When Your President Is The Terrorist

(9/11, Attack on America)

In 1993, Bin Laden planned a large attack on one of the New York Trade Towers by driving a van loaded with explosives into the building, killing 6 and wounded 1500 citizens.

In 2000, President George W. Bush and Vice President Richard Cheney decided to make Bin Laden do their dirty work. The plan worked on 9/11. Bush and Cheney, by ignoring Bin Laden and all crucial information, the plan was a success, much more than they expected. If the government had not grounded all aircraft across America, there was a possibility that other terrorists were ready to crash into the White House, something that Bush and Cheney didn’t plan on.

bush-war-criminal-300x274Bush thought that after 9/11 everyone would be ready to invade Iraq. However, more lucid people quickly informed Bush that the attack was from Bin Laden, not Iraq.  After being turned down by other agencies who told Bush that Iraq had nothing to do with the attack on 9/11, the President angrily agreed to attack Bin Laden in Afghanistan. Bush did go into Afghanistan and soon enough the terrorists were about to be destroyed in the mountains along the border with Pakistan.

The reason there was no vital information flowing to the President before 9/11 was because Bush decided (from Cheney) to ignore all incoming info from Bin Laden.

Crucial info was passed on to Condoleezza Rice, and she ignored it, with orders from President Bush. Bush also turned down a plea from adviser Richard Clarke, who tried to get an urgent meeting with Bush but was also turned down. The plan was open for all to see and prepare against an attack but President Bush didn’t want to know about another Bin Laden. He wanted to be “surprised” by the terrorists so he could invade Iraq. Notice that Bush wanted to be in the dark about Bin Laden so he could claim no knowledge about any attack that comes from Bin Laden.

Yes, and no one would be smart enough to understand that Bush deliberately kept hands off Bin Laden. If no one could figure that out, the personnel at the White House weren’t very bright. And true, Bush somehow managed to be out of the loop. Of course, he refused to pay any attention to Bin Laden. A great big clue I would guess.

Another reason was that if he knew about the plans for Bin Laden, he would be responsible for any attack from Bin Laden. That would never fly in my universe, unless everyone would follow the leader and don’t look too close.

And of course, President Bush was happy after the attack on the twin towers, thinking that he could now attack Iraq, who had nothing to do with 9/11.  However, Bush wanted to attack Iraq so he could invade that nation without a cause. But Bush angrily demanded for his other agencies to allow him to attack Iraq. But all agencies, like the FBI and the CIA turned Bush down. Eventually, Bush and Cheney got the go ahead, but to Afghanistan, not Iraq.

Bush finally decided to attack Afghanistan but later let Bin Laden escape after Secretary of Defense Rumsfeld told Bush to let the 2,000 soldiers of Bin Laden and him escape so he could stay in Afghanistan and wait for the go ahead to Iraq. The war against Bin Laden went from a massacre of Bin Laden to letting Bin Laden and his soldiers escape into Pakistan.  That was a crime by President Bush and Secretary of Defense Rumsfeld. Bush could have killed all of the enemy and won the war in 3 months.

5753217Instead, American  and British soldiers were stationed in Afghanistan once again, and this time Americans went on to become stuck in Afghanistan and slowly American soldiers were wounded and killed for the next 15 years, and the war goes on. However, Bush and Cheney fixed it up so they could all wind up in Iraq and achieve personal goals. Meanwhile, don’t forget that Bush could have won the war in 3 months but Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld went on to murder more foreigners without a cause, this time in Iraq.

Many American soldiers have similar wounds from the crimes left behind from Afghanistan and the crimes left behind by George W. Bush. He did not care, he had no feelings, young men, little children, they all died or were left horribly wounded without a thought. Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld are guilty of crimes against humanity. Will they be charged and convicted of their crimes?

But no one cared at all for these traitors to go on for more crimes against innocent people once they joined the coalition to invade Iraq. The attack was against Iraq but there was no, that is, no cause for an invasion of Iraq.

01-images-decade-122409ssAnd Bush, Cheney, and Rumsfeld lied and demanded to invade Iraq after Bush let the enemy of 9/11 attack by ignoring the obvious threat. Bush didn’t care that his treason caused 3,000 Americans just so Bush and his Vice President could fulfill their dreams: Bush wanted to be a president who invaded a nation, leading as a commander-in-chief during a war (true) and his partner Cheney wanted to get those government contracts for bases once they invaded Iraq. Cheney, by the way, made billions of dollars with his contracts.

Cheney didn’t want to destroy Bin Laden when he had him cornered. If the President and Vice President couldn’t have invaded Iraq, Bush couldn’t become that leader who would be that commander-in-chief and Cheney wouldn’t have received the contracts for the invasion. All that killing and lying was just so Bush and Cheney could achieve their personal goals.

Both of them got their wishes and many Americans were also killed by the President and Vice President in America. Bush was happy because he had a reason to invade now, but others refused to OK an attack on Iraq, the Iraq that Bush wanted to attack. Yes. The documents were there.

iraq-war-dead-childEventually, Bush got hooked up with the coalition and invaded Iraq and Cheney got his wish and got that contract and made billions of dollars. Did I mention that Bush became that commander-in-chief. Have you seen all those innocent children and soldiers who lost  many limbs because Bush lied about Iraq, 9/11 (guilty of mass murder) , Afghanistan, and the invasion of Iraq. And remember the soldiers over the last 15 years who were killed and horribly wounded because of  the crimes committed by Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld. And our soldiers are still being killed in Afghanistan.

When the President allowed the Islamic terrorists to plan and carry out a crime beyond belief, against his own American citizens, the evidence is overwhelming. George W. Bush and Vice President Cheney would claim that they had no idea this attack on America would take place.

Bush and Cheney, however, would continue to plan eventual attacks on Iraq. Without a cause: Bush wanted to attack Iraq in 1999, before he became president. Bush, in an interview, declared that once he becomes president, he would attack innocent Iraq, without cause. The reason, because he wanted to become president and have historians write about him. And he wanted to become a commander-in chief (in a war-Iraq). President George W. Bush wanted to cause a war, a war without a cause. He knew that innocent people in Iraq would be killed and horribly wounded for no reason.

The horror is that President Bush, later, could make it possible for Cheney and Bush to invade Iraq and accomplish their personal goals.

Both men conspired to set up a situation in which no one in the White House would be tasked to track the overwhelming evidence that Islamic terrorists were, in fact, openly training at American air fields to learn how to crash an airliner into a target.

When will the dead and wounded from the crimes committed by George W. Bush, Richard Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld be charged with CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY.

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