Honor Killing in Islam

Taliban-women6Women have to suffer the consequencies of the ire of men because of their generally much stronger bodies and have become accustomed to abusive treatments by men. In the case of honor killing among Muslims, it has become acceptable among families if a father and or a mother who decides that their daughter has become westernized, she must be killed in order to repair their honor as a family. Torture and killing for minor “crimes” is common among the faithful Muslim, such as adultery. Women in Afghanistan can be expected to be whipped by the religious police on patrol if they showed too much skin on their ankles.

Women in America do get beaten or even killed for any number of reasons, none legitimate. The problem with Muslims is that they treat women with no respect. Such treatment is taught by the clerics who even teach on Arab TV with families watching at home. On one show in Egypt a cleric demonstrated the correct way to beat your wife. One expert in Spain even published a book (2002) showing the right way to beat your wife.

So it isn’t unexpected to see women treated poorly among Muslim men in places like the United States. When this happens, crimes, from both mother and father, are being charged for “honor killing” . In other nations, the killer doesn’t receive a penalty or at most, he receives a light sentence.

A case a few years back, in Jordan, a young boy (about 12 years old) raped his sister at home. The father and mother decided that the young girl should be killed in order to restore the family’s “Honor”. The bad son was told to kill his sister in order to repair the family’s good name. And he did. However, the young boy did receive an unusual 7 year jail sentence, a tough sentence for the crime. Often in other Muslim countries they aren’t punished. A custom, don’t you know.

25_244x183Killing girls because they were becoming more westernized in their choice of clothes and in their behavior is affecting the parents in their reaction in violent ways. Punishment by the parents can be from mild to murder- and death by (Muslim) parents is becoming more popular in America. (Photo: This young Muslim  girl was killed by her father in the United States for becoming more westernized.)

After all. She was only a woman. That is the way Muslim men value women.

How to kill your daughter or wife. This is what Muslim women can look forward to, such as killing the daughter, or the wife could be killed if they embarrass the family. Generally a son  will take care of the offending daughter. This is happening in Canada and the United States, as we speak. This is Islam. Beautiful, isn’t it.

Muslims from Jordan and other Islamic nations also bring their customs and religious customs to civilized nations where these “customs” clash with Islam. Yet, we continue to import barbaric people who’s ancient customs do not understand the idea of civilized society.

Amman, 11 March 2007 (IRIN):

“Jordanian law continues to be lenient on those who kill their female relatives in the name of protecting family honour. Last year (2007), between 15 and 20 women were stabbed, beaten or strangled to death by family members, sometimes women themselves.” See the rest of the story of men who kill women for their “honor”.

files.phpMuslims who migrate to the United States often commit crimes based on Islamic law. For example, married couples who commit adultery can be executed by burying the woman and the man up to their chest separately, and then stoning them to death.

The religion of Islam is, by any definition, evil and destructive to any civilized society and it should be destroyed completely. It is, on its face, not compatible with any other civilization. The evil that Muhammad brought to planet earth cannot coincide with any other religion, by the definition of Muhammad.

We can destroy Islam now or later. But soon you will have to make that choice. Either civilization survives or the horror of Islamic law will pervade.  The winner will be over by 2050. Or you can wait for ISIS, or some group like it, to show you a little Islamic  love. That is, if you decide to convert. And those wackos decide to accept you.

Jews, Gays and eventually all those other religions will not be offered a share of the planet. They have another destination the Muslims are working on even as we speak. You won’t have a choice.

Honor Killings.



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