United States, starting in 2005. When it is complete, the United States will no longer exist.

4_61_112808_wal4The list of the first group of CEOs, the NACC (North American Competitiveness Council), consists of ten members from each nation who are giving the orders to the elected officials of the three nations listed here. They give the plans to the three leaders of North America who implement them. The most prominent is Wal-Mart. They will be a constant part of North America, a trading region, a playground for CEOs. (The NACC ,by any other name, is still the same CEOs as before.)

These “advisers” give actual plans to the unelected leaders of North America. These CEOs meet with the three leaders of North America at an annual North American summit to decide the fate of American citizens. Did any of them ask your permission to destroy your nation?

These CEOs don’t like for the press or the public to know what they are doing:

Ron Corvais of Lockheed Martin told Luiza Savage of Canada’s Maclean’s magazine that, “The guidance from the ministers was ‘tell us what we need to do and we’ll make it happen,'” and rather than going through the legislative process in any country, the Security and Prosperity Partnership must be implemented in incremental changes by executive agencies, bureaucrats and regulators. “We’ve decided not to recommend any things that would require legislative changes”. Corvais tells Savage, ‘because we won’t get anywhere.”

In other words, don’t let the public know what you are doing or they will not let it happen and those CEOs won’t get that cheap labor they have been wanting or that load of money that they are going to make on that cheap labor.


The CFR Task Force developed what it calls a road map to transform North America into a trading area that allows for the seamless movement of goods, increased labor mobility and energy security. It was the (2005) result of the Council on Foreign Relations Independent Task Force for Building a North American Community. The three partners of Canada, Mexico, and the United States of America, using the CFR plan-are now working toward a deep integration plan for NORTH AMERICA. (George W. Bush “signed”, with the other two leaders, the Security and Prosperity Partnership for North America. They obviously did so in secret.) p.24.

Simply by carrying out the CFR plan for the continent, they will have completed the requirements for a new entity- with an outer perimeter (outer border) and a common external tariff. In addition, there will be an integrated police and military forces for North America. The three “nations” acting completely as if they are one. See pages 8-12 of the North American Community.

Those who know, say that it will become a police state, with Biometric ID cards for all citizens and it will become part of the integration of the 34 nations of the Americas. The UN schedule for completing all “Biometric ID cards for the Americas is 2015”. The only two nations left to finish their Biometric IDs are Canada and the United States. Mexico, however, is on the fast track for all citizens to have their ID cards on data bases.

2009_05_31_SV_250_1President Obama promised to George W. Bush at his first meeting in the White House that he would give Secretary of State Hillary Clinton the task of working toward completing an outer perimeter around Canada and the United States. The goal will be to open the common border between Canada and the United States. No passes or paper work for Canadians or Americans once the perimeter around the two nations are complete. Biometric IDs are still on the agenda, though. Clinton was also responsible for helping toward the integration of the 34 nations of the Americas. (Hillary Clinton; Responsible for working toward the integration of North America and the Americas under Barack Obama. Don’t forget this at voting time for president.)

Mexico has also agreed to help the U.S. open up the 2,000 mile border between Mexico and the United States. The USNORTHCOM is working with the government of Mexico to complete their perimeter. The Mexican government is currently in the process of giving Biometric ID cards to all children from 5 to 17 years of age. These are the new Mexican citizens who will become the workers of the United States (North America). Next, all citizens of Mexico must also have Biometric ID cards.

Once all citizens of North America have their ID cards on databases, the common perimeter around North America will be valid. Travel across North America will be as simple as crossing from Florida to Georgia. No one will ask for your ID card.

NOTICE: It doesn’t matter what the Congress does because the three leaders of Canada, Mexico, and the United States “signed” an agreement to integrate North America on March 23, 2005. This will also open the common borders between the U.S.-Mexico and the common borders between Canada-United States. It means that soon all citizens of Mexico can “live and work” anywhere on this continent. We will become, according to the plan, a North American Community. (See the bottom of page 27 and the top of page 28 for a concise explanation. See link above.)

All three nations are currently carrying out these goals. Canada and the U.S. have been making rapid progress toward that goal. The three nations of North America have been integrating these nations at the U.S. Department of Commerce under JERI WORD since 2005.

There have been two major agreements, with Mexico-U.S. and Canada-United States. One will work toward the opening of the U.S. and the 2,000 mile border between the United States and Mexico. The other one will open the border between the United States and Canada.

nafta_superhighway-nauBoth Republican and Democrat presidents and members of Congress have, and will continue to pursue, the integration of Mexico with the United States and Canada. The continent of North America will-and is currently becoming, one region. This CFR project will make all inhabitants of the continent, North Americans, according to the Council on Foreign Relations.

George W. Bush was the source for this project to integrate North America. It is to be an example to show that the 34 nations of the Americas will also work for his father, George H.W. Bush. In the meantime, the United States of America will simply disappear. Nice, George!

Mapoeaestados_miembrosBush wanted to show that this integration will work. It will become an example for his father’s efforts (George H. W. Bush) to finish the integration of the Americas, the failed Free Trade Agreement of the Americas. This will be an integration of 34 nations of the Americas. The Secretariat of the Americas will be in Miami, Florida, according to Republican Jep Bush’s desire and Democrat Donna Shalala. The final goal here is to open up all interior borders between Mexico and the U.S., and between Canada and the United States. (The map of the 34 nations of the Americas is to your left.)

All documents on the border situation between Mexico and the United States all deal with the opening up of our 2,000 mile border with Mexico and the United States. Under President Obama, this agreement between the United States and Mexico on March 23, 2010, will present an open border between the two nations over a period of time.

Note how they will go about opening up this Mexican border for the free flow of people and commerce across the borders. It’s called Setting the Policy:

“Achieving rapid policy change requires an agile inter-agency process within each country as well as a means by which both governments can easily coordinate at a bi-national level. Both countries need to reinvigorate their policy-setting architecture to address the statutory, regulatory, systems, and infrastructure changes needed to realize our new vision of collaborative border management. ” (From the agreement between Mexico and the United States.)

It means that laws will be changed as the United States, Canada and Mexico become one regional trading region, known as North America. All citizens will become North Americans, able to “live and work” anywhere on the continent. (pp. 27,28) See the North American Community link above.

This agreement will “eventually” open up the Mexican-United States border to nonstop travel for trucking, trains, and passengers both ways. The process will include the integration of cities, police and other agencies on both sides of the border.

110218dMexicans are currently leading the move toward Biometric ID cards for all citizens of Mexico. All citizens of Mexico with ID cards can also apply for a North American Border Pass. With this card, Mexicans can check themselves into the United States on booths at border sites with their Biometric IDs. All citizens of Mexico with these ID cards can check themselves in and out with their border passes. That could add up to the whole population of Mexico.

That won’t happen though, since the 2,000 mile Mexico-United States border will be open long before that happens. (Prediction. Open travel for the entire inner borders of North America once the outer perimeter is complete and all citizens of “NORTH AMERICA” have their Biometric ID cards safely in interconnected databases for the continent. Based on the European Model.)

When citizens of all three nations have been given an ID card and placed on data bases, the common borders will be open to every “North American citizen.” With this, it allows all Mexicans the right to “live and work” anywhere in North America. All citizens, then, can also live and work anywhere on North America. See pages 27, 28 of the North American Community link above.

Yes. That means, eventually, the United States will no longer be a nation. This is why candidate Obama, in the town of Powder Springs, Ga., July 11, 2008, said this in a video:

“Your children should learn to speak Spanish…) and other items on Spanish.

Go to this site and scroll down to Obama speaking as a candidate and that they should learn Spanish. President Obama didn’t tell you that this plan to integrate North America also didn’t tell you that American children will learn to speak Spanish in school as in the plan on page number 30 of the Building a North American Community.

*Develop teacher exchange and training programs for elementary and secondary school teachers. This would assist in removing language barriers and give some students a greater sense of North American identity. Greater efforts should also be made to recruit Mexican language teachers to teach Spanish in the United States and Canada.

*Develop “sister school” and student exchange programs. Studying or living in another country or hosting a foreign-exchange student fosters cultural understanding. We recommend that states and municipalities encourage the development of “sister school” programs at both the secondary and university levels to the annual exchange of students between participating schools.

Your leaders didn’t tell you that a large part of the former United States of America would no longer exist. And that Spanish would become the primary language of that area, formally called the Southwest United States.

If you wanted to live and work in a mostly Spanish- speaking part of what used to be America: Don’t. You will not be welcomed.

costamesa4North America will be a combination of continuing ethnic violence at its extreme, in a setting in a continent with several hundred million more refugees, shortages of food, water (California, Florida, etc.), lack of shelter, and a climate gone haywire. Then there is the North American Police State being put together right now. And, those citizens with 250, 000 guns and their ammo, will they be confiscated by the new world order when they are tasked to collect them? Will you turn yours in?

This and more will take place as time rushes on. Life expectancy will become shorter, and without joy. With more angry refugees piling in, more lunatic Muslims with hatred of everyone else, there is no way that this will turn out good.

There are no guarantees for Americans in a police state, 24 hours a day. You see. There are no more Americans. You are alone.

Note: A document from the Embassy in Montreal was sent to the White House with a warning on keeping the plan for building a North American Community quiet, without causing problems for this merger.

Wal-Mart and friends again.

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